Getting Wet

RVingThe gentle sound of rain hitting the RV is some how relaxing.  I stare out the window as the rain leaves a random pattern of water droplets on the pane.  I can almost sense the cacti smiling, arms stretched, rejoicing in the much-needed moisture.

We’ve been camped in the Phoenix area for about a month now.  This cold, rainy day allows Al and me to reflect on the past month of travel.Grand Canyon

In November we were exploring the Grand Canyon.  Wow, what an awe-inspiring place.  Did you know the canyon is about a mile deep and 277 miles long?  The north rim of the Grand Canyon sits at an average elevation of 8,000 feet, while the south rim sits at about 6,800 feet (2072 meters).Grand Canyon

The average distance between the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the south rim is about 10 miles with the greatest width measuring 18 miles and the nearest a mere 5 miles.  The diverse landscape and abundant wildlife, make the Grand Canyon a MUST SEE at least once.  I know Al and I will return.Bighorn SheepOur journey takes us from Grand Canyon National Park to Cottonwood, Arizona.  After a little research, Al and I decide on Dead Horse Ranch State Park as home for a few days.  This turned out to be the perfect campground for us to regroup.Dead Horse State Park

The weather is sunny and warm.  We have hiking trails literally in our backyard.  The restrooms have nice showers.  Ahhhh….after weeks of Navy showers, I’m able to bask in gallons and gallons of hot water.  Hey, with my long, thick, curly hair a long hot shower is indeed a treat. Dead Horse State Park

Oh, but it doesn’t end there.  There’s a skylight perfectly positioned above the shower stall.  So as I tilt my head back and revel in the glory of tons of hot water streaming over my head, I watch the thin, white fluffy clouds slowly drift by against a gorgeous blue sky.Dead Horse State Park

The shower felt wonderful.  However, it was never my intent to resemble a raisin, thus all things must come to an end.  After all, tomorrow is another day.  And speaking of tomorrow….we have some serious exploring to do….. Sedona here we come!


29 thoughts on “Getting Wet

  1. I never gave it much thought, but the difference in elevation certainly explains why the North Rim gets more snow than the South rim…. Lovely images, Ingrid. You have me feeling very nostalgic for the SouthWest travels I did way back when. I bet things have changed some. Seems like there were more and more tourists each time we returned to any of the parks.

    • Yes, it’s amazing how many folks come to explore these parts of the U.S. from around the world. Makes it a bit more crowded. The north rim has eluded us a couple of times due to weather. I’ll work on my planning…lol.

      • I didn’t get to see the canyon from the North Rim until the third trip. The first time I was there, I couldn’t see much more than ten feet because of the impenetrable fog. When I finally did get to see it, the fog was drifting in and out in patches. Made the experience all that much more interesting. Perhaps you’ll just have to camp out there for awhile?

        • Yes, the plan is to camp out for a week at the north rim.. The changing weather changes the character and scenery, but then you of all people understand that. I bet the drifting fog made the canyon really interesting.

  2. Ingrid, you’ll want to check out Red Rock State Park in Sedona. It’s another gem. Looks like more rain is on the way… one nice thing about Catalina is the fact that there is a nice movie theatre across the street! We’ve enjoyed a couple of rainy day matinees:-) Cheers! Maureen

    • Hope you’ve seen some entertaining movies. Years ago during the summer we took the kids to slide rock. Way fun! So much to see, we’ve needed to prioritize. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • It’s so pretty and soooo much to see. I regret not getting in the hiking we intended. I guess that gives us reason to return. Happy Holidays!

  3. I loved the North rim of the Grand Canyon when we visited with our kids when they were younger. I never tired of the views. The differing positions of the sun made it a whole new experience every time…and the forests around there are very lush and gorgeous. I’m glad you have nice showers. That is mighty important and refreshing. Enjoy Sedona and have a fun holiday.

    • The diversity from the red rock to the dense pine forest at the Grand Canyon is intriguing. I look forward to visiting the north rim and you are so right about the lighting. Happy holidays!

  4. I love the desert southwest. Your photos really capture the feel of the place.
    I’m not at all religious but on my several trips to AZ I couldn’t shake the feeling of being in God’s presence. There is something remarkably spiritual about that area and I felt at peace there.
    Can’t wait for your next instalment. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you. I think that’s one of the reasons I love traveling to unique and beautiful places…. a sense of spirituality. It’s my form of religion. I’m glad I managed to capture it 🙂

  5. I was just in Tucson, and I find the landscape in AZ so fascinating. I love all of the Saguaro cacti everywhere. They do seem like characters with all of those crazy arms. It sounds like both you and that cactus had a much needed “rain fall.” Have fun in Sedona- it’s beautiful!

    • I’m hoping to get to Tucson at the end of Jan/begin of Feb. I hear nothing but wonderful things. Sedona was indeed beautiful. Thanks and have a great holiday season!

  6. Sedona is amazing..but getting very touristy..Our aunt and uncle use to have a home there…There red rocks are beautiful..There is a shopping area called Tlaquepaque…don’t miss it! I remember telling you about Hickiwan Trails RV park in Why, AZ…DONT go has changed and others tell me it is now awful…darn it!

    • Sedona, Cottonwood, and Prescott……love it. I would even contemplate relocating to this area. Funny you should mention Tlaguepaque…..I mention it in an upcoming post. Thanks for the heads up on the RV park. We usually opt for State or Regional Parks first and have been pretty lucky thus far!

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