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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We sure did.  We traveled out-of-town to visit family.  It’s always nice to catch up with family and friends whom we haven’t seen in a while.  During our short visit, we were able to share photos and travel tales of our winter excursion to the desert southwest.Apache Trail


Superstition Mountian….the Flatiron

It was during a series of conversations that I realized I never posted about our stay at Lost Dutchman State Park.  I guess the combination of poor internet and having way too much fun, put blogging on the back burner.

It was early January when we headed over to one of my favorite places in Arizona.  Nestled at the foot of the Superstition Mountain is Lost Dutchman State Park.  We first discovered this spot back in March of 2012 and for us no trip to the Phoenix area would be complete without a visit to this unique area.Lost DutchmanLost Dutchman

We enjoy camping at this State Park for at least a few days to be able to take in the beauty of the environment.  There are numerous hiking trails right outside our front door, and the view…..  Gosh, what can I say about the view?  The mountain looks different at various times of the day as the angle of the sun and the weather changes.  Simply stunning!Lost Dutchman

There are also lots of things to see and do in the surrounding area.  If you’re adventurous and looking for a scenic drive, I recommend taking Highway 88 from Tortilla Flat to Roosevelt Lake…..aka the Apache Trail.  We did this all day trek last year.  Click here to read all about it.  There are some fabulous places to stop, hike, or even paddle along the way.  The beautiful lakes are a pleasant surprise in this desert environment.

Superstition Mountain

Siphon Draw Trail

Superstition Mountain

Siphon Draw Trail

Some of our most enjoyable hiking is here at the Superstition Mountain.  There is a trail for just about every level of hiker.  This year our stay at Lost Dutchman State Park was short.  Shorter than we intended due to commitments.  However, we did manage to get in a couple of two-hour hikes during our stay and even entertain some long time friends who live in the area.

I’ve always enjoyed entertaining and just because we’re RVing doesn’t mean we’re relegated to hot dogs and beans.  Nope, I still like a white table cloth…..even if it is plastic.  Lunch consisted of a grilled, marinated chicken breast on a bed of greens with a side of herbed flat bread.  The meal was paired with a couple of bottles of Pinot Grigio followed by a desert of apple crisp……yum 🙂 And of course, nothing but the freshest of ingredients and all prepared by moi.

Lost Dutchman State Park

White table-cloth dining with a view!

After a delicious lunch, the rest of the afternoon was spent strolling the interpretive trail, hanging at the campsite visiting, and watching the sunset while enjoying popcorn and music around a campfire.  Yes, roughing it at it’s best!

Lost Dutchman State Park

Sundial – interpretive trail

Lost Dutchman State Park

Interpretive trail

After another fabulous stay, we vow to make Lost Dutchman State Park and the Superstition Mountain a regular on our travels around Arizona.Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain


55 thoughts on “A Favorite Stop

    • Thank you. It’s an amazing hike, even though I only managed a bit over an hour, then turned around. A little too much bouldering for my abilities 🙂

  1. I really feel like we should turn around and head back to Az. Seems we have missed so much and such great places. Thanks for the great photo’s and descriptions. We will have to add this t our list next time.

    • Next time…..isn’t that the beauty of full-timing? You don’t have to catch it all on the first visit. You can return next year or the year after….always something to look forward to. Lost Dutchman is definitely worth adding to the list 🙂

      • We are new to this full timing – I am just amazed that we spent about 2 months in AZ and barley has seen a narrow strip through the center of the state. However we do like this lifestyle and are also meeting some great folks along the way. One down side, I seem never to have time to update the blog or Facebook, email….

        • Oh…somehow I don’t think not enough time for the internet is a problem. That means you’re having fun exploring….enjoy!

  2. I, too, love the church photo. Understand completely about the snapping out the truck window. But, yet sometimes come up with great shots. After your images and write up, am putting this one on the map, with a link back to your write up. One of these days……we will head back to the west and I’ll have some great places already marked on the map. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Yeah, that church photo was a nice surprise ….one of my favs. There’s so many cool places in the west. New Mexico surprised us and we hope to spend more time exploring that state. Although Utah is at the top of the list as well.

  3. This really looks like a place I would love. We can’t wait to explore the southwest next year at a leisure pace. We don’t even have a year of RV’ing under our belt yet, and we have covered way too many miles. Really looking forward to slowing down after this year’s cross country journey. Loved your pics! -Linda

    • Thanks…..It really is wonderful to “meander”. We just returned from a quick trip to Illinois and we’re still exhausted. We’ve decided a leisurely pace is the only way to travel. Hope you guys are able to slow down those cross country trips.

  4. I really get envious of the places you have to visit… this is just one more of them… your RV life is so awe inspiring.. and your photos and description magnificent.. I really enjoy the tours with you two…

    • I like your use of words “have to visit”. Yes, the Superstition Mountain is a “must see”. I don’t think I could tire of that view. Now that I’m back at the house, I can’t wait to get back in the RV for our next adventure…..already planning, so stay tuned 🙂

  5. Adding Lost Dutchman SP to our must see list. Beautiful pics. As for dinner, I would have to say location, location, PLUS home cooking….I’m surprised your guests ever left.

    24 months and counting til full time. Kris

    • It’s amazing how much there is to see and do and Lost Dutchman is definitely a “must see”. I look forward to following your journey to full-time 🙂

  6. We’ve been to Tortilla Flats and like the Mesa area but have not been into the Lost Dutchman park. I guess we’ll have to add that to our itinerary next time we are out west.

    • Staying at Lost Dutchman State Park at the base of the Superstition is pretty awesome and I would recommend. There’s something about seeing the mountain at different times of the day. Seems like you liked one of my other favs….Cave Creek Reg Park. Is it AZ next winter or FL?

  7. I love Superstition Mt. and the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine…We were there, but before we had a camper…Wish we had more time to go back to some of those great spots!! I loved your very inviting dinner table..I would have brought some shrimp cocktail ….and a bottle of Pink Moscato..;-)

    • Last year we spent 10 days there and really got to explore the area. This visit was way too short but still enjoyable. Shrimp cocktail and Pink Moscato??? Come on over….lol.

  8. These images reminded me why I ADORE the Phoenix area. I well remember how the scenery looked completely different at different times of day: impossible NOT to be fascinated by the glory of nature in the great Southwest.

  9. I did wonder what happen to this blog! Now that is what I call dinner with a view and no expensive restaurants can top that.On our next go round in AZ we will make a stop here, for this place is just too beautiful to pass up. Beautiful pictures as always.

    • What do ya mean “what happen to this blog?” haha Sometimes a break is good. Yes, I would highly recommend staying at Lost Dutchman. There is a hike Steve can really challenge himself on….hiking to the top of the flatiron – a lot of rock scrambling on hands and knees. You and I can sit at the base with a glass of wine and watch…lol. My blogging will slow down though as we have a lot on our plate right now ;-(

    • Oh, trust me….when you and the hubby decide to visit AZ, I’ll put together a list for you of ‘must see’. March is a great time when the desert starts to bloom. We returned to CO way too soon…..darn obligations!

    • There is something very spiritual about the Superstition Mtn. The desert in AZ is so very different than NV….quite pretty in spring.

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