Rocking and Rolling

It’s three o’clock in the morning and although the RV blinds have been left up, it’s as pitch black as our friend’s Labrador Retriever.  I’m feeling a bit disoriented.  Am I sleeping on a sailboat in Clearwater Beach, Florida?  No, that was many, many years ago.  Was it the margarita (or two) I drank last night?  No, perhaps I was a little buzzed but not bed spinning worthy.  The RV is definitely rocking and it’s not because we’re having “fun”.RVing

Lake Powell

Bear may take flight at any moment !

Lake PowellI sure feel like I’m on a boat.  It appears the weather bug alerts on my phone were correct.  We are experiencing some pretty mighty winds.  Somehow I manage to fall back to sleep and don’t wake until the smell of coffee waifs the air.  Apparently, the winds woke hubby early.

Although the day was cold and blustery, we remain mesmerized by the scenery.  We stay hunkered down in the RV and venture out as little as is required….. Bear’s business.  Al and I are grateful we chose to change our plans and stay put.  The day brought steady winds of speeds ranging from 30 to 60 miles per hour.  Those kinds of winds have been known to flip an eighteen wheeler.Lake Powell

Today high winds, tomorrow snow.  Oh, that four letter word.  We tried so hard to outrun this storm.  AND it’s cold.  No wonder this beautiful beach is empty.  But, come on, you have to admit the view is phenomenal.  We’ll stay until the front passes.  We have plenty of food and propane to hunker down here for a while!RVing

Lake Powell

Sand blowing, and blowing, and blowing!

Lake Powell

 Calm after the storm


24 thoughts on “Rocking and Rolling

  1. Wonderful photos. Your journey reminds me of the old grade school game Oregon Trail. Beware of the sandstorm! Trail is impassable! Lose a day!

    I was almost caught up in an impromptu dust storm on the I-8 outside Stanfield back in October. I passed through the area literally a minute before the dust storm engulfed the road. Yikes!

    Glad to see everyone is safe, sound and enjoying the scenery.

    • Those desert dust storms are scary. Years ago we experienced one on I-10. Yikes is right! Our journey has felt ALOT like that game….LOL.
      Relaxing safely at Cave Creek Reg Pk and enjoying Phx’s warm sun. Great scenery here too!

  2. It certainly is a beautiful place to wait out the storm. Be safe out there and stay warm. High winds and an RV do not a good combination make! 🙂

    • Oh, I couldn’t agree more. At times those winds were stressful. I’m just now starting to get used to and liking my smart phone. That weather bug alert was awesome.

  3. How frustrating.. I got as notice of your post on the Grand Canyon and now wordpress says it’s not there, yet I can see it on the reader as well but not the whole story…. frustrating…

    • Ah….my fault. I bet you can read it tomorrow Dec 1st. If not let me know. Computers and internet on the road can be challenging….stay tuned 🙂

    • Thank you. I was hoping to capture the weather conditions. Thought about using the tripod and a slower shutter speed but the wind would knock the tripod over and I didn’t want all the blowing sand on my camera. So hand held out the door of the RV was the best I could do in those conditions. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. I can almost feel the grit in my teeth! Beautiful photos though. Don’t camp too close to the edge of the Grand Canyon! Cheers, Maureen

  5. That area is so beautiful… I’d stay there for the winter… what magnificent rock formations…. must admit glad I’m not physically along for the ride…. what the hell would I do if the rocking was from fun… stand outside with the dog.??.. ears pinned back by the wind…. lol… love this blog…

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