Southwest AirlinesTime to fly back to Denver.  I could use a little rest and relaxation…. time to recover after weeks of travel and seminars.  What a whirlwind, exhausting, but fun month and a half.

It’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity to spend this much time with my son and get to know him as an adult.  As parents, we all love our children, but do we like them?  If we weren’t related, would we want to spend time with one another?

Well after the past month, I can honestly say I not only love my son, I like him.  And just in case daughter reads this, I feel the very same about her.  I’m a lucky mom to have two grown children I respect, admire, like, and of course love.  And I look forward to spending time with them!RV travel

RV Travel
The Youngens

Ok enough gushing about the kids, what’s next for hubby and me?  Upcoming plans?  Trips?  Adventures?  Well we don’t have any concrete plans other than to escape the Colorado winter.  Don’t get me wrong, Colorado is beautiful and tons of fun in the winter, but for now I’ll leave the snow to the youngens!

The plan is to start packing the RV and head to the warmth of the desert southwest.  We’re hoping to leave early November and meander around Arizona for most of the winter.  The weather will dictate when we leave as well as our destinations.  It’s a plan with lots of flexibility.  I’ll keep ya all posted…..RV travel

16 thoughts on “Whirlwind….

  1. Lovely to know that you also have a son and daughter who you like as well as love. 🙂 Your travel plans for the winter sound exciting. Arizona is a really unique part of the States. Look forward to your photos. 🙂


    1. Thank you….totally agree Arizona is unique. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and I feel lucky my kids turned out pretty darn good – sure hasn’t been easy though 🙂


  2. Beautiful kids! I am sure they would say the same about you. 🙂 I don’t think I would mind bumping around Arizona. I haven’t been there before and would love to explore. Spectacular landscape photo. 🙂


    1. Thanks…..it hasn’t always been easy raising kids but then again most worthwhile things in life aren’t easy.

      That bottom photo is one of my favs….taken quickly at a picnic area near Salt River on the way to Saguaro Lake. Man (perhaps homeless) changing his clothes off to the side….I walked up to the area, snapped numerous pics quickly, ran back to the truck. My best photos are taken when I don’t expect results…lol


  3. Oh! life must be so tough, deciding where to wander off to next! (just totally kidding, of course!)
    I look forward to your next adventure. 😉


  4. Sounds great… if I could I would also run from the cold… much prefer the heat…. I love and like my kids as well they are my good friends… must be something to do with good upbringing… they must have had outstanding parents… enough about me now… I love your blog… and look forward to wherever it is we are off to…


    1. Yes, cold weather is for the “young”. I too look forward to getting out and about….ready for more travel 🙂 Our kids sure are lucky to have parents like us!


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