RV Extended Warranty – Should I get One?

With all the repairs Al and I have done lately on the RV, we’ve asked ourselves many times if perhaps we should have purchased an extended RV warranty. It’s an important question every RV owner should ask themselves. Some RV repairs are easy, but many are difficult and expensive.

extended RV warranty and why you need oneRVing is at an all time high and with higher RV demand, the manufacturers are cranking out production at a record high number.

With RVs being rushed down the assembly lines, the quality of the product has slipped and so has customer service.

Once that one year manufacturers warranty is up, RV owners are left to their own devices dealing with failing components.

It’s not a matter of if your RV will need repairs, it’s a matter of when. The first time we blew a tire on our 5th Wheel Trailer, it took out our waterlines and did some body damage. Oh, what fun that was!

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Buying a RV Extended Warranty is Like Buying Insurance

An Extended Warranty is very similar to purchasing an Auto Insurance Policy. We never plan on getting into an accident. As a matter of fact, I think we’d all agree that we’d prefer not using that insurance. Yeah, no one wants to get into an accident, but when we do, thank goodness for that insurance.

replace a RV toilet
A new toilet – June 2018! Our 3rd one in seven years. First one replaced during manufacturers warranty

RV components will fail, and when that happens do you have the knowledge, tools, and ability to fix your RV yourself or do you need to seek professional help?

Al and I are extremely handy and quite capable of working on our RV ourselves, but then again, we own a basic RV with few bells, horns, and whistles.

Even with that said, there are some things beyond our capabilities, and we know those more difficult fixes are expensive ones that will need to be addressed by a professional.

Having an extended RV warranty can offer peace of mind just like any other insurance policy … we hope to never need it, but when we do, we’re very glad we have it.

camping at Lake Powell

Reasons to buy a RV Extended Warranty

  • Complexity of the RV – The bigger and more expensive the RV, the more difficult and more expensive the repairs will be.
  • Big dollar repairs – RVs are full of many specialized components that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in replacement costs not to mention the cost of labor.
  • Peace of Mind – having an RV repair emergency fund is crucial but knowing that account wouldn’t be depleted during a major repair offers peace of mind.
  • Resale Value – If you aren’t sure how long you intend to keep the RV, a transferable warranty may make your RV more marketable.

RV Extended Warranties and why you need one

Should I buy an Extended Warranty for my RV?

Depends! We’ve spoken with many RVers via our travels and via this blog who have shared their horror stories with us about big dollar repair costs on their RV … RVs that are less than five years old. Imagine the cost of things like failing slide outs, cracked waste tanks, bent/broken frames, refrigerators and A/C units that won’t cool, and the list goes on.

Full-time RVing costBefore we bought our new 5th wheel, we owned a truck camper that we also purchased new.

Shortly after the manufacturers warranty ran out, the camper fridge stopped working. The repair and replacement cost was over $1000. Yeah, over a grand for a little RV refrigerator in a simple truck camper.

Another costly situation happened to our 5th wheel when our waste tank cables broke during year two of ownership. Amazing what will break shortly after the manufacturers warranty expires.

So, should you buy an extended warranty? Again, depends! How big is your emergency fund? Do you have the wherewithal to service the RV yourself? We have several RV acquaintances that swear by their extended warranty and have said the warranty paid for itself. Knowing what I know now, we’ll definitely consider buying an extended warranty when we purchase our next RV. Isn’t 20/20 hindsight wonderful 🤔

RVing Grand Tetons National Park

Dealer sold warranties are money makers for the dealer

Many RV dealers will try to sell you an extended warranty when you buy your RV from them. Be sure you shop around before buying any warranty. Some dealer warranties are backed by the dealership itself and require you to get all the repairs done at that very shop … not very convenient when traveling across the country. Dealer-sold warranties are usually more expensive and less comprehensive than any warranty you can get externally. So, you’ll definitely want to shop around.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for an extended RV warranty –

  • Understand transfer and cancellation policies
  • Know who’s backing the warranty
  • Are you able to use any repair facility
  • Verify any restrictions or limitations
  • Check the reputation of the warranty company
  • Understand deductibles, claim procedures, and term limits

Who do most RVers recommend?

A name that keeps popping up with positive reviews is Wholesale Warranties. We have several friends who’ve purchased an extended RV warranty from them and have been extremely pleased and more than one has said the extended warranty paid for itself.

What makes Wholesale Warranties a leader in the industry

Wholesale Warranties is dedicated to education and customer service. Their RV Warranty Specialists are fully trained on helping customers find the best policy for them, how to buy RV extended warrantyat the best price. With access to several different warranty companies, levels of coverage, and payment plans, they seek to educate the customer on the options available to them, and eventually help them narrow this down to the perfect policy to suit their needs.

Wholesale Warranties always provides customers with a full copy of the terms and conditions of their contract prior to accepting payment for a policy, and is dedicated to transparency. They want their customers to know exactly what they’re getting into, and this includes what they can expect to be excluded in their policy.

Wholesale Warranties does not simply disappear after the sale of a policy. They have a dedicated internal claims staff that is available to customers at any time during the life of the policy. Their claims specialists are happy to assist customers with any questions they have during the claims process, including facilitating communication between the warranty company and the repair facility, and addressing any questions about approval or denial of a claim. They stand behind the products they sell, and want customers to get the most out of their policies.

RV friendly roads or not
Oops … Not an RV friendly road, huh! 🙄

Wholesale Warranties is more than just RV Warranties!

They recently launched an RV Repair Facility directory called RV Repair Direct, where customers can find and rate mechanics in their area. This site also allows Wholesale Warranties customers to submit their information if they experience a non-emergency breakdown, and their internal claims staff will find a reputable repair facility or mobile repair technician that is able to complete that repair for them.

Final thoughts about an extended RV warranty

Steamboat Lake ColoradoWhen shopping for an extended RV warranty, you’ll want to evaluate where your concerns lie. Are you mostly concerned about a catastrophic failure or concerned about the whole RV?

Knowing what type of RV repair bills you can and cannot afford will help you choose the best coverage for your personal needs.

If you are worried that RV repairs might blow your travel budget, or are just interested in getting a bit more information, you can click here and a warranty specialist from WholesaleWarranties.com will be happy to assist you. Mention that you are a Live Laugh RV reader and use code D-LLRV for the best price in extended warranties. Happy trails!

RV extended warranties

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  1. Interesting. I have never seen any site which is providing these amazing piece of information like this. I really like this post because it’s completely giving whole the necessary info which anyone would like to see before buying any RV Campervan… so Thanks for giving me chance to get new and great info about campervans…


  2. Coincidentally, this past week Alan and I met with our truck dealer to talk about an extended warranty for our tow vehicle. The truck is one year and two weeks old and we already have 30,000 miles on it due to two cross country trips last year. So the end of the manufacturer’s warranty is within sight. Looks like the next discussion will be concerning an extended warranty for our travel trailer – it’s over a year old already, both the manufacturer and the dealer we bought it from are on the west coast (a whole continent away) and the next closest dealer is at least a three day drive from home. As you mentioned, extended warranties are basically insurance policies and, as with any type of insurance, it comes down to how much risk you’re willing to take on and whether or not you have the financial resources to back up the risk you choose to accept. This was a great post, Ingrid, with lots of excellent points providing good food for thought – thank you!


    1. Thanks Mary, glad you enjoyed the post. It’s a subject that’s been on my mind awhile especially with all the repairs we’ve been doing lately. Something to think about for sure!


  3. We had to purchase a toilet in Texas last Winter, but that was the first one ever. Our Hiker is a 2007…and they don’t make them anymore, so some parts don’t exist. This year we had a new problem with our slide intermittently not wanting to extend…Den is still trouble shooting that. I guess for an “old girl”, she does OK…The worst was when the black tank hand broke off and it was full…Use your imagination on that one!!!


    1. Seems it’s also something that’s breaking and needing repairs, but when you think about, as the RV travels down the road, it’s like a perpetual earthquake. Everything is always being tossed around and jarred. Good luck on getting that slide-out issue dealt with.


    1. Yeah, it can be a perplexing subject and everyone has to decide what’ll work best for their comfort level. I’m sure you’ll share with us which direction you’ll go.

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  4. Great post – We have a travel trailer purchased new in 2013. We bought the extended warranty with the RV from the dealership at that time, and although I don’t recall how much it was at the time, it was money well spent. We’ve had the RV in the shop a few times for repairs that were covered. One was a repair of the bracing that holds up the fresh water tank. That repair could have been much worse than it was. I personally think its money well spent – I’ve used more than what it cost me at the time for sure. Thanks for the great information


    1. Thanks – you’re a prime example of how these warranties can pay for themselves. Fortunately, you’re able to bring it back to the same place for repairs. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. That’s true – we’ve been able to use the dealer for the repairs. If someone is a full timer, shopping around for a “universally” accepted warranty plan makes total sense. I’ll be purchasing warranty on future RVs for sure. They get pulled around in all sorts of environments, heat, cold, rain, and all sorts of other elements. It’s peace of mind for me.

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