A little of this, a little of that


bluebells are popping in Colorado (photo courtesy of tumblr)

Mother’s Day weekend was a whirlwind of work and fun.  Our daughter drove down from Denver to spend the weekend with us in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Colorado weather has finally put winter in the rear view mirror and we enjoyed warm temps and sunny skies…..bring out the flip-flops and shorts….yeah!

Al and I held a garage sale on Friday and Saturday morning.  We had spent the previous two weeks cleaning every nook and cranny in this house.  It’s been exhausting, consuming, but liberating.

The purging started off slow.  We’re not hoarders or packrats to begin with.   So we kept saying, “Yah, but what if we need that or I really like that?”  However, as the tables in the garage started filling with items to sell, we found ourselves backtracking and pulling more items from closets, the basement, etc.  It got easier with each arm load.  I even started pulling items out of the cupboards in the kitchen.  If I haven’t used something in the past year, I probably don’t need it, thus sell.


daughter makes mimosas and takes the photo

By Saturday afternoon, we were tired but happily counting our money.  Whatever didn’t sell, was dropped off at Goodwill.  We feel like we’ve lost weight…..well at least weight we won’t have to move to another location.  The house will go on the market soon.  That’s the biggest bulk of weight we need to unload 😕

Sunday, Mother’s Day, started off with coffee in bed followed by breakfast and mimosas.  It was indeed a lovely and relaxing day.  A much needed day off.

With all our focus on getting the house ready to put on the market, travel has unfortunately eluded us.  Thus, no new travel tales to share.  I haven’t even picked up my camera in a while.  Hopefully we’ll remedy that soon.   In closing , I thought I’d share this precious photo and prayer……

A Prayer for Grandad……..

prayerDear God,

Please send clothes for all those poor ladies on granddad’s computer



25 thoughts on “A little of this, a little of that

  1. I’ve fallen so far behind because of my trip. Glad you’re shedding all the excess baggage. Now all you need do is stay away from buying more to replace it. 😀 Loved the last line…. too, too cute!

    • Oh no….definitely not replacing any stuff. It’s so easy to fall behind on the blogging front. I sure have. Hope you had a great trip. I look forward to more photos.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hi :). Glad to see you are doing well. Jerry and I are looking into positions for this winter in the Denver area at Cherry Creek. Fingers crossed, Denver will be home for a few months :).

    • Winter in Denver? I guess I’ve been around cold and snow long enough and try to avoid. I know you’re enjoying Yellowstone. Wish we were on the road. I look forward to your posts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    • This is always a great time of year in Colorado….love it. So where in Colorado do you hang out? We’ll be staying in CO this summer and looking to explore different places.

  3. I’m sure you feel so much better after that garage sale. I’ve had a few in my time, and been amazed at how my throw-outs become other people’s great finds. 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day. Had to smile at the prayer.

    • Yeah, that prayer made me smile too. It actually felt good to have some gals appreciate my shoes and Coach purses….. a little hard letting go, but at least someone else can enjoy. My vintage Coach purses were hardly used and the young gals who bought them were so excited and couldn’t stop thanking me. That was fun and one less box to move/store 🙂

  4. That prayer brings a big huge smile…the imagination of babes. Good deal on the sale…it felt like a rewind remembering our sale! Sounded like the perfect Mother’s day unwind…

    • We had our first showing…..yeah! The process has begun. Mother’s Day was indeed a very enjoyable day. I needed that. Hope yours was equally as fun. Enjoy the spring weather 🙂

  5. I learned a new term for that whole purging process last night…we had a friend over who called it molting. Regardless what you call it, it sure is exhausting but oh so freeing!

  6. Although I really don’t like preparing for a garage sale, it is liberating to rid yourself of stuff, isn’t it? Sounds like you had the perfect Mother’s Day Ingrid. Loved that last bit about granddad! 🙂

    • Yah, I’m not a garage sale person, so I really don’t enjoy the whole scene, but I do like turning crap into money….hehe. I did have a really nice Mother’s Day and the weather was finally perfect. We’re starting to do a little yard work around here and I’ve thought of you on that farmette with pitchfork in hand. I’m hoping to get in a little hiking real soon as well. I do not like this house bound thing 😉

    • I can’t wait for future RV adventures as well. Being house bound is starting to drive me crazy. That prayer was just to cute not to share!

  7. Sell it, get rid of it!! Our motto was… if we find we need that later, we’ll buy it. There hasn’t been one item that we got rid of that we have needed. As a matter of fact, after the first year, I got rid of half the clothes I had under the bed!! So glad you had your garage sale and took the rest to Goodwill…feel so good!!

    So sweet of your daughter to come visit for the weekend. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day:)

    Thanks for the laugh!! Had to immediately share with John…an out loud laugh!

    • About the clothes – I’ve heard that from so many folks, yet I seem to be having a tad bit of trouble purging that closet. Perhaps, once the house goes under contract and I start loading the RV, reality will set in.

      Time with my kids is still the best and most favorite thing in my life. Daughter and I hope to get in some hiking together this summer. Glad you got a good laugh!

      • I had that same problem with my clothes! I brought a “few” of my favorite items…wool skirts, sweaters, heels. What was I thinking!! I laughed after our first year and immediately packed it all up for Goodwill. I really loved those things but they don’t work well on the hiking trails!! I guess we all have to go through this. Good luck!!

        • LOL….I’m envisioning you with skirts and heels in all those beautiful, out of the way places you guys have been visiting…..especially on those 10 mile, slickrock hikes 🙂

    • That photo and prayer were emailed to me on Mother’s Day and I thought the photo was so precious. I thought the words were going to be sweet……it was just to cute and funny not to share. Can’t wait to be back on the road again!

  8. I sooo identify with Grandad….Dennis takes back everything I put out for sale…Looking forward to following this big life change with envy!!!

    • We went back and forth with some things but got to a point where it was time to let go and sell…..and so glad we did. When we sold the big custom house three years ago, we filled two large storage units and a rental house with all our crap, and that was after a few sales. We have no intention of going through that hell again…..lol. All we have to do is remind ourselves of that move and the selling of stuff is much easier.

      Change can be exciting but also stressful and at times scary. Fingers crossed all goes well 🙂

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