But I don’t wanna go!!!

RVingWe ended up staying at our little slice of paradise at the shore of Lake Powell for four nights.  The snow lasted all of about five minutes and felt like crumbles of styrofoam.  There was almost no moisture to the flakes.  It didn’t even make the ground wet….very strange.

The inclement weather kept us from exploring some of the truly unique sites in the area such as Antelope Canyon.  Rick over at The Great American Landscape highly recommended Antelope Canyon as well as Mesa Verde NP in Colorado.  I sincerely appreciate the time Rick took to send me an email highlighting these special places.  Al and I will need to return when the weather is more amenable.  Thank you, Rick.Lake Powell

If the weather had been warmer…..and less windy, I could have stayed here a month and been a very happy camper.  There is quite a bit to see and explore.  Unfortunately reality sets in – winter is coming and we need to keep moving.  So move we must…..but I don’t want to!Lake PowellRVing

We make the scenic drive from Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon.  We are so thankful we did not attempt this drive during questionable weather.  There is a section of road south of Page with a 7% grade, super tight curves, and built against a canyon wall.  The sun is virtually blocked by the cliffs.  Definitely a road to be traveled in nice weather.

Grand CanyonWe enter Grand Canyon National Park via the east entrance, not the main entrance.  I’ve only been to the Grand Canyon once before and that was three years ago.  It was our son’s first Thanksgiving living in Phoenix.  We drove down from Colorado to Phoenix for a visit and then went to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving Day.  I packed us a picnic of turkey sandwiches with all the fixings.  We hung around the canyon for a couple of hours before taking the three-hour plus drive back to Phoenix.  It was a long day, but a memorable one.

This visit, I really want to savor the National Park and learn my way around.  Unfortunately it’s cold and windy.  Night time lows dip to a balmy 17 degrees farhenheit….burrrr.  Daytime highs are in the upper 40’s.  I was really hoping for warmer weather.  Guess we’ll just need to bundle up.Grand Canyon


23 thoughts on “But I don’t wanna go!!!

    • We wanted to do that hike last year to the Falls but Al twisted his ankle and kind of put a damper on our hiking. We may just have to return to Havasu, we loved it there.

  1. I’ve done Grand Canyon a bunch of times… I think my favorite was at Christmas. No crowds. We had to bundle up a bit, but it was nice having the place so peaceful without the hordes of tourists. My first two visits were in the summer and I never got to see the canyon because of thick fog.

    • I could see it pretty empty at Christmas. It wasn’t too crowded for us and I would have stayed longer, but hubby had other plans 😦 I guess I have reason to return!

  2. Stay warm! The Grand Canyon is an amazing place (next time check out the North Rim – no crowds and just as impressive vistas). -Maureen

    • The snow kept us away from the North Rim (second time that’s happened to me). I WILL visit it though. It was nice not to have too many folks around. 🙂

  3. You are brave to go during this colder season. I went years ago and just stood on the edge for a few minutes. While it was beautiful, it wasn’t quite enough for me. I have always felt that someday I need to really get in there– hike down, hang out, and get to know the canyon. I guess if you’re planning on bundling up, you plan to do something along those lines? Great photos! and btw, still haven’t been to Mesa Verde. Someday…

    • Hubby had other plans and I didn’t get to sink my teeth into the enviornment at the Canyon as I had hoped. I hear great things about Mesa Verde and can’t believe I haven’t made it there yet. I’m starting to feel guilty, with all the amazing places and sites in my backyard that I have not seen. The Great Sand Dunes is only two hours from our home. Crazy!

      • I feel that way about a lot of CO sites. Would you believe that after 10 years here I saw the Aspens change colors for the first time this September? That’s just stupid! I noticed you highlighted the sand dunes recently. Love the sand dunes!

    • Between AZ and CO it could take me years to see and experience all that I want to, not to mention CA. Just had dinner with a couple who have been full-timers for 15 years. We met them last year at Lost Dutchman. They still have tons of places they want to explore. 🙂

      • Now that’s encouraging because I sometimes wonder how long we will want to continue this lifestyle. For now, it is working great. Enjoy your adventures. 🙂

  4. Sad to see you leave such a sweet spot, but loving your new one too. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. It looks amazing. I can’t believe it gets so cold there. Brrr!

    • I have to laugh at your comment, because we saw lots of people shivering and not dressed properly for the weather. I think they thought it’s Arizona so it must be warm.
      I think the Grand Canyon is one of those places everyone should see at least once. I find it really hard to photograph though….the bright sun lighting is a challenge.

  5. The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list… it I think is unique in the world isn’t it..??? and your photos just drive me on to get there… my son and his wife saw it on their tour of the USA… they could not describe it to me… and the photos .. well not so good… but they did say I should go… your photos are magnificent… put up with the cold and take more photos…

    • The Grand Canyon is very challenging to capture on film….oops don’t use film. So how should I reword that? The sun is really bright and seems to cast a haze. Filters didn’t seem to make a difference.
      The western part of the USA has some of the most stunning scenery and unique sites….and can be very remote and undeveloped. I’ll keep those photos coming!

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