Pure Colorado

Colorado wildflowersAhhhh…… pure Colorado …… the grill was sizzling with a couple of steaks,  the azure blue sky was touched with tuffs of white fluffy clouds, the grassy meadow was covered in yellow wildflowers, the air was crisp, clean, with just a hint of a campfire wafting in the air.

Ah yes, perfect!  Well, not quite …. if only those darn little planes buzzing overhead would stop then life would have been perfect.  What happened to my quiet, remote solitude?Air show in ColoradoWe were camped at Lowry Campground in the White River National Forest near Keystone, Colorado at an elevation of about 9,400 feet and everything but that annoying aircraft noise was perfect.Dillon Air show

Hubby was relaxing in a chair outside and was more curious than annoyed by the little aircrafts dipping, climbing, and zooming back and forth. He was quick to determine these guys were practicing.  Practicing for what, he wasn’t sure until another observing neighbor informed him of an impending air show.Dillon air showThe Dillon Air Show was to be a small air show held near the Lake Dillon Marina.  There was no fee.  Basically it was pick a place on the grass in the park to sit and watch the planes.  Sounded like an event right up our alley especially once we knew biplanes would be involved. It’s been thirty years since hubby and I last attended an air show.  Thus, we were quick to add it to our next days agenda.Dillon Colorado Air showHubby has never regretted walking away from a career as a commercial Airline Pilot.  He found the job to be somewhat boring, especially after the type of flying he did in the Navy.  Now that…… his Navy days, he’ll talk about with a level of excitement.  The mere sight of a biplane brings about that same kind of exuberance and excitement.  His face will light up with delight.biplanes Dillon air showBiplanes Dillon air show

We attended the air show the following day.  As the biplanes started their maneuvers, Al was quick to explain the stunts and what a ‘scream’ this kind of flying is.  He could practically narrate what the pilots next move would be.  I heard repeated comments from hubby; “I’d love to get in one of those again”…. “Could I talk you into going up in a biplane?”  NO …..  “Gosh, if I ever bought a plane, it’d be a biplane”.  “Can we get one?  Huh, huh, pretty please?”  NO …..  “But why?”  Because we can’t pull it behind the RV!  Envision a dejected expression and frown …. however, that didn’t last long.  That big smile was quick to return as the pilots performed their next stunt.lake dillon air showThe whole time these biplanes were performing, hubby had a smile from ear to ear that didn’t end until long after the air show ended.  95% of the time if you ask Al if he misses aviation, he’ll answer “no”, but if you ask him if he misses this kind of flying ….. stunts?  He’ll respond with a resounding, “yes”!Dillon Colorado biplane air showThe air show was short and simple, but entertaining none the less.  It was held among some beautiful Colorado scenery over Lake Dillon.Lake Dillon Marina air show

FoxWe loved our stay in this area very much.  At camp, we felt like we were hundreds of miles away from civilization and yet everything we could possible need was within a 15-20 minute drive.

The towns of Dillon and Frisco offer plenty of grocery shopping possibilities including a Whole Foods and a Walmart.  The town of Silverthorn boasts an outlet mall and a Target.  The ever quaint Breckenridge is just a short drive down Highway 9 with plenty of small shops and restaurants.

There are plenty of hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, condos, vacation rentals, and even a high-end RV Park to call home during any stay.  Yep, I’d say Summit County Colorado is a great vacation destination year round.

I believe we’ve stumbled upon yet another favorite location loaded with the opportunity to explore or relax….. the perfect combination ….. ahhh, this is what Colorado living is all about.chipmonk


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  1. Have never been to an air show but it’s on our bucket list. Miss the west be it the mountains or the desert, nothing like the big blues sky, looks like you’ve been enjoying some new places in CO.

  2. Love the pics! I just can’t wait to get back to Colorado. We’ve been entertaining the grandkids this week, so I’m just now catching up on my reading. Enjoyed your post!

  3. Wonderful photos Ingrid. The planes and their maneuvers are stunning and tricky to capture, I bet! 🙂 Great job. I also appreciate your recommendation for the sunscreen because sun poisoning is a challenge for me too. All the best, Terri

    • It took a lot of snapping to get a few good shots. That delete button got a good workout LOL. I’ve been using the CeraVe moisturizer for a couple of years and love that it. The sunscreen has zinc oxide in it which isn’t the easiest to blend but it’s a total block which allows me to enjoy the outdoors without concern. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thanks Wayne. Dillon Lake isn’t too far away from Grand Lake. Could be another day adventure in your future. Hey, and don’t pass up a go on the Alpine Slide in Winter Park.

        • We’re booked at the Westminster Elks until the 8th and then we might head over to the Boulder Elks for a couple of weeks then back to Westminster. Our son from Phx is flying in in early Aug. Time with our children is important and treasured 🙂 I would love to make it to Grand Lake though…..

    • Thanks Jean…..This air show was fun….short and sweet. That and the scenery is perhaps why I enjoyed it so much. No need to attend another for awhile, but we won’t tell hubby 😉

  4. Weren’t you wishing for a Class A? Maybe there’s a deal to be made including a biplane. Interesting comment from your daughter about the sky; I think about the western skies constantly when I’m awake at night. Your photos are a comforting fix.

    • The skies in the west are definitely different from that back east. I’m pretty sure the crisp and clear sky is due to a lack of humidity, which my curly hair appreciates as well lol. Ah, no more talks of biplanes allowed around our household 🙂

  5. Your photos are breathtaking Ingrid! I have so enjoyed your Colorado posts. Makes me think we should rethink our plans so we can spend some serious time in Colorado.

    • Thanks LuAnn. Are you considering a trip up Hwy 1 to Alaska? We keep toying with that idea but have put in on the back burner for now with my dad in mind. Colorado is a one day drive away (a very long day) from Chicago.

      • Yes we are. We are looking at next year or the year after that. I know what you mean about parent health issues. That is always the issue when thinking about a trip as far away as Alaska.

        • Yep, it’s not as if you can turn around easily and head back to the Midwest. Thus, we’ll meander around the lower 48 in the event of that emergency phone call 🙂

  6. We’ve been thinking about what direction we’ll head when we leave Montana next month, and I think we’ve decided to head to towards Colorado. Loved our time there last year so looking forward to going back! And great tip on the sunscreen – I use the Cerave cleanser and moisturizer and love them – didn’t realize they made a sunscreen too! I usually use Neutrogena sunscreen but now I’m going to check out the Cerave!

    • I too use CeraVe moisturizer and love it. I discovered they made sunscreen via their website and was also able to print off a coupon. Just picked up my T3i yesterday. New toys….oh, what fun 🙂 Keep us posted on your CO whereabouts, maybe we’ll be somewhere close and can meet up.

  7. Glad you enjoyed; there are so many places to go in Colorado, which is why we have lived here and been traveling throughout since 2001! You never have to go back to the same place twice (unless you want to;).

    • We’ve lived in Colorado since the mid nineties and don’t think we’ll ever tire of explore this beautiful state. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  8. What a fun discovery to watch the stunt planes! You don’t get a much prettier backdrop for sure. Glad to read that Al had such a wonderful time.

    I love when we can find a park that feels like you are in the middle of nowhere but the civilization is close by. We must check out this area next summer.

    • I’m sure this would’ve been a show your son would love. Al was thrilled. This is a beautiful area that I know you guys would enjoy immensely. Also conveniently located to have Jessica fly in and join you for some fun.

      • I was thinking that Kevin might enjoy the show but he has a strange love of flight. He has never had any interest in military jets. He has only been passionate for commercial airlines!? His father has always said that instead of loving the race car, Kevin has only loved the Greyhound bus…haha! But after ten years of hating work daily, he is so happy with his life. He said even if he won the lottery, he would be a pilot for free. Good that he has found his passion.

        Yes, I am always on the look out for that near by airport with some outside activities near by. We need to keep those daughters in our plans for sure:)

    • Ah, but isn’t that the whole purpose…. a little upside down, straight up, straight down? Doesn’t sound fun to me but the hubby would adamantly disagree 🙂

  9. I love the backdrop to the air show.

    Who said you had to tow the plane. Why not throw it on top of the MH?

    • Now, now Marsha as if 12 feet isn’t high enough for underpasses LOL. It definitely was a beautiful backdrop for an air show and hubby cannot get an airplane 🙂

  10. Look at that BLUE sky! Had to be a thrill watching that.. Blue Angels floored me….this would even more so! Nice capture of that fox!!!!

    • Our daughter spent a semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. The first thing she said once we exited the airport and she looked skyward, “Ah, I missed you….my Colorado blue sky”. You should see it at night. The stars are so bright. Yes, I’d say you need to visit 🙂

  11. Den and I and our 3 kids went a couple times to the Oshkosh WI airshow…I think that’s where our son got the idea of joining the Navy…At that time, the Harrier Jump Jet was a brand new idea…amazing. I do prefer the Military Warbirds myself…Actually Dennis got his pilot’s license when he turned 40, and he and his nephew( now the head of aviation maintenance at Baxter) bought a Cessna 150 …We no longer have that…I bet Al loved watching those aerobatics over head…Den did love the time he was in his plane, even had plans to build an experimental plane…Thank God that never developed…I am a very NERVOUS flier…no likey.

    • I too am not a fan of flying and especially in little planes. Al doesn’t seem to miss flying until he sees the dare devil kind of stuff…..then he wishes he was in his twenties again doing these aerobatics. Ah, to be young again!

  12. How gorgeous! This is definitely a place we would enjoy spending a good chunk of time. The air show looks like fun — although I would not want to be in one of those planes while they are flying loop-de-loops — I would be beyond terrified.

    • Al was viewing with envy…..me, NOT. He misses this kind of flying. I too think you would enjoy this area every bit as much as we do 🙂

  13. I can imagine that Al was like a kid in a candy shop seeing those vintage planes performing stunts. There’s something about the older planes that seems to appeal to almost everyone.

    • Once the air show was over, we got to deal with blood curdling screaming kids running around the campground for hours. But pay back was a b*tch as we partied with our neighbor till midnight and the guys got a little loud with their jokes around the campfire 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!

  14. We passed through that area on our way from Buena Vista to Grand Lake last summer and I remember being all excited to see a Target after months without! Lovely area, all along the Rocky Mountains!

    • Didn’t you love the architecture of that Target….post and beam mountain style! Ah, Grand Lake another one of my Colorado favorites I hope to visit with the RV.

  15. Nice article. My brother used to live in Breckenridge for a decade and he talks about how much he misses Colorado. Soon we must venture north–hopefully by the end of July. The air show looks fun!

    • As much as we love our travels, Colorado always calls us back. I can understand why your brother misses it. The air show was a nice surprise bonus to our short stay in the area.

  16. Looks like the perfect way for ex-flying folks to spend some time and I can imagine how an ex-military pilot would want to be up there enjoying the thrill ALA Harmon Rabb (JAG TV show). We’ve been to the Denver area in our RV twice and both times made a day trip to Summit County. One year we came back to Denver via US-6 over Loveland Pass for some nice views.

    • I’ve only taken that route 6 once and may need to drive it again. Don’t you love how that temperature drops drastically at the summit of Loveland Pass? Hubby sure enjoyed watching those biplanes!

  17. What a gorgeous backdrop for an air show! Many years ago we were in San Francisco during a day when the Blue Angels were performing. Wow! It was amazing!!

    • We couldn’t have asked for a prettier backdrop for the air show. We used to live near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and entertaining fly byes were common. The coolest was one year for graduation a stealth bomber flew by.

  18. Love the tip on the sun screen – air shows are fun to see. Several year’s ago we arrived in Traverse City the day before the air show and were treated to the Blue Angel’s practice session – very impressive. A friend of ours flies for Delta and flew in the Navy and has similar feelings about flying. On the other hand, a bi-plane could be towed behind the RV… Where there is a will….hahaha

    • I have to be super careful regarding sun exposure so that sunscreen was a great find for me. Ok, I’M saying it CAN’T be towed if you catch my drift LOL. Sometimes watching the planes practice is even more fun than the actual show.

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