Justified Paranoia

After enjoying yet another gorgeous evening at Lake Pleasant, we hit the road last Sunday morning. Usually I’m excited on travel days because it means we’re off for new adventures, but last Sunday I was engulfed with a sense of paranoia. A feeling of what will go wrong this time.


Our last evening at Lake Pleasant

Once the wheels started rolling, I settled in and calmed down. However, several times I did ask Al, “Did you hear that?” or “Do you smell that?”  “Stop worrying, Ingrid”.

A little over an hour later, we pulled into our friend’s place in Apache Junction. Our travel day took us from the far northwest side of the Phoenix valley to the far southeast side of the valley in the town of Apache Junction.

Apache JunctionApache Junction is a favorite location amongst RVer’s.   There are more RV Parks than one can count as well as the ever popular Lost Dutchman State Park and Usery Regional Park can be found here.

And with the picturesque Superstition Mountain ever present in the background, what’s not to like about this area?

We find our friend’s place with ease and are met with open arms. They own a place with a double lot and the second lot has full hook-ups for us.  Yippee!  While Cheryl and I hug hello, with pointed finger John engages Al in a “what happened there?” discussion. Remember …. a week ago we had new waste lever valves installed?  That required pulling down the thermopan (belly cover).  Well, the reinstallation didn’t hold up thus the thermopan was dragging on the ground ….. grrr!  Looks like our stay with friends won’t be all socializing; it will also entail some repair work.

Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

However, we did manage to introduce John and Cheryl to the Organ Stop Pizza.  This is one of those must see places during any visit to Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s a one of a kind experience and the food is good as well.  Definitely worth a visit at least once.

And then I can’t forget to mention the lovely evening we managed to squeeze in with friends G & T.  Thanks guys for a great meal and wonderful company.

After a very busy but short stay in Apache Junction, it was time to get those wheels rolling.  In the past, we’ve always taken Interstate 10 toward Tucson then east toward Texas.  This time we wanted to try something different and took two lane Highway 60 east toward the town of Globe.

Apache Indian

Highway 70 near San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation

The raw scenic land continued as we picked up Highway 70 which meanders through the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.  The name Geronimo is most definitely associated with this territory.  You can click here for more info about the history or here for the Apache website.  While taking in the sights during our leisurely drive, hubby, the history major, briefed me on the atrocities that occurred around here; not exactly a proud moment for the white man.

New Mexico State Parks

Set up at Rockhound State Park, New Mexico

Finally, we picked up Interstate 10 in the town of Lordsburg, New Mexico.  It wasn’t too long after that, we arrived at our destination:  Rockhound State Park in Deming, New Mexico.  And although I do feel justified in feeling paranoid about something going wrong with the truck or the RV, I’m pleased to say after a 4 1/2 hour drive we made it to Deming without incident.  Knock on wood Murphy has been left behind.

FYI…. my studly MacGyver did a great job fixing the thermopan.  I don’t know what I’d do without him 😉  New Mexico

The John Wayne Signature Collection (Stagecoach / The Searchers / Rio Bravo / The Cowboys)
Moon New Mexico (Moon Handbooks)



59 thoughts on “Justified Paranoia

  1. You’re smart to pay attention to those gut feelings, Ingrid. Luckily, this one didn’t involve a major repair nor loss of time. On the other hand, staying an extra day at Lake Pleasant wouldn’t have been too bad. 😉

  2. We had the best time with our nephew and niece at Organ Pipe. Pizza isn’t the best we have ever had but the entertainment is super.

    Glad the fix was an easy one. Enjoy NM!

  3. We really like Rockhound SP and have stayed there several times. Don’t know if you had time to hike while you were there, but the loop around the campground is a short but pretty hike, and there’s great hiking in nearby Spring Canyon. We don’t collect rocks, tempting as it is. We figure it’s not a viable hobby for full-time RVing. 😉

    • Tomorrows post talks about that trail. I hiked it a couple of times and found it very enjoyable. I don’t collect rocks either….. for obvious reasons LOL. Made it to Texas today. The plan is to check out some TX State Parks this season. Currently at Balmorhea SP…. tomorrow Llano 🙂

      • Oh good — those are the parks we always stay in when we travel through that part of Texas — hope you enjoy them! Wish we were going to be joining you and MonaLiza and Steve in Rockport this year. We’re stuck on the west coast for dental work, but still having wonderful adventures!

  4. WOW I can relate. Hate that feeling. Glad to hear it was a ‘false warning’ or something like that. Keep hearing about Organ Stop Pizza, I will have to check that out, sounds like fun.

    • I know Wayne, you’ve had your fair share of adventure with the truck over heating, etc. This traveling gig ain’t all rainbows and unicorns, is it?
      Organ Stop Pizza; it’s a fun place to go and that coming from someone who isn’t a fan of organ music. It’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself. Next time through Phx do stop in.

    • Thanks Karen. We just left NM this morning and sitting in Texas. I will say NM is full of hidden gems. Repeatedly, we are pleasantly surprised with each new location we try. I think we’ll need to give NM a little more time for us to savor and explore. I’ll be sure and keep you posted when we’re in your neck of the woods 🙂

    • We’re heading to Galveston for a month then over to Mustang Island. Jan we’re back in Rockport and Feb is still undecided but most likely we’ll meander back to AZ. So it’ll be 3 months in Texas this season. I’m sure by the end of January we’ll be anxious to return to the desert to dry out from the humidity 🙂

      • We’ll be in Galveston for one week starting the 11/17 at Galveston Island State Park. Peg has family in Galveston and Houston. When we get there will have to see whether there would be time for a cuppa!

        • Absolutely. We’re staying at the Jamaica RV Park just to the south of the state park. I waited too long to make a res at state park so opted for a month long at the RV Park starting on the 9th. Look forward to meeting up 🙂

  5. Ingrid, so glad your repairs are taken care of and you were able to have a safe and uneventful travel day. It seems like every time we go on a trip my husband ends up making at least one minor repair that requires a trip to a hardware store.

    New Mexico is really a beautiful state. Enjoy your time there.

    • Between a little remodeling and repairs, I can’t count how many times we’ve visited Lowe’s or Home Depot over the past month. I’m just thankful hubby and I are both handy. And yes you are so right, New Mexico is indeed beautiful. I’m looking forward to exploring it more 🙂

  6. Oh I do hate it when something stops the adventure sounds a little familiar 😉 So glad it was fixed Ingrid ! Your first picture is beautifully serene .

  7. We also love Organ Stop Pizza – fun, entertaining and good food to boot! Sorry about the problem with the pan, glad Al could fix it. I’m assuming that was the stud muffin you were referring to.

    • Yes of course that was ‘stud muffin’. I’ll be sure and call him that tomorrow LOL. Where will you travel after the Escapade in Tucson?

  8. Loved all your photos, as always! We’ve never been to SE NM but have visited most all other areas, especially on the eastern side of the state. Will try to remember Roundrock State Park, if we ever make it that far in NM, as it looks nice there. Glad your hubby was able to fix that issue with the valves, and I feel the same way about having a handy man around that can fix so many things! Has saved us many times in many situations. I’m guessing you will not be heading up to the panhandle, but if you do, let me know!

    • Thanks and yep, hubby’s MacGyver capabilities have saved us many a time. Rockhound SP is definitely a place we’ll return to. I’m not sure I’d make it a destination but a travel by is perfect. We won’t be traveling north of Interstate 10 this year, but when we do, I’ll be sure and let you know 🙂

  9. New Mexico..land of enchantment..We had a great stay at Poncho Villa State Park in the “town” of Columbus..It is South of I-10 and we were there in March during Panco Villa Days..If you ever get the chance go there…History is running rampant about General George Patton and Pancho Villa..Apparently Poncho shot up the little town pretty good..AND..just a short walk across the border to Palomas and you can visit The Pink Store…strolling mariachis and margaritas…Google it..

    • Ah, yet another place to check out. We have a reservation at Goliad this weekend per your recommendation. Donna feel free to email me with any helpful tidbits about Goliad or Victoria.
      NM is truly a hidden gem that I don’t think gets fair recognition.

  10. glad to hear you had no more events, ingrid! just arrived here in the east valleys with my wonderful view of the superstitions,( and temperatures still in the 90’s). have travelled that route down to texas through NM- enjoy, and keep those lovely posts coming. anne

      • this the time of year i have total ME time. i come on my own and indulge myself in healthy living and selfish activities (before the manic christmas cake charity sale when i return). aren’t i a lucky girl? i know what you mean about paranoia on trip, though. we have been caught out in NM before, with no cell phone reception! isolation has a price 🙂

  11. Praise the heavens….he came through again!! Lovely view of your drive….New Mexico is one huge must on my list.

    We got moved out with new rig, settled in old park in Gulf Shores, one day at beach and now diesel won’t start and blowing black smoke. Tow on Monday to someone honest we hope and a minor fix….I’m telling you, 2014 is cursed!! Glad we can bike to grocery!!

  12. Your first photo was terrific. Love the cropping, showing the clouds only in the reflection. If you didn’t crop it – bravo for framing it so beautifully.

    If you get a chance, and haven’t camped there before, check out City of Rocks SP. You’re in the general area while at Rockhound.. The rustic campground there was one of the most wonderful spots ever to camp.

    Safe travels.

    • Thank you Judy and I did crop down that first photo just a tad. We stayed at City of Rocks SP last year and were tempted to again – love it, but opted to try something new plus wanted to be closer to the interstate. Both state parks are equally enjoyable in very different ways. Hmm, which one will win on our return trip?

  13. I absolutely LOVE that part of the country and you captured it so , so beautifully.
    Glad the repair issue didn’t have you stranded roadside!
    P.s that “shadow” photo needs a frame…very precious!

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