The Little Things

It’s Wandering Wednesday again and today’s photo theme prompt is – the little things.


A while back, I went hiking with a friend …. a non photographer friend, and although I left my camera behind (I know, what was I thinking 🤣) that didn’t stop me from looking around and noticing all the potential photo compositions along with all the less than obvious little things, but things that are still photo worthy.

Through the Lens

Looking at life through the lens of my camera has taught me to be more observant. I guess I hadn’t realized this fact until my non-photographer hiking companion commented, “I can’t believe all the little things you notice. If you hadn’t pointed out these things, I never would’ve seen the interesting rocks, leaves, flowers or bugs”.

barbed wire morning fog

noticing the little details – dew dripping off barbed wire on a foggy morning

Do you see things that you’re friends don’t?

I know I do. What’s interesting though is when I’m out on an adventure or hike with a fellow photographer, it’s not uncommon for each of us to point out different photo-ops. It’s always fun comparing photographs after a photographic outing with a friend.

Artistic vision is definitely an individual matter, and we all notice and see things in a different way.

wildflowers at Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Tiny delicate wildflowers at Craters of the Moon National Monument, ID

For this weeks Wandering Wednesday theme …

Let’s share photographs of the little things we see. Things that aren’t initially in your face obvious. Things that take a moment of observation to discover. Little things we notice because we look at life through the lens of a camera …. a camera that has helped us see the little things that perhaps our friends don’t notice. Maybe its a unique center piece at a restaurant, or a pattern in the sand, or maybe you stumbled upon an interesting bug or nest.

Share a photograph of something little, something less obvious, something that took you a moment of observance to see.

Wandering Wednesday – Ingrid’s Photo Inspirations

Each Wednesday I post a different photo prompt as a way for bloggers to share their love of photography and engage with other like minded bloggers. Perhaps this prompt will serve as a little inspiration to pick up the camera in search of a composition or a reason to go through your photo archives. Whether you shoot with your phone, a DSLR or something in-between, don’t be shy 🤗 share those photos!

Upcoming prompts – Food, Landscapes, Garden …. get out and shoot or peruse those archives!



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62 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Ooh…Ooh…I want to play. Now, we’ll see if I can remember and if I can squeeze in time to do it. My picture library is a mess and not easy to quickly find that perfect picture to post. Yes, another project to complete when I’m done with the house. LOL.


    • I hear ya on the pic library being a mess. Because I don’t have things clearly organized, I ended up going through some external hard-drives and discovered photos I had totally forgotten about. That’s what prompted me to do the Wednesday posts. It has given me a reason to through my thousands of photos – purpose is a wonderful thing 😊


      • My process is the same as yours. I also have a bunch of thumb drives and every now and then I start to organize, work for a couple hours and get busy with something else. By the time I get back to it, I’ve forgotten where I was on the project…it haunts me! But one day, I’ll get it all done.

        I also have many duplicates and some in various emails. I hear there are programs that can find the duplicates but I haven’t heard stellar reviews and some reports of lost pictures so I don’t trust them yet.

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  3. You have a great eye for capturing the little things! Barb and I will often take pictures of the same thing and I am amazed and impressed on how she see and frames the same subject as me. This is a great reminder to slow down and look at the details and not the overall scenery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes when I’m out on a hike, I’ll stop and just look around. Amazing what I see when I slow down, and everyone seems to notice different things. So much fun, yet so simple!


  4. Your blog today totally reminded me of a great “Groaner’s Corner” I read on Travel With The Bayfield Bunch! Here it is …. A photographer went to a dinner party where he showed many of his photographs. The lady of the house said, those are very nice pictures, you must have a great camera. He said nothing, but when leaving for home offered the following compliment to the lady of the house “The meal was very nice, you must have great pots and pans.”

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    • Thank you Keng. Yeah, I have trouble with my point and shoot camera and much prefer shooting with my bridge camera. I can count on it! I won’t even bother trying to take photos with my old iPhone 5.


  6. I feel exactly the same way, that photography has made me more observant of the “little things” in life. And more delighted! Love your dragonfly photos—I always think of them as flying jewels and enjoy photographing them. Very cool barbed wire fence, too!

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    • Love those mushroom photos. With all the posts and images you share via your travels, I don’t think I could come up with a theme you couldn’t match. Nice job!


  7. I love your close up shots, Ingrid! So exciting when you capture a cool difficult shot and can go “YES”! Or using burst you get a shot like your yoga duck. lol Photography is endless fun. I have been a photographer since I was 7 or 8. My grandfather had a black & white darkroom in the 50s. Unfortunately he died when I was 9. He published a lot of his nature and people photography. I had a Minolta SRT102 and did b&w and Cibachrome darkroom prints in the 70s. Still have a stack of my favorites. I never really thought about seeing more detail than most everyone else. I guess I just do. When I led hikes as a girl scout leader and as an El Paso County Parks docent in the 90s I was always pointing out details to my charges. Right now my Nikon battery needs to be replaced. It gave up after 15 years. So I’m relegated to just taking cell phone photos until I replace the battery. But it’s still a camera!!

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    • Thanks Kathy. Wow, I’d say you’ve gotten your moneys worth from that Nikon. Hopefully you and I will bump into each other one day so we can shoot together… always an entertaining and enlightening experience, but new battery first 😁


      • That would be fun to go on a photography play date, Ingrid. Like you, I rarely leave the house without a camera, even if it is just the one on my phone. And out here, I’m constantly running outside to take sky photos! Especially at sunset.


        • I’m sure you get some beautiful sunsets from your new property. We had some lovely ones from our acreage in Pueblo West. Unfortunately, I was working so much at the time, that I didn’t always appreciate the beautiful view.


  8. Taking photographs has absolutely made me more observant, which allows me to stay very much in the moment. Hiking with my friend Terry in Utah is a whole different thing though because he, like you, notices TONS of small things and details. It’s a real joy to explore an area with him (unless we have 15 miles left, ahem ;)). Anyway, I love all your detail shots and your closeups, more so because I can’t really do those with my phone! Your photos are beautiful as always.


    • Thank you Meghan. I almost always have one of my cameras on me at all times. I hate using my iPhone 5 and don’t like the idea of upgrading it. Guess I’m stuck in an ‘old school’ mentality and have no interest in using the phone for pics or maybe I have a fear of using the phone and falling further into social media with IG or tweeting 🤣


  9. Loved the spiders web and the barbed wire really caught my eye too. Who’d have thought that barbed wire was photogenic? Ingrid, that’s who! As I keep telling you, you have a great eye for photography. BTW, I have chicken marinating in the fridge right now . It’s in your Citrus Rum recipe. Can’t wait to taste it.

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  10. Love all these captures! You have an eye 👁!

    It truly is amazing when I am walking with someone how I may slow down to point out what I see and they may not.

    I just got back from Canada with my sister and gal pals. I had no idea what the prompt was. I will put a post together later today.

    Have a beautiful week!


  11. All the shots are fantastic Ingrid, on the one hand because of the motives and on the other hand because of the technique: fabulous!
    Have a wonderful day,


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