Art and Soul of Santa Fe

Canyon Road…. the “art and soul of Santa Fe“.   This iconic road was a dirt trail for almost 250 years.  Today it is home to more than 100 of the world’s finest art galleries.  As Al and I stroll this mile-long road, we take in the historic architecture.

Santa Fe

A Gallery on Canyon Road

Canyon Road is narrow and quickly turns into a “one way only”.  Each building is different and home to a unique artist.  Some galleries display art in the front yards.  It’s a cold, February day and there’s almost no traffic.  Al and I feel as if we’re walking in a residential neighborhood, but the “open” signs and business names displayed say otherwise.

Santa Fe

A Gallery on Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Santa Fe

A Gallery and art studio on Canyon Road

The narrow road, the old buildings, the history, and a strong Spanish influence conjures up memories of New Orleans; so alike, yet so different.  However, Santa Fe also has the artistic, metaphysical aspects of Sedona.  Yes, Santa Fe is a little New Orleans and a little Sedona with a flair all its own.

Santa Fe

‘Art’ displayed – Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Canyon Road – Gallery

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is well-known for delicious restaurants with world-renowned chefs.  Al read an article about the Compound Restaurant and wants to give it a try.  I have a taste for some spicy  “New Mexican” food, but there’s always tomorrow.  The Compound Restaurant is located in what once was a “house” as are the majority of businesses on Canyon Road.  The southwest interior is cozy and warm….very welcome on this cold winter day.  The menu is definitely gourmet.  Al orders a chicken snitzel topped with a light lemon sauce and capers.  Me?  Well, remember when I said I had a taste for some traditional Santa Fe cuisine?  I just couldn’t find anything on the menu that piqued my appetite and therefore I order a burger with some yummy guacamole on the side.  Delicious it was.

But…….the best was the butter.  Nope, I’m not usually a fan of butter.  No Paula Deen here.  Al on the other hand…..he likes a little bread with his butter.  He and Paula would get along great.  I would normally pass on the bread and butter before a meal, but I’m hungry.  After all, we’ve walked around Santa Fe for the past three hours in temps barely reaching 40 degrees.

Santa Fe

The most wonderful butter in the world, Compound Restaurant, Santa Fe

I go in for a small sample of bread with whipped butter……OMG……I have to contain myself from acting like Meg Ryan during her cafe moment in the movie When Harry met Sally.  Al dives in……again, OMG….  “No hon, please don’t moan”.  Al and I devour the bread and butter in a rather pornographic way, refraining from making sounds of ecstasy and licking our fingers in public.  The waiter asks if we would like more.  In unison and rather abruptly we respond, “NO, but thank you”.  We agree, we could’ve made a meal on the bread and butter alone.

Feeling rather satisfied :-), Al and I are ready to explore more sites.  When we step outside, we are greeted by a nasty cold wind.  That iffy weather, is no longer iffy.  The weather has arrived in a full frontal assault.  Its time for Plan B; we stay in the truck and drive around making notes for another day.Santa Fe

We return to the RV around three in the afternoon and discuss activities for the next day.  Mother Nature has not been very amenable these past few weeks in regards to our excursions.  We come up with a Plan A and a Plan B and decide to make a final decision in the morning.

Morning arrives and Plan B it is.  With trepidation, we pack up and roll out-of-town about 9:30 in the morning.  No Santa Fe vittles for me today.  Those blustery winds that blew through Santa Fe, brought snow and ice further to the north and over Raton Pass.  The weather forecast for the next five days shows a series of storms with high winds passing through.  We have a small window of opportunity to embark on the four-hour drive home.

By the time we hit Raton Pass, the sun has melted any remnants of snow and ice on the road.  We’ve learned from experience to drive passes during the middle of the day, when the sun has had a chance to warm the road.  We picked a great day to head home.  Perfect weather and little traffic.  BUT, sure wish we were still out there gallivanting around the country… time my dear, in time!


30 thoughts on “Art and Soul of Santa Fe

    • I’m originally from the midwest so the stone/stucco thing was new to me when we move out west. Now I love the look and low maintenance. Have fun with all those home improvement projects!

  1. Your words and pictures make me want to just pack up right now and head to there. Thank you for sharing all the great stories, and hope you will post more, even if you are at home. You said you had lots to tell and we’ll miss you if you don’t post…..:-)

    • Oh, I’ll keep posting. There’s still plenty of stories to share. Right now though, I’m overwhelmed with getting this house on the market. Wish I was out there gallavanting around 🙂

    • The art around Santa Fe is amazing. If it hadn’t been so darn cold, I would’ve taken lots more photos. Reason enough to return 🙂

  2. Oh butter….I’m moaning !!!!! Good cold, fresh whipped butter, I can eat it by the spoonfuls! Those rolls were beautiful, but then to have chicken snitzel with lemon and capers! Oh stop, stop, I can’t take it LOL!!! Nice hint on the drive….welcome home to CO and the next trip back to Santa Fe. And to think I had to eat my burger at a chain yesterday, Smashburger. Wasn’t half bad though :O)

    • They don’t know how to plow out west….seriously. They don’t scrape the road like they do in the midwest because the sun finishes the job by melting. As a midwesterner it was hard for me to get used to this concept. As was the whole elevation thing versus the north/south thing. You expect Rhinelander to be colder than Milwaukee, but what if Rhinelander is at 3,000 and Milwaukee is at 7,000? Than Milwaukee will be colder. Hubby still forgets this.

      Oh, that butter was to die for and you can never go wrong with a good burger 🙂

  3. Ingrid and the butter….Hmmm and there’s Al. Wow quite a butter story 🙂
    As for the art, we can just admire for we no longer have a stick house, right ?
    Is it still cold at Pueblo West ? Stay warm and enjoy your view from home.

    • Yes admire the art from a distance because we sure don’t have the room. Weather is improving here and we have Realtors coming over today….fingers crossed we don’t get bad news (i.e. market sucks!!!) As long as this house sells by fall, I’ll be a happy camper. Love my mountain views, but wish I was on the beach right now 🙂 Oh well, next best thing….summer in the mountains!

  4. Glad you guys made it home safe and sound. Tracy and I visited Santa Fe a few years back in the snow as well, sure had a good time, but it was cold!

    • It’s easy to forget Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet, thus it is definitely cold in the winter. I hear fall is the perfect time to visit, which we’ll keep in mind. Happy camping!

    • There is unique art placed throughout Santa Fe….. most are very interesting and cool but somewhat difficult to capture on film (film?….boy do I sound dated). it’s a very fun city/town and I hope to return soon.

  5. What a way to start my day, with laughter! I loved reading your description of the butter and the two of you. Made me want to go eat bread and butter. But boy was I feeling cold as I read.

    Glad you were able to get home without incidence. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road.

    • Glad you enjoyed and yes we hope to be back on the road soon. Utah is calling! I’m soooo ready for winter to be over. It has been cold. BUT before you know it, I’ll be complaining about the heat….lol. Happy trails 🙂

  6. Have really enjoyed reading about your travels. You’re giving great ideas for places to visit, if not this year for the next. I’m heading to New Mexico from Arizona in the next week or so. With luck, no snow or freezing temps will be experienced like what you guys went through!

    • Things should be warming up now with the occassional spring storm. So I’m sure you’ll have better weather than we had. New Mexico has a lot of diversty and some really cool places. Have fun!

  7. Loved the sequel “When Al Met Ingrid” movie…visualizing was very funny and that butter must have been fabulous!! looked so. Best to move on while the weather allows..I always hate to come home…and am getting very antsy to travel again, but that just isn’t “in the cards”…:-(

    • Our first weekend home, we had friends drop over and the wife responded, “I bet it feels good to be home”. Al and I looked at each other and both said, “NO”. We wish we were still out there meandering around. Sorry to hear you won’t be traveling anytime soon. Sometimes life happens and we all know that “movie” far too well. Hope you’re staying warm!

  8. Oh it has been a special tour with you and I’m sorry to be home… but I do like the line “.in time my dear, in time!”.. as for the bread and butter I got this rather erotic memory from the film and pictured a restaurant full of people staring at the pair of you… and then asking for what ever it is your having… lol

    • More trips are in the plans 🙂 I absolutely loved that last line as well, “I’ll have what ever she’s having”….lol. I’m looking forward to a return visit!

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