Dead Horse Point

The date had finally arrived.  It was April 10th.  With a child like excitement and exuberance, we hooked up the 5th wheel and readied everything for our twenty-minute drive up to Dead Horse Point State Park.  As excited as I was to head to a new campground, I was reluctant to bid farewell to our awesome boondocking site.

dry camping boondocking

boondocking near Moab, Utah. 360 degree views! Arches National Park can be seen in the distance on the left with snow capped La Sal mountains to the right.

I made a reservation (along with my brother) to camp at Dead Horse Point State Park a few months ago. Last fall when we visited the Moab area we stopped by Dead Horse Point State Park and did a quick drive through the campground.   I decided right then and there that I just had to stay at this state park sometime.

camping in Utah

One of the rare level sites….score!

During that exploratory drive, I made notes as to campsites we might fit into.  It’s because of campgrounds like this that when it came time to choose an RV, Al and I made a conscious decision to buy a RV that would not be too large and thus able to fit into some of these tighter campgrounds.  Let’s face it; size does matter!  If we had opposing slides or been much longer, we would not have fit so nicely into this site.camping in Utah

Most of the campsites at Dead Horse Point State Park are narrow and unlevel  requiring some extra maneuvering or inventive leveling.  The campground is also small with a mere 21 sites which book up quickly.  Each site has electric only.  Being located up on a mesa, water is not readily available.  There’s that precious commodity issue again…..water!

camping in Utah state park

A view from the west trail rim

Although there is an on-site dump station, there is no potable water to fill RV tanks. The restroom does have flush toilets, sinks for hand washing, but no shower facility.  The beauty of having scoped out this campground last fall was Al and I knew exactly what to expect and how to prepare.  So with waste tanks empty, water tank full, and our body’s scrubbed we embarked on our 5 day stay at Dead Horse Point State Park.

camping in Utah

my brother and sister-in-law fit nicely in the campsite across the street from us – site #1. Yep, that white stuff is snow and frost!

My brother and his wife joined us by camping in the campsite across from us.  Fortunately, my brother and I made reservations months ago for these sites.  It was great reconnecting and catching up on life.

camping in the snow

photo taken out of the RV rear window

camping in snowThe weather was perfect……well, almost perfect.  We had a snow day with cold blustery winds that kept us indoors most of the day.

A snow day was the perfect excuse to hang out with family, visit, and enjoy my homemade nachos.

So why was it so important for me to camp here at Dead Horse Point State Park?  The scenic views, of course….it’s all about the views.  And those views are easily accessed from the campground.  The visitor center is a quick walk from the campground and is filled with a wealth of information.  This is also a great spot to take in the amazing scenery.scenic campgrounds

dead horse state park

dead horse state park

the trail at the visitor center

While camping 2,000 feet above the Colorado River, I found myself repeatedly walking the rim trail and taking in this amazing scenery. scenic campgrounds

Sunrise and sunset were especially stunning.dead horse state park

Yep, a pretty special place.  Our five days were over before we knew it.  Due to needed repairs on the RV, we reluctantly had to pull ourselves away from Moab with a promise to return again…..   and again    ….and again 🙂best state parks

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87 thoughts on “Dead Horse Point

  1. Ah what a great post Ingrid … you shot me right back to our trip to Utah a couple of years ago . Although we were not so fortunate as to be RV’ing . I love that idea and would look to do that in the future is we returned if possible . Just the thought of pitching up in amongst such .. *sigh beautiful landscapes is a magnet for sure and now I’m mad on photography well ….
    Gosh what a lot of damage from a burst tyre :-/
    Fabulous pictures .

  2. Moab area has a way of drawing you in and never letting go, just checked they have about 5 sites that could fit us 🙂 one of these days.

    • You are right about Moab “drawing you in” as we find ourselves back in Moab today and boondocking. As much as we enjoyed Dead Horse Point we love our little boondock spot.

    • Thanks ML. With abundant sunshine in this area, you and Steve could hike and bike until your legs felt like they would fall off LOL. I haven’t even posted about the awesome paved biking trail. Plan on staying a month…..just ask Pam and John 🙂

        • Perhaps you have a better understanding as to why we joke about staying west of the Mississippi River. I have a feeling you’ll be staying west of the Rockies once you cross them LOL.

  3. Love that park! Plus we got to hike with doggie there which was a bonus. That last sunset pic is amazing. Nice capture!

    • Thanks Nina and yes the bonus of the state park over the NP is dog friendliness. I loved hiking that rim trail and my brother loved the new bike trails which he says are amazing. Stunning country that I know we’ll return to but will probably stick to boondocking below.

  4. Looks like a great place. Wonder if I could get our 34 ft Class A in there? It has opposing slides, but one of them is under a foot wide. Thanks for the fine article!

    • Reservations are a must and you’d fit into sites 1 or 21. Those were the sites we reserved. Might be difficult to walk around the RV with the slides out but you’d fit and the sites are mostly level. Catching the rim trail from the campground is a huge bonus and worth staying at least a few nights at this state park. 🙂

  5. Your final photo pretty much sums up the beauty one finds at Dead Horse SP!! It is a spectacular place…and they have the best design on their shirts:) I loved that they had women’s tee shirts with a cool logo.

    • My sister-in-law picked up a really cool hat there last spring and I wanted one. This year’s merchandise logo seems to be different and I didn’t care for it as much. I’ll wait for next seasons look. Aren’t we a couple of fashionista’s?

  6. I loved how you saved the truly stunning shots for the end…those rim trail photos speak volumes…for that alone, the trip is a must.

    • If you’ve never visited Utah, then it’s a must. Photos cannot possibly capture the vastness of the land or it’s unique beauty. Definitely worth visiting first hand 🙂

  7. Oh, Ingrid! What an unbelievable view from rim trail…and everywhere!!! We DO have opposing slides, so we would have to really research that one!..Plus, we never seem to get anywhere in the Spring, Summer and Fall,….only Winter…and that prohibits most places out West except Arizona…I soooo envy you right now!

    • Yep, Moab can get quite chilly in the winter. So not a good RV destination at that time of year, and summers can get upwards of 100 degrees easily. All that rock retains heat worthy of egg cooking 😉 Perhaps in time you could sneak away for a spring adventure. Although Moab gets lots of wind and high winds at that, I’ve never heard of them getting twisters, unlike some places I know… 🙂

  8. Stunningly beautiful, Ingrid! Although we can easily fit into the sites there, the campground has been full whenever we’ve been nearby. It’s beautiful enough to warrant making reservations, which is often at odds with our full-time traveling lifestyle. (You are hilarious — “size does matter!”)

    • Yes, no room without a reservation seems to be the norm at this state park. Hubby was non too pleased with me because it put us on a schedule and we don’t like schedules. Although he quickly got over his displeasure once settled in LOL. The place is indeed beautiful and was worth scheduling. Of course, size matters……. 🙂 and yes I’m talking about the RV….what did you think I was talking about? haha!

  9. Hi Ingrid – I see I’ve got a lot to catch up on at Live, Laugh, RV ! There’s always a lot to like here, and something new and breathtaking – you are fun to visit!!

      • Hi again! I’ve now “toured” with you through Home With a View, MacGyver, and Dead Horse. I learned a lot and savored the views, and all this mostly-Utah (all Utah? – I better read closer!) beauty is taking my mind off the whoopers, too! These were all just great!

        • Yep, all in Utah. Such a beautiful and diverse state but I’m already looking forward to seeing the birds back in Texas. Let’s hope for lots of successful hatching 🙂

  10. Great photos! How wonderful to be able wake up to those views! My husband and I visited this park last year in April so I can understand why you love it so much. We explored the park as snowflakes fell all around. It’s a magical place! Thanks for sharing your journey.


    • ‘Magical place’ does sum it up nicely. April is that time of transition in the weather and one never knows what the weather might bring. All part of the adventure I guess. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    • Careful… rock can be addictive. It continues to call to me. One of these days I need to get back to Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. In the meantime, you’ll need to do those trails for me 🙂

        • We lived in Peccole Ranch back in the 90’s and before Red Rock Canyon charged an entry fee. I used to take the kids hiking on Ice Box Canyon trail and one other near there….too long ago to remember the names. Great time to visit and hike – enjoy 🙂

  11. I really LOVE the campground! What is not mentioned on my blog is that my husband and I currently live in a 40-foot fifth-wheel dreaming of eventual full-time travel. While I am zipping around to the national parks with a tent in the car, Stephen is usually working in the corporate world saving for retirement. When we do retire and hit the road, we plan on trading in the fifth wheel for a 30-foot motor coach for the very same reasons you chose a smaller rig: fitting into wonderful, remote spaces. Our motto: the smaller the rig, the bigger the options! Enjoy following your adventures and have added Dead Horse Point State Park to my list!

    • You are right, I did not know you already live in a 5er. So your adventure has already kind of started and continues with your tenting. We are so pleased with our choice of RV. 32′ was our max length with max 2 slides and we spent about a year shopping for just the right one. Dead Horse Point definitely needs to go on the list 🙂

  12. Since we have scaled back in size a bit on the RV I am hoping we will fit in some of these campgrounds. Just cannot beat the breathtaking views out west, and you have certainly done them justice!

  13. Such breathtaking scenery, Ingrid! I’m sure you had to keep pinching yourself just to make sure you weren’t dreaming. 🙂 Do you know the story behind the name, “Dead Horse Point?”

    • I’m sure you would love that rim trail and you would fit just fine in most of the sites. Reservations are a must, unfortunately!

    • No, you won’t fit in this state park campground but there’s lots of other beautiful places in the Moab area to stay. Good luck with all the preparation. It was a year ago that we put our house on the market and it was a very over whelming endeavor. See on the road sometime 🙂

  14. It amazes me how many people we talk with that were out that way and know nothing of this park It is one of our all time favorite places! The hiking is super.

    • I so agree with you Marsha… of our favorites as well. I loved walking that rim trail. The views are just stunning and photos don’t do it justice.

  15. Dead Horse Point is beautiful. We loved hiking the rim trails. Drove thru the campground yesterday and you are right. I don’t think we would fit comfortably.

    • Hey, after Saddlehorn Campground I won’t ever question Mike’s abilities to squeeze the Bear into any site LOL. As much as I loved our stay at the campground, we preferred “our” boondock spot 🙂

    • The snow was melted by noon and the sun began to warm things up later in the afternoon. No need for Canada Sue’s stylist sleeping bag coat complete with antlers…..well, antlers add a woodsy touch to any outfit…..hehe!

  16. We came from a 17′ Casita full time and keep seeing what looked like large RVs (at least to us) but did not understand large size issues. With our 39′ 5er we have learned to do more day trips. Next year we have to go west, love seeing the sun shine in your photo’s and the unbelievable views.

    • We keep debating on when we’ll take a trip east of the Mississippi River and don’t really have much desire especially after reading everyone’s blogs about the weather. But I need to visit my dad in Illinois and then we’ll incorporate a trip to Mackinac Island and Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes…..a couple of my faves. We are very pleased with our decision to stay under 32′ with the 5er 🙂

        • I grew up in northern IL so the Midwest is old hat to me. Michigan is a beautiful state…..Sleeping Bear, Traverse Bay, Mackinac, Pictured Rock, and upper Peninsula.

          • Thanks this is perfect timing. We have to be in this area another week and did not know where after this. Then we have to be in upper Tennessee early June. I think we are also going to try and make Maine.

    • You’ll need to keep me posted on your where abouts so we can either meet up or you can run and hide……your choice….haha!

    • Now that you’re traveling with a toad, I’m sure it’s a little easier to explore. Utah seems to be one of our favorite states thus I see us exploring it a lot more. I look forward to following your journey this summer.

  17. Beautiful photographs of what makes America so special and why we choose to be RVers to see it all. Keep up the great posts Ingrid we are enjoying the ride along with you two. – Jack & Niki

    • Thanks and you are so right about what makes this RVing adventure so fun ….. all the amazing places we get to see and visit. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • The scenery at Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t fit into the campground but I would recommend a day trip and rim hike.

  18. Beautiful scenery – I can see why you wanted to stay at Dead Horse State Park. How long is your rig and what size can that campground hold? We stayed in Moab last time, but never made it to the State Park, my bad….. thanks for showing it to us, next time for sure!

    • Our RV is 31′ and the truck has an extended bed so overall we’re around 45′ connected. We saw a couple of 32′ class C’s and one class A squeeze into sites with lots of blocks for leveling. Site 1 would fit a 36′ and possibly even site 21 but neither would work for opposing slides. The campground is a tight fit but workable for those of us on the adventurous side 🙂

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