A Solo Stroll

The monsoon season has officially arrived here in Prescott, Arizona. It’s curtailed my hiking and explorations somewhat, especially when there’s lightening present. But the drama in the sky is luring. The other afternoon I ventured out with no real plan in mind. With camera in hand, I thought I’d swing by one of my favorite spots in Prescott, Arizona … Watson Lake.

Watson Lake Prescott Arizona

It was late in the afternoon with ominous clouds looming. The park was relatively empty. I began aimlessly strolling down one trail and then down another. I was alone, but I was never really alone.

The quiet solitude allowed me to take in the sights and sounds around me. I was in my element, and if it hadn’t been for the severe storm, I could have stayed until nightfall. The highlight of my day was coming across a bobcat in the middle of the trail. She was on the hunt and very focused. She knew I was there, but could’ve cared less. She glanced at me once and immediately returned to focusing on her prey.


108 mm – What a rare treat to come across this beautiful bobcat. She was in the middle of the trail and wasn’t about to move. She was intent on her hunt and very focused.

I waited and watched this elegant cat for awhile. However, she obviously exuded more patience than moi, and I soon found myself walking in another direction. I hadn’t ventured far when I heard her success. Tweetie bird’s beautiful chirping was halted in mid chirp along with some serious rustling of the bushes. I quickly swung back to the previous trail where I had spotted her, but saw no signs of the majestic cat. Although, I knew to keep a very safe distance, and didn’t walk past my original spot where I photographed her.Β  Ah, the circle of life!

A collage of what I saw along the trail that fine day illustrating I was never alone ……

Fingers crossed the storms aren’t too severe this afternoon and I can head back over to Watson Lake and visit with the locals while getting in some trail hiking. In lieu of exercise, I’ll settle for more shutter clicks 😁

Update – Oops in my exuberance to share these photos, I failed to do my homework on the cat I encountered along the trail. Because of the ears, I assumed it was a Lynx when in reality I believe it’s a bobcat. Thanks Laurel for pointing that out 😏

This post was written in response to the WordPress photo challenge = collage

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  2. Another set of absolutely wonderful images!!! That first one with the rainbow and kayaks is super!
    And of course the bobcat – what a great opportunity! Also really like the heron about to land on that rock.

  3. Thanks for taking me along on your beautiful day. The Bobcat was definitely a highlight! Great pictures, Ingrid! Sharon & David (TwoLanesofFreedom.com)

  4. You never know what might be around the next bend or over the next hill — how awesome it is you could be quick with your camera and still get such that amazing shot of the bobcat!! I would have been so excited the image would have been a blurry mess. And that’s just one of all those gorgeous shots from that day. A solo stroll that wasn’t so solo πŸ™‚

    • I took about a dozen shots of the bobcat and only a couple weren’t blurry. I wanted to hang around a little longer to capture a few more shots, but my logic took over and I think it was wise I moved on. Life’s an adventure and I live for these encounters ☺

    • Thanks Meghan. It was an awesome encounter with the bobcat and I’m so glad I managed to capture at least one decent shot of her.

  5. It is a treat to see a bobcat and posed for you. I was told not to approach it when I too saw one in my solo stroll. The first pic is perfection! I just noticed that there was a rainbow in the photo. So far the monsoon brought down the temps a bit and I get to see dramatic clouds rolling in. Rains and thunderstorm is now a daily occurrence in the evening. Betsy and the car are once more clean.

    • The monsoon has been bringing about some interesting skies lately but since my camera isn’t weather sealed, I’ve been hesitant to venture out much. There was a bobcat attack in Anthem yesterday, thus so glad I decided to back away and move in another direction…. after a few photos of course πŸ˜„

  6. A great collage of wildlife, Ingrid. It must have been thrilling to encounter the bobcat and to be able to observe her for a while.

  7. Such an amazing encounter, Ingrid! I love to be out in nature on my own (and with a camera) and look forward to doing that again in the future. Some of those storm clouds might produce a scenic spectacle soon!

    • Normally I would not have been out with the camera considering there was lightening, but there were about four other photographers milling about and my logic was pushed aside. Luckily I managed to photograph the cat before the storms rolled in and on a trail where I was by myself.

  8. What a wonderful opportunity! We’ve never photographed a bobcat in the wild. But it’s on my wish list. :-)) Love your beautiful photo collage.

    • Thanks Laurel and thank you for enlightening me … I should’ve Googled the cat before sending out the post. Bobcat indeed 😌

    • I do enjoy being near water and when it comes time to decide on a ‘home base’, it’ll be important to be somewhat near a lake or two. I love the small lakes around Prescott.

  9. I’m sure you’re tired of my constant awe of your photography, but that scene of Watson Lake with the rainbow and the two kayaks was just breathtaking. Not to mention the lynx…here kitty kitty kitty. I hope it’s ok with you to share your photos on my blog (with proper photo credit, of course) They’re just too wonderful not to share!

    • No, I never tire of the compliments … bring’m on πŸ˜† I thought of you when I ran into the beautiful cat along the trail. Thanks for the share!

  10. I do love hiking around Watson Lake. It was also one of the few places we actually took the kayak out and had a wonderful paddle. The rock is magnificent and the varied patterns in the rock have me hiking very slowly. What a lucky day for you! That Lynx is beautiful! Wow! Love your opening photo!

    • Thanks Pam and I do remember your posts on the Prescott area including your kayak outing. I’m still trying to get in the longer hike at Willow Lake but the darn camera keeps me at a super slow pace. Two hours will pass and I’ve barely hiked a mile or two! No wonder Al sends me off alone πŸ˜€

  11. Interesting that I was just reading about America’s wild cats, including Lynx, last night. Sounds like you had a nice little stroll.

    • I should read up a little on the Lynx. I had a similar encounter in Texas a couple of years ago but was too slow with the camera.

  12. I am running out of words to describe how I feel when I see your photos. The first one looks like a gorgeous painting. I love the photo of the Lynx. What a wonderful find.
    Hope those storms are calm ones. Is that an oxymoron?

    • Awe thank you Marsha. That was such a great day of photo shooting that I’ve been itching to get back out for a repeat. We had a doozy of a storm yesterday and I’m so glad I decided to stay home at the last minute.

  13. You were so lucky to have come across and also get to photograph that lynx, something we have never seen in the wild.
    Monsoon season is in full swing here in CO, too. It was scary being caught out on the trail the other day in Estes Park. Guess we need to get a much earlier start!

    • The upside to the monsoon is it’s cooling things off. The downside – still not conducive to hiking ☹ In Colorado, it’s always best to be off the trails by 2:00 at the latest. Those summer storms seem to roll in most afternoons accompanied by lightening. Stay safe!

    • Yes, it was a good afternoon with the camera. Love when I don’t have high expectations and photo-ops just come together. Love this place!

    • I originally thought it was someone’s dog on the trail until I got a little closer and stopped dead in my tracks. Cool encounter and I was definitely the one that was uncomfortable. She couldn’t be bothered with me!

      • 😳🐾! We’re always on the lookout for bears or deer! Never would have thought about a lynx! Be careful out there alone!!!

    • It was interesting how the cat knew I was walking up the trail but wasn’t about to budge and she only looked at me once for a split second. I was thrilled I captured her face, but I also knew it was best for me to head in another direction and not make her feel threatened. Thus, I didn’t linger too long.

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