Hubby wins !

Steamboat SpringsAs Al and I enjoy a leisurely lunch on the outdoor patio at Grappa Bistro in downtown Golden, we discuss a new location.  Although I am in love with Golden, Colorado, it’s time to move on…..move on to cooler temps.  I suggest Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s August 20th and the tourist season is winding down.  So I feel confident we’ll have no trouble finding a camp spot.  Besides, it should only take us about an hour and a half at the most to get to Estes Park.

Al has other thoughts.  He suggests Steamboat Springs and the campground at Steamboat Lake. We return to the RV and he presents me with information on Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area.  It’s been almost fourteen years since our last visit to Steamboat.  Al, the consummate gentleman, always acquiesces to my whims.  Perhaps it’s time I agree to his……nah, I allow him to plead his case and pry me with champagne and chocolate before submitting….”you win”.  I’m kidding, no champagne was needed.  I really didn’t care where in Colorado we went, but it was fun playing with hubby.

Golden Colorado
Al taking care of ‘business’

We say our good-byes to daughter and the next morning we depart Golden and head west on Interstate 70.  We’ll need to cross the Continental Divide twice.  Our first summit is Loveland Pass at 11,158 feet above sea level.  We drive through the famous Eisenhower Tunnel.  This tunnel is the highest vehicle tunnel in the United States and is approximately 1.7 miles in length.  The Eisenhower Tunnel is located 50 miles west of Denver.

SteamboatI have no photos because I’m busy being a back seat driver co-pilot.  As we exit the tunnel we are graced with the most gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains.  However, what goes up, must come down.  We decrease in elevation with a series of turns….first left, then right.  Al downshifts the truck transmission to keep from riding the brake. That’s ok because I’m pushing down hard on my imaginary brake on the passenger side and gripping the “ah sh*t” handle until my knuckles turn white.  I’m very used to mountain driving and don’t usually stress, but we’re pulling 31 feet and can’t take the turns like a normal vehicle.  We also don’t have the ability to stop as quickly.

Whew, one pass behind us.  At the towns of Dillon and Silverthorne, we head north on Highway 9 and eventually pick up Highway 40 in the town of Kremmling.  We’re heading toward the northwest part of the State of Colorado.  Rabbit Ears Pass is our next Continental Divide crossing at an elevation of 9426 feet.  This pass is long and more gradual.  No white knuckles necessary!

We arrive in the town of Steamboat Springs in time for lunch.  We manage to find parking and a rustic, quaint restaurant where we devour a couple of Buffalo Burgers before heading north on County Road 129, twenty-six miles to Steamboat Lake.

Steamboat Lake
Steamboat Lake State Park

We arrive at Steamboat Lake State Park and set up camp on Bridge Island; a less popular loop without electric that sits on a peninsula.  We have a private spot in paradise.  We spend the rest of the evening relaxing and taking in the beauty……Steamboat

14 thoughts on “Hubby wins !

  1. Those views just never get old, do they? I tend to white knuckle it myself, but it’s better that way. We now have a “rule” that my husband gets to drive because his “co-piloting” is way worse than mine.


    1. LOL….we try to split the driving but when pulling the Rig he drives more. Although I’ll still drive while pulling, I’m not as comfortable and need more practice. Yes, the views never get old 🙂


  2. Utah is one of the most amazing states. I look forward to exploring it without little kids in tow. I may yet break down and get a larger camera with longer zoom. I feel like I’m missing some crispness in my photos…..could be the user and not the equipment…my eyes ain’t what they used to be!


  3. I had the same concerns about carrying a larger camera and loved my little point and shoot, but… I finally gave in to the urge to have a better zoom. Now I find that it’s not really that tough to sling the camera and extra lens into a shoulder bag and have it with me nearly always. I’m loving it for the bird shots if nothing else. Then again, I also loved my little point and shoot for being a lot less obtrusive.
    Hope you’re savoring those mountains. You almost have me wanting to head in that direction for a short trip… at least as far as Utah to see friends and visit old haunts and maybe revisit a park or two in the red rock country….


  4. Lumix cameras are good cams especially the small ones. They are indeed great for those spur of the moments capture especially here in Alaska when you will never know when a wild animal decides to appear in a splitting second. Im using a DMC-ZS19 and it has survived so far despite my manhandling it. My SLR stays protected in the cabinet not only because its heavy but because rain has been our constant companion here.

    Im looking forward to be in Colorado. When is the best time to meander there ?


    1. Now is a great time to visit Colorado. Summer tourist season is over. The aspens should be turning golden in the next couple of weeks at higher elevations. Usually no problem with mountain snow till November. If it snows, it melts right away. Too much info to post here. I could always email more if interested. Do you have an idea of where and what you’d like to see?
      Agree with the camera. Used to have super nice SLR that stayed in the bag. Took most photos with little camera. When I fried (dropped in water during Illinois visit) my last Lumix, I replaced with two. DMC-ZS15 and then a waterproof one DMC-TS20. I run around in the rain with that one. Good underwater to 16′. Fun little thing.


  5. I seriously considered the P510 also….it comes in red…lol. If you get one, you’ll need to let me know what you think. The 42x zoom is very appealing and it’s affordable. Hum, Christmas is coming. Maybe Santa will bring me one 🙂


    1. After a lot of research (and sole searching) I went with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS15. 16X optical zoom. I considered a SLR as well as something with a bigger zoom, but don’t always like carrying the bigger camera. Thus went with this little guy that fits in a pocket or purse and have on me most times for those spur of the moment opportunities. Still keeping my options open for another camera down the road if this little guy seems lacking. Still learning all the features.
      What kind do you use?


  6. Al loves this part of Colorado. I’m still partial to Crested Butte. Steamboat Springs or Crested Butte? Don’t throw me in that Briar Patch….lol…..loving Colorado.


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