WordPress Photo Challenge: On Top

After 10 fabulous days in Moab, Utah, our travels took us to Grand Junction, Colorado. We arrived in GJ a couple of days ago and our days have been filled with repairs to the RV, catching up on laundry, bills, cleaning, etc. ” What fun”, she says sarcastically!

on top photo challenge

me… on top of the world; Canyonlands National Park, Utah

We’ll stay in Grand Junction for a month or two.  There’s lots for me to explore.  But for now, I’m super happy the water lines in the RV have been repaired.  New tires and a new wheel fender are on order from that blown tire damage.  It feels great getting the RV fixed.  A major cleaning is also on the schedule.

wordpress weekly photo challenge on top

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

I still have so much to share regarding our stay in Utah.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t ready to leave Moab, but we really needed to get to a bigger town to get all the materials necessary to repair the RV properly.

wordpress weekly photo challenge

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

In the meantime, when the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was posted I felt I couldn’t wait to share just a few of my Utah photos.  If you’ve ever visited Dead Horse Point State Park or Canyonlands National Park then you already know viewing the amazing vast scenery from the top of that mesa can make one feel like you’re on top of the world.  So here’s my take on the WordPress weekly photo challenge: On top ….. me feeling like I’m ‘On Top’ ….. on top of the world that is.wordpress weekly photo challenge on top

wordpress weekly photo challenge

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah



50 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: On Top

  1. Beautiful photos, after 2 visits we still haven’t gotten enough of Moab, what an amazing place it is.

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  3. Wow, you really were on top of the world! Gorgeous photos of gorgeous places, including some of our favorites. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures in Utah. Enjoy your “catching up” time — I’m sure you’re doing lots of fun and interesting things, as well. 🙂

    • Getting the RV repaired is taking priority right now, but I definitely intend to get back to Moab to savor more of this amazing environment.

  4. We LOVED Moab. We were there two weeks and that was near enough to do all the hiking we wanted to do.

    Yes, Dead Horse and Canyonlands are both absolutely amazing!

    The photo with the moon is awesome!!!

    • If it hadn’t been for the needed repairs on the RV we would’ve stayed an entire month, but alas we needed to move on to a bigger town for the ‘right’ parts. I totally agree with you….loved Moab and Dead Horse and Canyonlands are amazing. We hope to return often.

    • Thanks Carol. Actually I trained my sister-in-law…..a lot easier than hubby lol. I set up the shot, told her how I wanted it framed, and how to focus, etc. She listens very well, unlike those with selective hearing. She was excited to see that I posted the shots of me that she snapped 🙂

  5. Ingrid, All your captures are stunning but my favorite is the moon or is it sunset, it is simply well don’t.
    I guess its time for me again to droll at all your adventures out west…just keep it coming 😦

      • haha, Thanks ML and yes it’s the moon. I was so focused on the setting of the sun and snapping away that when I turned to leave I was awed by the moon. 6-8 hours later would be the red moon, which I didn’t stay up for. My photos don’t even come close to capturing the stunning sight….pretty incredible.

  6. Such beautiful scenery and you captured it beautifully! Good luck with your RV repairs and welcome back to Colorado. We are planning to return in a few days. We spent a late night at Dead Horse Point, years ago, stargazing, what a thrill it was.

    • I’m intrigued with southern Utah. What amazing land and I hope to spend more time there but for now it feels good to be amongst all the other CO license plates. We’ll remain on the western slope until the beginning of June and then spend a few weeks in Westminster. Can’t wait to see my daughter 🙂

  7. Ingrid – I am trying this via e-mail so it might not work and if it does I discovered something new! Beautiful photos. I am always amazed at your photos and your adventures out west. It is finally feeling like spring here in the Midwest. I like your interpretation – on top…

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    • Yep it worked. I’m glad to hear things have thawed and the flowers are budding. It sure hasn’t been the best winter for you guys in the Midwest.
      As a former Midwestern myself, when I first saw this part of Utah it made me feel very uncomfortable. No lush vegetation that’s for sure. Now I’m much more comfortable with the environment and the roads and am very intrigued by the scenery 🙂

    • Thanks Linda. We’re hoping to spend more time in Moab savoring that beauty. It just might have to become a regular stopping point.

  8. Wow, sure is beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures. Definitely on our list for the future! Continued safe and enjoyable travels.

  9. You certainly have a knack for photography – beautiful photos. A couple of years ago I had a new RV ladder put on in Grand Junction – it’s a nice town, especially the downtown area.

    Good luck on your RV improvements and repairs!

    • Thank you for the kind comment. We have family in GJ so it’s always a bonus for us to stop here for a lengthy layover….we enjoy it 🙂

    • Thank you Amy. That last one was taken as the sun was setting…opposite the sunset, the sun light up the canyon. My photo did not do it justice.

    • Moab requires at least a months stay to really savor and enjoy. Knowing this, we had 3-4 weeks in mind to stay, but due to the damage on the RV from the blown tire, we had to cut our stay short. Guess we’ll just need to return 🙂

  10. Beautiful photos Ingrid! I do remember being where you were in Utah and feeling like I could reach up and touch the heavens. Hope you get to relax a bit while in GJ. 🙂

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