Pronghorn Antelope

Will we fit?

There’s a quiet beauty to Custer State Park with its dense forests, open grasslands, and towering granite.  The towns, more like villages, through-out the Black Hills have a laid back charm.  With the exception of Rapid City, you won’t find any chain restaurants or big box stores.  What you will find are plenty of narrow, winding roads with the occasional one lane tunnel (RVer’s beware!) and plenty of wildlife.

Pronghorn Antelope

I was successful in my hunt for Buffalo and today I’ll be in search of Pronghorn, or more aptly called Antelope.  Colorado is heavily populated with Antelope and it’s not unusual for me to see a herd while traveling Interstate 25.  However, I have never had the right opportunity to photograph an Antelope.  Thus today will be the day….I hope anyway.

Daughter and I get off to an early start.  That is an early start to a college student, a late start in my book.  It’s about nine in the morning and we’ll take Wildlife Loop Road again.  Since we’re familiar with the area, we now know where we plan to focus our efforts.

It isn’t long after turning onto Wildlife Loop Road that we come upon some deer.  How cute is this little guy?  We continue heading south and shortly after, we notice some Antelope.  We find a place to pull off the road and now it’s photo-op time.  Normally Antelope are very skittish, but these guys allow me to get unusually close.

Antelope are one of the fastest mammals in the Western Hemisphere.  They can run as fast as 60 mph.  Antelope are poor jumpers and therefore they won’t jump fences.  They live primarily in grasslands, and can be routinely seen in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and New Mexico.

I find these guys fascinating and am pried away by a bored daughter.  How do we top this day?