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I was grateful that the Phoenix, Arizona, weather finally returned to temperatures we love and expect in the desert southwest during this time of year. With clear skies once again upon us, I didn’t waste any time getting out with the camera and exploring.

snow covered peaks in the distance reflecting in the Salt River while a white egret flies by
The Salt River with Four Peaks coated in snow. Far east side of the Phoenix valley

It has been a crazy and hectic week for me, but in a good way. Therefore, today’s post will be short and I’ll share just a snippet of what I’ve been up to.

Popular valley hike

On February 21st and 22nd, Phoenix encountered some record weather … cold, rain, hail, and snow. Yes, snow in Phoenix, Arizona. What a rare treat to behold! And although, we spend our winters in Phoenix to avoid cold and snow, this storm truly added an unexpected beauty to the landscape.

an RV park in Phoenix, Arizona with a snow coated hill in the background
Our RV park in Phoenix, Arizona, experiences snow

We woke up to clear skies on Saturday the 23rd, and I just had to get out and take in the landscape. I bundled up and headed off to hike the Pinnacle Peak trail located in north Scottsdale. The cold brisk air (37 degrees Fahrenheit when I first started) didn’t deter me or other hikers on this popular trail.

Pinnacle Peak trail in Scottsdale, Arizona. Large boulders and yellow flowers line the trail with snow capped mountains in the distance
Pinnacle Peak trail with snow-covered mountains in the distance. Note the bright yellow wildflowers along the trail.

I’ll do a detailed write-up on the trail once I have a little down time.

Pinnacle Peak trail with wildflowers in the foreground
There was still a little snow here and there near the peak. What a beautiful contrast with the wildflowers lining the trail.

Tour guide duty

Then came Monday and Tuesday which kept me extra busy exploring and visiting with a couple of blogging gal pals. Teri and I have followed each others blogs for over five years, yet this would be the first time we’d actually meet in person. On the other hand, fellow blogger Nancy and I have hung out many times. Fortunately, Nancy lives a mere ten minutes away from my RV Park making it convenient for us to hike together anytime.

three different feet wearing hiking shoes photographed near a pristine lake near Phoenix, Arizona
Three bloggers in search of blog material

Since the three of us all met via our blogs, we’re always looking for blog material. With that in mind, it was time for me to pick up the ladies and go into tour guide mode. Actually, I seem to be doing a lot of Phoenix tour guiding this season, and I’m loving every minute sharing some of my favorite sights with out of town friends.

First on the list was tracking down the Salt River wild horses. Check!

hikers in a field of yellow poppies near 2 wild horses
We find a herd of wild horses near a field of blooming poppies – only 2 horses seen here

Our growling tummies told us it was time to bid farewell to the horses and move on. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at Saguaro Lake followed by a little hiking along the shore … all of which included lots of photography. The next day, we were off to a new place to take in some other popular yet picturesque sights in Phoenix’ east valley.

Teri shares her backside while Nancy frames a photograph

We had such a great time together and hated to say goodbye to Teri. I assure you, she didn’t seem eager to return to the weather in Ohio. So, I’m hoping she’ll make it an annual trek back to Phoenix for more blogger shenanigans. And yes, I’ll need to do a more detailed post on our two wonderful and fun days hanging out together.

A happy Teri – gal and her camera

Keeping busy

The fantastic weather is making it difficult for me to stay home and get anything done. I’ve been enjoying new discoveries, as well as visits with friends and family at every opportunity, and today I’m attending a wedding.

I think, next week I’ll slow things down and hopefully get some posts written up. In the meantime, hope life is good wherever you are. Enjoy these wildflowers!

desert flowers against a log background
Taken on a trail Friday – March 1st

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58 thoughts on “Phoenix Tour Guide

  1. Iโ€™m so glad you got to be our tour guide as well! You must be getting worn out. ๐Ÿ™‚ That Pinnacle Peak Trail looks as appealing as it sounds. Iโ€™ll certainly keep it in mind if and when we pass the Scottsdale area again. I hope you enjoyed some downtime on Sunday!


    1. If the wildflowers are wilted, the saguaros will be blooming. It’s a win all the way around! Can’t believe how fast our winter stay has flown by.


  2. That snow was just something! We were at Lost Dutchman and it was just gorgeous! Something we have not seen here before. I actually did some hiking around Saguaro with Curt and Glenda just after the snow. Wow were the crowds out to enjoy the scenery and hiking!


    1. It definitely was a treat to see the snow and funny to see folks pulling on the side of the road taking pics. We ran into folks from WI who were just shaking their heads – first they were here to escape the snow and second because of the way locals were reacting to the snow. It was rather entertaining. That hike you took looked like a good one!


  3. Ingrid it has been fun to read Nancy’s and your post about your get together. Such fun to connect with other bloggers. The snow and wildflowers do create an incredible contrast. I imagine now you are back to more regular spring like temperatures. Here winter continues to hang on so thank you for the glimpse of color and hopes for spring’s arrival.


    1. Yes, it’s always a great time connecting with blogging pals. When we lived in the Midwest, I used to dread the month of March… grey skies and a winter that wouldn’t end. Now that we spend March in the desert southwest, I love it. The weather and wildflowers are such a treat. ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒผ


  4. Just read about your fun on Nancy’s blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the photos! What joy to meet blogging friends. I had the great joy of meeting an IG friend and having them here at our Virginia farm for a visit recently. It was GREAT fun. All the way from Australia they were!


    1. Total Wine is an important stop ๐Ÿ˜ Phoenix does have a lot to offer including brutal traffic which of course is my least favorite, but the parks more than make up for it.


  5. How wonderful to meet up with friends made through your blog. Sounds like you had a great time. Lived the pics, especially those vibrant coloured flowers.


  6. Glad your weather has righted itself! How wonderful that the three of you were able to connect, canโ€™t wait to read more about your time together.


    1. When I lived in the Midwest, I used to hate March with its lingering gray skies and a winter that just wouldn’t go away. Now that we spend our time in the desert southwest, March is one of my favorite months. The weather and wildflowers make me one happy camper ๐Ÿ˜Š add in friends and I do a happy dance!

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    1. We’ll be in Tucson and Phoenix in a couple of weeks: Tucson for Escapees Escapade at Pima County Fairgrounds, and Phoenix to spend some time with Bob’s family before we head east for eight months.


      1. Let me know if you’d like to fit in a hike while you’re in Phoenix. The desert is so pretty and green this year … love sharing it.


  7. Stunning images, Ingrid! I can’t get over seeing the snow in the camp ground! We’re still having cold weather here but spring is around the corner. How fun to hike with fellow bloggers, right?


    1. I am in the “typical” private RV Park. The Maricopa County Regional Parks and Lost Dutchman State Park are what you’d be interested in. All have electric and water only with a 2 week limit. Thus, for those of us wanting to spend a month or more in Phoenix, we must suffer the sardine life, but then this too is temporary making it palettable ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. What a crazy winter weโ€™ve all experienced out here, huh? But I do think it makes us appreciate the beautiful days when they do come around. And hopefully all this rain (and snow!) will mean tons of wildflowers this spring! Glad to see you got out to enjoy it all!


    1. The crazy weather has added to the adventure. Never a dull moment for us RVers! The wildflowers are already showing up and they’ll make for a beautiful March in the desert.

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  9. Hi, Ingrid,
    Hopefully those wildflowers will hang on for a few more weeks. Your pictures are awesome, but I canโ€™t wait to see the real thing. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We should have wildflowers popping up around the valley the whole month. The desert is so green and beautiful this year. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  10. Great weather for you – finally. Here it’s been drizzly and overcast for the last few days, and now a cold front is blowing in and it’ll be freezing for two days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first little blossoms on our Mexican Plums to survive.
    Have a great Sunday,

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  11. Now thatโ€™s the weather we expect! After a dreary, rainy winter in Florida with only a few sunny days, I canโ€™t wait to get back to AZ. Hiking & hanging out with blogger friends….perfect day!

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    1. That’s how I felt every time we’d spend a couple of months along the TX Gulf Coast. I couldn’t wait to return to the desert to dry out. I hope to get out hiking regularly this month and savoring the weather and scenery.


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