Galveston, Oh Galveston

Have you ever had a place or the name of a city in your head that you just had to visit?  Perhaps you’ve read a magazine article or seen photos of a location and decided right there and then, “I have got to visit that place”.  Or how about the lyrics of a song causing a sense of intrigue?Galveston Texas

Galveston oh GalvestonI was but a wee little lass back in 1969 when Glen Campbell sang one of his most famous songs;

Galveston, Oh Galveston ….. I still hear your sea waves crashing ……. Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun….. 

At Galveston, at Galveston

Although I was very young, I was old enough to have the catchy tune stick in my head.  I remember asking my mom, “What’s Galveston?”Galveston State park

So this past summer while basking in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, hubby and I were formulating our winter excursion.  Since our friends from Colorado wanted us to join them once again in Rockport, Texas during the month of January, we knew we’d be returning to the Texas Gulf Coast.seagull

IbisThat said, this was the perfect opportunity for us to visit a place I’ve been curious about for a super long time.

And Galveston has not disappointed.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and enjoying our stay very much…. well, the weather hasn’t always been cooperative, but those storms are soon forgotten once the sun returns.

Speaking of storms, Galveston has survived it’s fair share.  On September 8, 1900, Galveston island was struck by the United States’ deadliest natural disaster; a devastating Category 4 Hurricane with 145 mile per hour winds.

On September 13, 2008 a Category 2 hurricane struck with 110 mile per hour winds. In addition to excessive winds, Hurricane Ike caused extensive damage with a 22 foot storm surge and widespread coastal flooding.

Ashton Villa

there’s a plaque on the wall indicating the water level caused by Hurricane Ike

Ashton Villa

The above photos were taken at the visitor center located in downtown Galveston, Texas.  Throughout the city are little reminders of Ike’s devastation.The StrandMuch of the island has been rebuilt since 2008, but there are still some buildings that remain in a state of disrepair and serve as a constant reminder of the devastation Hurricane Ike caused.Galveston Island TexasNext up girls go wild, or rather bird crazy ….  in the mean time, I’ll keep humming Glen Campbell

Galveston, Oh Galveston…. I still
hear your sea waves crashing…..
At Galveston, at Galveston….
Pleasure Pier



48 thoughts on “Galveston, Oh Galveston

    • Yes, Dickens on the Strand….. we have the schedule printed out. Lucky you to have been able to enjoy Galveston for many years. I’m loving it 🙂

  1. Lived just up the coast when the song came out, visited there lots as a kid so the song has always resonated with me. Friends took there rig over the Bolivar Ferry and got to watch the dolphins. Wondering if a stop there is going to be on our radar as we head east. Yes you should check out Winslow AZ, neat RT 66 town and a few murals of the Eagles song Take it Easy.

    • We’re in Galveston for a few more days and yes we’re about an hour apart. Have you visited either of the wildlife refuges near Bolivar Peninsula? The weather isn’t being cooperative today so sounds like a good computer day 😉

  2. Ingrid! Nice visual story… people… scenes… signs… ahhh… Galveston… I am putting it on my list… and by the way… the first sunset shot is gorgeous.

    • LOL…. glad I could provide a catchy tune. Definitely put Galveston on the list. I wish we could’ve stayed at the State Park but it seems to book up on weekends.

    • Yes, we’ve had some great weather days only for the rains to return today. Ah, such is life along the coast. We’ll have plenty of time to dry out when we return to Arizona in February 🙂

  3. Ah, one of my favorite places to visit and fortunately, have done so many times, ever since I was a kid. I keep an old photo handy of me and my cousins, my favorite aunt and uncle and my grandmother on the beach at Galveston when I was very young, as it is one of my earliest trip memories. We have good friends that live just north of Galveston, and we’ve spent some great times in the area with them as well. Just love it there, but hurricane season is a whole different ordeal. Need to write my post Hurricane Ike story sometime. Started and quit because it was a bit hard to do. Glad you have enjoyed your time there!

    • We really, really like Galveston and would even consider buying a house on the island BUT it is an ‘island’ and subject to hurricanes. Thus, the house on wheels remains preferable. The photos of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula after hurricane Ike are heart breaking. I get to enjoy the beauty of the rebuild and restorations 🙂

      • I really need to write my post. It’s time. Drove the entire length of Bolivar about a year after Ike, and it has left a big impression on me ever since. No, I don’t think you want to live there except for your house on wheels, but I love it there, too. Sometimes the seaweed can be pretty bad there, though. Fall is one of the best times to be there, sans hurricanes.

        • They’ve been doing a great job of cleaning up the seaweed. While Googling Ike, I saw the devastation on Bolivar as it seemed to be hit the hardest by that hurricane. Decimated seems to sum it up!

    • The weather has been lovely this past week and we’ve actually looked at some houses, BUT there’s no way I could own a house in hurricane territory. The first week we were here, the rain and wind was enough to say ‘we’re outta here’. Wonderful place to visit and walk on the beach.

  4. An amazing history, and you know me, I just gotta get there to “channel it” someday. As for Winslow AZ…Ingrid I think you might be to young for that song. I’m thinking it may have been called “Take It Easy” by the Eagles…”It’s a girl my Lord, in a flat bed Ford, just tryin’ to get a look at me”..Hey, ask Al..He should remember that song too..A great one for sure…and yes, we HAVE been to Winslow!

    • I’m sure I was but a wee little lass when the Eagles sang that song 😉 Yes, the history in Galveston is pretty interesting. Ties in with everything in Goliad so I’m glad we stopped there first 🙂

  5. This wAs one of the many places we missed when Polly got sick on our TX trip a few years ago. Gotta go back and see this!

  6. Okay, now I have “Galveston” stuck in my head, too! We had reservations for Galveston SP in October 2008 and had to cancel because the park was closed by hurricane damage. So glad to see how well the town has recovered. It’s going back on our list of places to visit, thanks to your wonderful tour! By the way, you would enjoy a stop in Winslow, Ingrid. There’s lots to explore on this stretch of Route 66, including a mandatory stop on the street corner. (I blogged about it here if you want to take a peek:

    • Thanks for your link on Winslow. I think we’ve always been in a hurry to get to Phoenix or back to Colorado mode, that are only stops in Winslow were negative (get gas, grab a bite to eat, and overnight at the Walmart). We’ll reconsider a future stop. Too bad about hurricane Ike. It really did do a number on the place but it’s nice to see how it’s recovered and I do recommend a future stop 🙂

  7. Thanks, Ingrid, now I have that song in my mind:) This is a place I’ve wanted to see ever since I read Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larsen. If you haven’t read this book, give it a try. Since you’ve now been to Galveston, you will really be able to appreciate it. It is a page turner.

    • Thanks for the book recommendation. It is a catchy tune, isn’t it? This has been a fun place to call home for a month. I sure wouldn’t want to be here during Hurricane season though.

  8. Thanks for visiting and sharing – I moved away from the Gulf Coast in the late 80s and still miss the beach being an hour away. I remember Glen Campbell singing the song and somewhere I have the 45 and a couple of years ago I added it to my iTunes along with ‘Houston’ by Dean Martin…. Thanks for the trip down memory lane oh and BTW have you tried the Bolivar ferry? Have a great week and keep sending me warmth!

    • No, I haven’t gone over to Bolivar yet. I read about some good birding locations over there though. We’ll be doing the ferry thing again this year at Port Aransas. I think I could enjoy living here in Galveston, but the idea of a hurricane scares me too much. Thus, the home on wheels is perfect 🙂

  9. Ingrid, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s always a pleasure when the places are what we envisioned, or better. We enjoyed our visit to Galveston back in 2005. I wouldn’t mind going back again myself. Enjoy your time there.

    • From ’05 to now, I’m sure it looks different or at least a lot of the houses look newer. Hurricane Ike sure did a number on Galveston. “The Strand” looks recovered and restored. A lot of beautiful homes and buildings around here 🙂

  10. Oh wonderful! Hubby dearest and I are planning a trip from Panacea Florida to Corpus Christy along the coast for February. We did Panacea to New Orleans when we started our follow the Mississippi from mouth to source two years ago so we will do that part quickly. I forgot about Galveston. Now we will be sure to go.

    • You won’t regret a stop in Galveston. The state park (Galveston Island SP – we like the bayside) is a great place to stay. If you can’t get in (weekends book up) try Dellanera RV Park. We’re staying at Jamaica Beach RV Resort which is also nice. In a week we’re heading to Corpus Christi so stay tuned 🙂

    • Now I’m going to have to Google that. With as many times as we’ve driven through Winslow, we’ve never had reason to stop. That might change LOL!

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