Small World

It’s time to take Bear for a walk.  It’s Christmas Eve at Cave Creek Regional Park and it’s a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day.  As I walk around the campground, I enjoy looking at the various license plates.  I come across a rig with Colorado plates.  I wave to the woman outside.  She waves back and says, “isn’t this a beautiful day?” and starts walking towards me and Bear. 

I ask, “I see you’re from Colorado, what part?”  I anticipate a response like, “Denver area” and was shocked when she said, “Pueblo West”.  Pueblo West is located two-hours south of Denver and has a population of around twenty thousand.  What are the chances of camping in a small Regional Park in Phoenix, Arizona, and running into someone from the same small town we live in? 

I tell her where we live and ask what street she lives on.  She proceeds to tell me and offers details of where the street is located.  I look at her quizzically and remove my sunglasses as I ask, “Is your name Karen?”  Startled she responds, “Yes.  Do I know you?”  “I’m Ingrid….your home builder”.  “Curt, Curt…..come out here”, she yells.   

We built a home for Karen and Curt in 2001.  So it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other.  We spend the evening hanging out and catching up over cocktails.


We’re in Quartzsite, Arizona, dry-camping in the boonies with members of the Escapees RV Club.  As the week unfolds, more and more RV’s arrive.  Our new neighbors, Cheryl and husband, are originally from Wisconsin.  As fellow Midwesterners, we hit it off. RVing

A couple of days later, Kay and Tom roll in.  We met Kay and Tom last year while camping at Lake Pleasant.  They were the ones instrumental in encouraging us to join the Escapees Boomers.  We were thrilled to run into them again and catch up on the year’s travels. 

Bocce Ball
Playing ‘combat’ Bocce Ball. The desert terrain makes for interesting play

Kay and Tom are good friends with Cheryl and Hubby.  Out of all the RV’s and land at Boomerville, what are the chances these two couples/friends would park next to us?  Sounds like a good excuse for a cocktail party. Not that we need an excuse!


Feb. 1st we return to Cave Creek Regional Park.  Shortly after our arrival, LuAnn and Terry of Paint Your Landscape pull into the site next to ours.  LuAnn and I follow each others blogs, but made no mention or reference to our February plans.blogging buds

It may not be all that uncommon for RV bloggers to run into each other in the same location BUT campsites next to each other?  I believe a little socializing is in order.


Yes, it’s a small world !

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

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    1. Ah…perhaps you follow LuAnn as well. Terry and LuAnn had an amazing summer, one hubby and I hope to complete. I’m working on getting as much info as possible for our journey!


    1. Didnt’ change much. Moved the awards to a static page. But a few months ago my site appeared more narrow. Not sure why or if there is something I can do to make it larger. Sometimes this computer stuff frustrates me and I know its probably simple. Brain cells? Don’t get me started…..I failed to mention two other bloggers I had a chance meeting with. Ah…another post 😉


  1. I love those stories. I never see anyone I know in my own town, but some of my most exciting memories were randomly running into old friends in foreign countries. It’s like a small miracle.


    1. Wow, running into friends in a foreign country, now that’s’ something…..what are the chances? It’s been fun but we’ll need to return to CO soon….darn responsibilites!


  2. Six degrees of separation.
    What a cool story and the pics are lovely! I love the bright blue skies.
    Isn’t it neat that no matter where we go, there is always reminders of home?


  3. Wow! That’s crazy. I love when stuff like that happens. It makes you feel like the universe is in order, like you’re on schedule, or something. I don’t know it just feels life confirming for some reason. Sorry I can’t express myself very well this morning – I’m having an inarticulate moment. I should get off the blogs!! haha!


    1. Ah…I’d say you’re doing just fine. It’s fun when the “stars seem to line up”. This trip has been enlightening in so many ways….more ways than I can articulate…haha!


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