Steamboat Lake State Park

Burrrr, its quarter to six our first morning at Steamboat Lake and Bear is restless.  “Really, Bear.  Can’t you wait awhile?”   “No mom, gotta go, gotta go. Come on.”  I gently roll out of bed and quietly throw on some clothes trying not to disturb Al.  Bear on the other hand, makes no attempt to be quiet. Steamboat

I raise the blinds on our large rear window and am amazed with the awesome beauty.  I gasp louder than intended, “Oh my gosh”.  Al comments, “Is everything ok?”  I respond, “I didn’t realize you were awake”.  Al says, “Did ya really think I could sleep through Bear’s shenanigans?”  Yeah, he was a little crazy this morning.  Must be the cool, rather cold air.  I love seeing him so energetic.  I just wish he would have slept in.Steamboat Lake

It rained last night and this morning there is a fine layer of mist and fog engulfing the landscape.  It’s stunning.  So stunning, Al jumps out of bed to join us on the morning walk.Steamboat Lake

It’s quiet, it’s serene.  We watch the sunrise………Steamboat


28 thoughts on “Steamboat Lake State Park

  1. Our 12-year-old dog wakes us up so early in the morning, so full of energy. I always laugh because she wakes us up, we let her out, and then she comes inside… only to sleep some more. 😉

  2. What wonderful photos. Special favorites were the header and the 1st and 3rd. Truly lovely. I love misty mornings like that, but also having trouble getting my sorry bum out of bed in time to catch them.

    • Trust me, if it weren’t for Bear, I’d a still been in bed. Thank you for the compliment. I was questioning the header but I like the fact our RV is out there by itself.

  3. Beautiful! and the photography is excellent. Colorado is on the list but no month and year of when we will be cruising there. Leaving Alaska to BC tomorrow for some dry and warm weather,hopefully.

    • Thank you. I’m so critical of my photos, I really appreciate the compliment. I hear Sept and Oct are great months in Oregon. Colorado next summer, perhaps? Safe travels….enjoy the fall colors 🙂

    • You and Terry would really love it. I have a post coming up with a photo of Hahns Peak Lake…..thought of you and your Kayak when I took that photo. So many places to hike and explore.

    • Colorado is a beautiful state and hubby and I finally have time to really explore it. Still working on learning my new camera and all it’s features. Hoping to get in one more mountain trip before the weather gets too cold…..want to catch the aspens in all their golden glory !

  4. Jerry and I are looking at the photo with Al in his coat with jealousy. In Coffeyville, Kansas today the high is forecasted to be 104. By the way, Jerry loves the top photo on your post. Very well done, he said. Remember, Jerry is a professional photographer. So, coming from him…a huge compliment!!

    • Wow…what a great compliment. Thank you. The cool sometimes cold air felt great. Even Bear was more active with energy. 104 WITH humidy…no dry heat in Kansas…lol ! Hang in there, the fall colors should be pretty and give Jerry plenty to photograph.

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