Wandering Wednesday – Water

With temperatures heating up and an abundance of sunshine gracing the skies, it’s time to hit the water. I love hanging around a picturesque lake or soft sandy ocean beach. I’m not the greatest swimmer, but I do enjoy and embrace all kinds of boating. You’ll even see me jump at the chance to float down a meandering river on an inner tube … throw in some tiny rapids, and the ten year old within me will emerge complete with giggles and screams.

Oh yeah, I never tire of the sight of a beautiful body of water!

reflection at the Grand Tetons Wyoming
Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Considering nearly 40% of the United States population live in coastal counties, counties directly on the shoreline, I’d say I’m not alone in my passion for water.

Jackson Lake Grand Tetons Wyoming
Jackson Lake – Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Photo inspiration

For this weeks photo inspiration … theme … challenge (whatever we want to call it) I’ve chosen WATER. Let’s share some favorite water images.

Lake Havasu Arizona sunset
sunset over Lake Havasu, Arizona
San Diego cruise ship pulling into port
San Diego – cruise ship pulling into port

From my archives

Digging through my archives I came across a couple of old photos that brought back fond memories ….

Boundary Waters Canoe Area northern Minnesota Canoe trip
Canoeing – Boundary Waters Canoe Area – northern Minnesota

We loved our canoe trips to northern Minnesota …. especially to Gunflint Lake which is located north of the town of Grand Marais and Lake Superior. I wish the quality of this photograph was better. If you look close, our 2 year old daughter is sitting between my legs while our 4 year old son sits in the center of the canoe. The white blob behind our son is our first Brittany Spaniel dog, Dallas … great dog who loved these adventures.

We started these camping / canoeing vacations to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area years before we had children. Once the children arrived, they added another element and joy to our adventures and never stopped us from embarking on these excursions.

open bow boat
I loved this little boat – so many fun times spent out on the water. Me driving while Bear sits behind me.
Horsetooth reservoir Fort Collins Colorado
I’m not sure who enjoyed the boat rides more – Bear or me!

Share and connect …

Feel free to join in – comment and share your “water” photos!

Upcoming prompts to keep in mind …

  • Next Wednesday – Flowers
  • the following Wednesday – Patriotic (think fireworks, picnic, flags, etc)
  • then – Food
Lake Powell
Lake Powell

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68 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Water

  1. love the old photos, they remind us of where we have been and who we are and gives our friends and followers a glimpse of our past and the way things used to be….. excellent !


    1. It’s always fun going down memory lane. I only scanned a small fraction of photographs before hitting the road full-time – wish I had scanned more. Oh well, one day we’ll get all our stuff out of storage and I’ll once again have access to all my photo albums.


  2. Usually I come up with a favorite photo in each of your posts pretty quickly. Not so today – it was just too hard to choose! But the one of Bear up front on your bowrider strikes a particular chord. When Alan and I had our first boat, we had two dogs, one of which was a Siberian Husky, Kate, who would ride up front surveying her kingdom like Bear. Such fun memories! It’s funny, Ingrid, the more posts of yours that I read, the more I think our families are pretty similar in nature. Our Minnesota travels were only a few years back though, and we truly enjoyed exploring the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


    1. I do love that photo of Bear. He was such a great dog that I continue to miss, but so many wonderful memories.
      Hopefully one day we’ll bump into each other and compare notes …. always fun 😃


  3. Love the sunset over Lake Havasu, Arizona…the sky is beautiful. We’ve always enjoyed being near the water and have had four homes directly on the water. Our present home in Vero Beach is a mile away from the river and just a couple more miles away from the beach.


    1. Although Arizona does have lakes, they aren’t the same as back east and there are times I truly miss those bodies of water. However, the desert does provide the best sunsets anywhere and Lake Havasu rarely disappoints on that front.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The water is a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day – it;s always several degrees cooler on our dock than up at the house. We were planning a boat ride today but cancelled due to rain which we sure need.


    1. It was always a dream of ours to own Lake Front property, but life took us in another direction and once we moved out west, lake front property was no longer an option. Most lakes in the west are reservoirs and thus no houses are built near the water. As many times as we’ve thought about looking for a place on the water east of the Rockies, our hearts are in the west. Sometimes, ya gotta pick your poison! 🤣 Enjoy your boat rides this summer!


  5. Beautiful shots, as always. The one with the cruise ship is pretty special! What time of the year did you take the photos at the Tetons? So picturesque; I can’t wait to visit there.

    I have thousands of water-related photos from our eight-year sailing journey. I wouldn’t know which ones to pick for this challenge. And, unfortunately, I am too busy back in Belgium to join. As it is, I’m already a day behind with my own blog. 🙂


    1. We visited the Tetons once in early June and again in early July in ’16. I definitely preferred June. The yellow daisy’s were in full bloom and crowds were a lot less.
      Belgium? Oh do enjoy your time there and hopefully you’ll share some photos – have fun!

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    1. Yes, that is a favorite photo. I just wish it was better quality. We loved that canoe and owned it for nearly 20 years. We had to sell when we went full-time 😥 Hope you enjoy that kayak!


  6. My favorite is your first photo, love the water and the mountain! We too have spent a lot of time in the boundary waters I fondly recall paddling across calm lakes, fishing for lake trout and walleye and portaging from lake to lake. I not so fondly recall mosquitoes and trying to paddle across rougher waters!


    1. Oh I can relate. June was the worst for mosquitoes and paddling in white caps was no joy, but we loved our time in the northwoods. Fresh walleye and blueberry pancakes … yum! While blueberry picking, our dog would run around with a little cow bell on her collar – that way we always knew where she was plus we never had to fight a black bear for berries 🤣


  7. Everyone seems to love the water. We had this conversation just last night, as we have looked at the cost of property here and it’s way high if you are right on the river. But what a great place that would be. We have had our share of water this week, cool and rainy, and even a few heavy hail storms.
    This page has lots of water images, and I can’t possibly pick a favorite. https://maryhonephotography.com/majestic-mountains/


    1. You definitely have some beautiful images there. The Tetons are so stunningly beautiful. I can see why you love it there. Yeah, unfortunately property near water is always a budget buster. At least with our home on wheels, we get to live near water from time to time and savor the view while it lasts.


  8. Beautiful post sugar pie! Love that first picture!

    I participated too! I waited until you posted so I could link up with you. That was fun! See you next Wednesday girlfriend in the virtual reader of WordPress!


  9. Wonderful to receive this water presentation, Ingrid–a few of America’s stunning lakes, photos with such crispness and beauty. Also enjoyed dipping into the past, seeing the many ways you have adventured in water. And Bear looking out from the bow of the motorboat is really adorable.


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