Angular Galveston, Texas

As I was writing a  post in an attempt to get caught up with our travels, I’m distracted once again….. but in a good way by today’s Daily Post photo challenge.  The word ‘angular’ is perfect to share some of Galveston’s beautiful architecture.daily post

daily post photo challengeSince we arrived in Galveston, Texas 10 days ago, I’ve had the opportunity to walk around downtown Galveston a couple of times.  I’m in love with the beautifully restored Victorian homes.  Sure there are still signs here and there of a devastating hurricane that occurred in 2008 – hurricane Ike, but restorations are on going.photographyIn my short time in the area, I do believe I’ve fallen in love.  Galveston has so much to offer and hopefully I can convey all of it’s beauty in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned!Architecture Victorianarchitecure photography

photography architecture

hurricane Ike

the Great Dane dog sculpture was carved from a downed tree caused by hurricane Ike.  There are more tree sculptures located throughout the downtown area.  Talk about a great way of ‘repurposing’

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48 thoughts on “Angular Galveston, Texas

  1. Fabulous Victorian homes. We have never been to Galveston and don’t know when we will get back to Texas. But when we do, Galveston is on the list. 🙂

    • I really enjoy the diversity available here in Galveston and have moments where I think I could live here….. BUT….. the humidity does irritate me on some days. My heart belongs in a more arid, mountainous landscape, but Galveston is a fun place to visit 🙂

  2. Does look like some interesting architecture and pretty old homes. We’ve not been to the Texas coast but may need to swing thru there at some point

    • Yes, I’ve fallen in love with the Victorian architecture. San Francisco is on my ‘must see’ list. Hubby lived there many years ago, before moi. 🙂

  3. I had no idea that Galveston has such beautiful architecture! We bypassed it several years ago because the SP was closed by hurricane damage. Since then, we’ve always gone to Rockport (and Goose Island SP) instead. But it looks like we definitely need to give Galveston another chance. Looks like the weather has improved for you. (Hope so!)

    • We are very much enjoying our time in Galveston. The weather comes and goes but I won’t complain especially after seeing the photos from Buffalo NY…. yikes! You would love Galveston Island State Park (bayside where Mona Liza and Steve are staying) We weren’t able to book any weekend time there and thus we ended up in a private RV Park. Non the less, I highly recommend a stop in this beautiful historical town 🙂

      • I am convinced… I would love to see the buildings and architecture in this town. Sounds like we need a trip along the Gulf and continue along the Texas coast. Thanks for the photos and all the info!

  4. Beautiful homes…trying to catch up exactly where u are now? Somewhere in TEXAS! Think you are birding with Mona or BBQ with that wild pair, Dave and Faye! Sent you a FB friend request. Hey saw your Watsons Wanderings post, if your are interested in AL come see us, seems it’s on our road this year! 🙂

    • We’re in Galveston until Dec 9th then we’ll head over to Faye’s area. Pls resend the friend request. Long story but I was using the RV Park’s internet which keeps dropping. Next winter it’ll be AL or CA…. the weather this winter will help us decide 🙂

  5. Beautiful architecture through your lens! I did get to see these buildings years ago when we visit there. Love to go back… Beautiful images, Ingrid!

  6. Galveston sure is a beautiful place. Been many years since I was there, you have done a great job of showing the character of the place. The tree sculptures are really cool.

  7. Thank you sooo much for giving me the “gotta get to Galveston” bug!! We have always gone around it but never stayed near it.. Some of Den’s family had a home there, but they are long gone…LOVE those restored homes ..thanks for the tour!!!

    • You would love the Galveston Island State Park (bay side) … birds, birds, and more birds. Definitely do NOT skirt around Galveston next time. Our stay here is flying by 🙂

  8. Galveston is a very lovely town. Paul does chain saw carvings. Several people would call him to carve something in their tree that had blown over or had to be cut down. A special talent indeed.

    • Some of these chainsaw carvings were very cool, but my favorite was the Great Dane – it just makes me smile. And I agree; Galveston is a lovely town 🙂

    • Like you, I only knew about Galveston from the song and thus was always curious. I can see ourselves returning here as we are very much enjoying the area.

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