Dale Chihuly in Denver

As I continued to do more and more research on things to see and do in Denver, Colorado, I came across the Denver Botanic Garden  website and realized they were featuring a Chihuly exhibit.Chihully in Denver

You can’t imagine how excited I became upon this discovery.  When we were in Phoenix this past winter, I had every intention of visiting the Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  However, my body due to illness had other plans and thus I had to forgo the exhibition.Denver Botanic GardenSo here I am, months later sitting in Denver, and I get to see first hand this gifted artists’ creations. Chihuly blown glass

I was shocked by how many pieces of blown glass were strategically placed throughout the gardens.  The Denver Botanic Garden in and of itself is worth a visit and then add to it the Chihuly blown glass exhibit and this becomes a must see.Chihuly blown glass

Ah, but to entice you further….. the first Monday of the month is free admittance day to the Denver Botanic Garden.  Chihuly, flowers, and free?   Yes, I was one happy camper 🙂Denver Botanic Garden

It’s obvious to me that Mr. Chihuly modeled the below glass sculptures after me and my curly hair.  Amazing likeness!Chihully in Denver Colorado

Chihully in Denver ColoradoI enjoyed myself so much that I may need to revisit and won’t even mind paying an admittance fee….. it is most definitely worth it.flowers and bees

I leave you with a few more photos of my day.  You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many photos….. eh!Denver Botanic GardenDenver Botanic GardenChihuly glass blowing
Denver Botanic Garden
gardening and art in Denver Colorado
Denver Botanic Garden

Chihuly 2015 Wall Calendar
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75 thoughts on “Dale Chihuly in Denver

  1. Ingrid, I can relate to your excitement. I got introduced to Chihuly first at the Glass Museum in Tacoma WA and admired his exquisite work.
    I liked the blue ones by the water they looked like Great blue herons to me.
    Love all your flower captures as well, very professional.

    • Aw thank you ML, what a nice compliment. Chihuly’s work really is exquisite but the flowers were amazing. You’d love this place with or without the artwork.

  2. HELLO! I have been offline for a long while… and now I am catching up with you. Love Chihuly! I saw him in Phoenix when his display was there! Beautiful pictures, Ingrid!!

  3. Lovely post! Chihuly ist amazing. I saw his work in a very special botanical garden in Miami years ago.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Ingrid!
    Love, Dina

    • Thank you and yes Chihuly’s works of art are incredible. Glad you got a chance to see an exhibit first hand. Photos don’t seem to do it justice.

    • You’ll be pleased you did. The garden is loaded with flowers and beautiful even without the Chihuly artwork; add in Chihuly, and it’s quite the scenery. Enjoy 🙂

  4. I have always loved Chihuly’s work and you have captured it so beautifully Ingrid. You should definitely visit the Desert Botanical Garden the next time you are in the Phoenix area. It is especially beautiful during the Christmas holiday. Gorgeous photos! 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn. I have been to the Desert Botanical Garden before but not with a Chihuly Exhibit. This Dec. we’re hoping to be in TX. We’ll see 🙂

  5. Free admission, how lucky can you get! The botanical gardens here charged extra when they featured a Chihuly exhibition. But, his work was worth paying extra to see, so glad that you were able to catch this one since you missed it before.

    • I was impressed that Denver wasn’t charging extra for the Chihuly exhibit. In Phoenix they charged extra for the night showing. it was nice being able to view on a freebie day and know that a second visit would be worth the admittance.

  6. Oh, lucky you!! We’ve twice missed Chihuly exhibits — most recently in Phoenix, when it got too hot and we had to bypass the city in May. So I’m delighted to see your gorgeous photos of the Denver exhibit. Beautiful flowers, beautiful glass. Thank you, Ingrid!

    • Thank you Laurel. It was a warm day in Denver too but not as hot as Phoenix so totally understand forgoing the visit. One day the timing will work for you 🙂

  7. As you probably know, an epic rain/hail event occurred in Denver and slowed our progress to the exhibit. By the time the skies cleared it was 2:30…..the gardens were closing at 3:00 for a special event. We managed to see most of the
    glass installations, but were soooo out of breath! We’ll have to come back to tour the gardens next year. I’ll do a blog post when we get home.

    Enjoy your kids, it was great meeting you both.

    • We were at the Rockies game which was postponed due to that storm. Sorry you didn’t get to stroll the garden leisurely. Hopefully the Chihully exhibit will return next summer.
      It was wonderful meeting you as well. The time seemed to fly by. We’ll need to arrange cocktails around the RV’s 🙂

    • I’m guessing they take the glass and put it on tour around the country. It was prettier than I expected and I may need to see it at night all lite up like you did 🙂

    • I love taking advantage of freebie days. It allows me the opportunity to scope things out without needing to pay. Thus, I can determine if it’s worth the price ‘to me’ to revisit. The glass artwork is really quite amazing and worth the fee of admittance to see.

    • You are so right Donna. My photos don’t do justice to the fascinating artwork – better in person. If you ever get a chance to see an exhibit, I highly recommend 🙂

  8. Mr. Craves would have to drop me off and leave me for hours to explore and take in the art and the gardens – ha! So COOL!!! Thanks so much for sharing – love arm chair traveling with you 🙂 Happy Thursday.

    • Thanks Renee. Let me tell you, 2 hours zipped by before I realized what time it was. I didn’t even mind the heavy crowd which happens on freebie day 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness….has there ever been anything more beautiful?! Each sculpture is so perfectly in tune with the surroundings yet wildly dramatic at the same time. That’s not easy to pull off!

    • What I found interesting; some of the art seemed to blend and some contrast. It really is an amazing display that needs to be seen in person. As a gardener, you would love the Denver Botanic Garden and the Chihuly exhibit just added a layer of spice to it.

  10. Thank you for this lovely tour. I had heard about this exhibit, but it is a pleasure to view your photos. I have been to the Seattle Chihuly museum, which also has a garden. What an innovative and extraordinary way to highlight glass! Great photos! 🙂

    • Thanks Jet. Who would have ever thought displaying blown glass in a garden would look so extraordinary? I’m so glad I made it to the exhibit. It was so much prettier in person and fascinating.

    • Thank you. It’s been fun exploring the area in a leisurely fashion. I’ve been discovering some hidden gems and finely understand why daughter has no interest in moving. Next week we move to Rocky Mtn NP for a week…. can’t wait 🙂

  11. Gorgeous! I also missed this exhibit while we in Phoenix over the winter. Since we’re going to be in the Denver area next week, I am going to try my best to see it this time around! By they way, I am not sure where you’re staying, but we’ll be at the Bear Creek Lake CG in Lakewood all next week and would love to get together if possible.

    • I highly recommend the visit. The Chihuly exhibit is fascinating but the gardens themselves are very pretty.
      We would love to get together. I sent you an email.

    • Thank you Lisa. It really is one of those things you need to see in person to really grasp the details and talent. My photos don’t even begin to capture the amazing artwork. Some of the pieces are mind boggling 🙂

  12. great photos, as always. Chiluly’s blown glass is beautiful saw an exhibit in Grand Rapids several years ago and it was amazing. The glass and flowers work are a natural together – get back again! Enjoy.

    • I do think I’ll need to return. The crowds were a bit overwhelming that day – freebie day. So I can’t wait to return when fewer people are around and take it all in again. So, so pretty 🙂

  13. I have a real thing with blown glass of any kind. This exhibit is very exciting. Now I just have to get there to see it! We lived close enough to Corning Glass Works and visited several times to watch all the glass blowing. I love that they included your hair design:)

    • We watched a glass blower in Jerome, AZ. After seeing that, I have a better understanding what it takes to work with the glass. Thus, I was blown away by some of Chihuly’s artwork…. mind boggling as to HOW he created some of the pieces.

  14. Oh that is just beautiful, and your photos are wonderful! I would love to see that, too! Thanks for all of your Denver tour guide posts, as I hope to take advantage of them next year sometime! 🙂

    • I finally made it to Mt. Evans today with the family. This is definitely a fav of mine but the drive is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been having so much fun discovering this area of Colorado. By the time I head south and catch up with posts, you should have plenty of ideas for your family vacation next summer 🙂

  15. Beautiful! So glad you were able to see it in Denver after missing here. The fates were with you! One can never have too many flower pictures. That’s my excuse for the hundreds of times I make Greg stop on hikes and drives so I can take my flower pics. LOL

    • I’m with you; never too many flowers. Hubby occasionally gets impatience with all my stopping while out hiking. I’m very glad I went to see the Botanic Garden here in Denver. It is exquisite 🙂

  16. I saw some blogs that featured the exhibit when it was in Phoenix. I am delights you have taken me to Denver to see it. Love these images so much as well as the additional flower captures. So pretty.

  17. Oh my gosh, I would have gone nuts in that place. Beauty, beauty, beauty all around. Thanks so much for posting so many gorgeous photos. I am officially jealous!

    • Ah, but the garden is still stunningly beautiful…. at least at this time of year – flowers in all directions – enough to make a gal swoon 🙂

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