Farewell…until we meet again!

It was the second week in February and our time in Texas had come to an end…..a rather reluctant end I might add.  Al and I were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed our stay in Texas and we’re already looking forward to returning next winter.

Egyptian Geese

Egyptian Geese at Canyon Lake, Texas

Although initially saddened to bid farewell to Texas, it isn’t long before the excitement of hitting the road and heading toward a new location takes over.  I’m still not sure what came over us that we decided to travel from San Antonio, Texas, to Las Cruces, New Mexico, via one very long day, but that’s precisely what we did.  We managed to put west Texas in the rear view mirror after a nine-hour, 600 mile travel day. Farewell Texas, until we meet again!

road trip

Filling up with gas in New Mexico

We settled into a nice RV Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for an overnight.   The folks at Sunny Acres were super nice.  We were given a roomy pull-thru site allowing us to keep the truck and 5th wheel connected and the bonus…..a brewery located just down the street within walking distance offering a nice meal and cool beverage after a very long day of travel.  Yes, we would stay at Sunny Acres RV Park again.

milepost 0Travel day two was easy in comparison to travel day one as we found ourselves on the road less than four hours.  We drove approximately 230 miles from Las Cruces, New Mexico, to Benson, Arizona.

We arrived in Benson, Arizona and quickly set up home for the week at a lovely Escapees RV Park.  This was our first time staying at the SKP Saguaro RV Park and they just happened to be running a special for first timers; $50 for the entire week…..score!

SKP Saguaro

RV Park – SKP Saguaro Coop, Benson AZ

This RV Park came highly recommended by friends and it definitely did not disappoint.  There’s easy access to miles of desert hiking trails just behind the RV Park.

Benson RV Parks

Just beyond this gate are miles of trails

Benson Arizona RV Parks

The sites are very well spaced and it’s convenient Benson location makes it a great base camp to explore southern Arizona.  And to top things off the folks are ALL super friendly, engaging, and warm.  This may become a regular stopping point for us as we travel between Arizona and Texas.

Benson Arizona

Our spacious site with lovely views

Escapees RV Saguaro Benson

There were several of these rock arches along trails and in the park

romanceValentine’s Day just happen to fall during the middle of our stay at the Escapees Saguaro RV Coop and we attended a Valentine’s Dinner hosted by park volunteers.  Dinner; surf & turf – lobster and steak – followed by a delicious dessert of Bananas Foster, one of my all time faves.  The food was outstanding and once again, we felt very welcomed.  What a lovely evening and to top things off each gal was given a long-stemmed rose.

The next day Al and I were off to explore Tombstone and Bisbee………Benson RV ParkUpdate:  We’re currently camped at Pleasant Harbor located northwest of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m still in the process of recovering from the flu and continue to struggle with a lack of energy and persistent cough……but hey, no complaints as I didn’t end up in the hospital or pushing up daisy’s thus I consider myself lucky.  So until I regain my strength we won’t be traveling, exploring, or hiking.  I’ll enjoy my lovely view of Lake Pleasant and the gorgeous sunsets every evening while hanging in my lounge chair.  Photos of those sunsets forthcoming!

1801 Home Remedies
Arizona Road and Recreation Atlas

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies: Quick Fixes, Clever Techniques, and Uncommon Cures to Get You Feeling Better Fast


64 thoughts on “Farewell…until we meet again!

  1. Ingrid I am so sorry to be behind in your posts. I have not seen them in my reader. It may have to do with being out of country so here’s hoping all is back on track. I love the cloud formations or perhaps jet trails in the blue sky.

  2. Hope you continue on the up and up Ingrid such a rotten business feeling so ropey with flu hanging on like that .
    Sounds like you are in just the right surroundings to recuperate 😉
    Fantastic pictures .

  3. Sorry to read that you’ve been ill and hope that the worst of it is behind you. Leaving a vacation spot, even when traveling to a new locale, is always bittersweet for me. I hope you’ll get back there next year and, in the meantime, happy trails to you! 🙂

  4. Hope you are felling better very soon. Bummer you did not stop here at Patagonia Lake SP. I wanted to get your insight on the best safest route to Granby, CO from here. Wanting to spend some time in the four corners area either on the way up or on the way back. We will be there till mid Sept then headed to San Diego County CA.

    • I started coming down with this flu bug while in Benson and it put a damper on our explorations. I’ll shoot you an email with the route I would recommend 🙂

  5. We can’t wait to get back to TX either, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Thought that gas station looked familiar, 600 miles in one day is more than I ever want to do again. We tried our first SKP park (Rainbow Plantation in AL) and look forward to trying more of them. Found some 80 degree temps today in GA 🙂 even sat out in the sun for awhile-felt so good.

    • Fortunately we were driving ONE vehicle as my truck was left at our sons house in Phx. If we had been driving separately there’s no way. Benson was our first SKP park and I would highly recommend it. We are also enjoying our stay at Pleasant Harbor. You might want to consider Pleasant Harbor on your next stay in Phx…..easy access onto the 303 to get to Surprise. Feel free to email me for more info:

  6. Pushing up daisies? That sounds a little extreme! I hope you didn’t feel that bad. And hope you were able to enjoy Tombstone and Bisbee before the lurgy overtook you.

    • Unfortunately, I did feel that bad. I had to convince Al not to take me to the hospital. It did start while in Benson with my energy zapped and thus we didn’t do too much exploring. Guess we’ll need to go back 😉

  7. Thanks for all those nice things you’ve said about TX. The people we know here in Happily Ever After enjoy criticizing my home. We’re headed for a week of day hiking around Phoenix and Sedona beginning this Thursday and your blog has been helpful in choosing locations to fill our eyes with blue skies and get our feet into the dirt.

    I didn’t click on the link you had for the doctor’s remedies, but I bet the currently trendy honey whiskeys would be very helpful. Taste tests conducted so far have Jack Daniels in the lead. I’m not sick but I view this as preventative measure. Sort of like taking vitamins. Be well!

    • We loved Texas and are already looking forward to returning next winter. Phoenix and Sedona have some amazing hiking trails and the weather right now is gorgeous….enjoy.
      Love your take on health prevention. Wish we had toured the Garrison Distillery for some ‘medicine’. Happy trails 🙂

  8. I think we stopped at the same gas station. We did stay at the SKP park. We thought it was very good and enjoyed the walks. However the dog did not like the park. This was just about her first experience not having grass. Fortunately the park had raked leaves into an area and she finally accepted this as the closest thing to grass.

    • There’s not too many gas stations in that neck of the woods so no doubt you’ve stopped there. Oh how funny for poor doggie. Our dog was used to gravel and didn’t require grass. I guess it’s what they are used to to find that ‘right’ spot. Safe travels 🙂

  9. Bananas Foster – Mmmmmm. One of my all time favorites too!

    We stayed at the SKP park in Benson last year and didn’t really expect to like it. Turned out to be a great place, we enjoyed our time there and stopped again on our way back through the area. Only ding was that the office staff and their minions were unusually militant about departure times. We were actively hooking up an hour before the posted time and golf carts whizzed in two different times to make sure we were, indeed, leaving on time…sheesh!

    I’m glad to hear you are on the mend. The flu this year sounds really nasty. Resting and recharging sounds like just the ticket!

    • Yep, nasty flu this season. Guess I’ll lounge around enjoying the Lake view but I’ll be ready to hit the road at the end of the month. At the SKP park they served up the bananas foster with OUT ice cream and served over a cookie instead which was delish. Should we ever meet up, I’ll be sure and make bananas foster and even flame it at the picnic table….yum!!! Perhaps I should start practicing since it’s been over a year since I last made it and I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself 🙂

  10. Glad to hear you are on the mend. The flu this year seems to be especially nasty. I will echo what others have said…a 600-mile day! We are not anxious to do more than 200 miles in one day anymore. You must have been exhausted!

    We are planning to spend some time at the Benson Co-op later this year, in Nov or Dec. We think it is a very nice park.

    • We were very pleasantly surprised with the Benson Co-op and will probably stay there again.
      Yeah, we don’t usually drive that far with the rig in tow, but Al was in the mood to keep moving and the day just whizzed by but it was a long day.
      Today was my best day in weeks so I finally feel like I’m getting better 🙂

  11. I can do 600 miles in a car but not the RV – you had to be bushed. I’m looking forward to our next visit to the Hill Country.

    • I too am looking forward to a return visit to the Texas hill country. We don’t usually do such a long travel day with the RV but Al was feeling good and wanted to keep going. I’m glad we went through El Paso on a Sunday evening when traffic was light.

    • Since our son lives in Phoenix we’ve spent a lot of time in various parts of the valley over the past 4 years. Lake Pleasant is our favorite RV spot in the valley and the perfect place to recover while enjoying amazing sunsets every evening. Are you in Phx?

  12. Now that we’ve met at Pleasant Harbor, your evenings watching the sunset over the lake have come to life. Happy to hear you’re taking it easy and allowing your body to recuperate.

    We made it home safe and sound and are tucked into our site at Traveler’s World RV Park in San Antonio.

    Wishing you a full recovery at your own pace.

    • Glad to hear you made it home and the truck thing was not a big deal. These sunsets are pretty awesome and glad we were able to share one with you guys. Happy trails 🙂

  13. Hey there, sorry to hear you are down with the flu bug or something. Alot of people have been getting sick here. I have tried to maintain with alot of vitamins and boosters. When I do feel something coming on I take a zycam and its seems to help. Just finished with the Home and Garden in Pueblo. I met a couple who just bought one of your old houses. They just love it.
    I have been working double time as we have been super busy with work. Alot going on in the springs but only some in Pueblo. thinking of buying alittle house so I can stop renting. I qualify with a real high score which surprises me with the Deed in Lieu, that we did. Ross and I are divorcing and have filed the paper work. All is well so I am heading to Florida in 2 weeks to check out the pan handle. Still want to buy a condo and retire by the water,but still want a place here at least while I am working which will be at least another year or two, so I get the tax break. Hope your feeling better, take care and take it easy for awhile so you can recover. Merry Sue

  14. I love your photos! They remind of the days to come. Sorry to hear you’re not well. I have a similar cough that just won’t go away. Get well and enjoy the sunshine.

    • Thanks Clay. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with a cough. I hesitate going out to eat because I usually end up with an embarrassing coughing spell…..so annoying. Can’t wait for this cough to end and my energy returns. Hope your snow melts soon!

  15. Egyptian Geese…new one on me.
    We stayed at SKP Saguaro for a few days. The people are very nice.
    We loved Bisbee but not so much Tombstone. We found that anything we wanted to do or see cost a pretty penny.
    I will keep you in my prayers for comfort and complete healing. You are enjoying the good life…no reason to rush it.

    • Thank you Marsha. Yes, those Egyptian Geese were new to us as well…..very different. We didn’t really care for Bisbee, maybe I was already starting to not feel well, but we much prefer Jerome. We’re enjoying Lake Pleasant and it’s the perfect place to lay low and recuperate…..always fun having one of the kids near by as well…. I know you would agree 🙂

    • Thanks Amy. Those geese were very interesting to observe and we needed to Google to figure out what they were. The warm sunny weather and beautiful view here in AZ is perfect for my recovery.

  16. Oh boy, Ingrid no wonder you were so quite for sometime. That bug really got you! But glad to hear you are slowly recovering from the flu.
    Now 600 miles ? We have not done that ever, that is a long long drive. We’ve stayed at Sunny Acres as well when we were there. That was a good stop over place.
    Continue to take it easy and take care.

    • Can you believe I didn’t turn on my computer for almost a week? That and forgoing my morning coffee had Al wanting to take me to the hospital. I’m starting to feel better, but slowly so no hiking in my immediate future.
      And I don’t think we’ll be repeating a 600 mile travel day anytime soon….not with the RV in tow anyway 🙂

  17. Good to know that you are being wise and resting to regain your strength and getting back to “normal” (if we have that any more). Hope you feel 100% real soon.

    I’ve heard nice things about the SKP park in Benson from other bloggers. We may stay there as we tour south of Tuscon. The SKP parks everywhere are all so friendly. Sounds like a very nice Valentine’s dinner. That is a cool arch! I would love to try to make one.

    Take care:) Looking forward to news you are back on the trail.

    • As antsy as I am to tackle some of these amazing trails, I’m focused healing and not relapsing. I’ll jump back into some hiking in Moab in April.
      I would definitely recommend the SKP park in Benson. It was a pleasant surprise and a great jumping off point to explore the area. We’ll go back 🙂

  18. Sure hope you feel better soon. That “stuff” sure can take the wind out of your sails! Sit in the sun and soak up lots of vit.D….Where do you head April 1?

    • Yep, Phoenix is the perfect place to take in that Vitamin D. We’re heading back up to Moab beginning April 1st. We have some boondock spots along the way picked out and then a reservation at Dead Horse Point SP on the 10th. After that, back to CO for the summer 🙂

  19. I was going to email to see if you were on the mend! Be every careful…Jerry’s sister just ended up in ICU back in TN with double pneumonia and the flu! They think they have it under control…but it can just sneak up on you! The cough can be so painful! I’m glad you are somewhere warm, mending it sounds like….time for you to rise back into Spring!

    • Thanks C. I feel fortunate I didn’t end up in the hospital. We just talked to someone who’s wife was in the hospital 8 days with this flu and there have been some children who couldn’t win the battle which breaks my heart. So I’m just lying low in Phoenix allowing myself to mend slowly. At one point I thought I might have walking pneumonia but I think I averted that but this cough is the pits. I need to be strong by the end of the month when our travels will once again begin…..I have places to explore 🙂

  20. We have stayed overnite at Benson..The I-10 RV park…great for just one nighters…Glad you are feeling better..We have had quite a week visiting friends here in Ft.Worth..Our campground is GREAT, but driving through this traffic has Dennis going nuts..Leaving this Wed. for Jefferson, TX..another one of our Army Corps fav’s…(Get out that Old Fart’s Card, Al!)..Keep getting better and stay put until you are…

    • Yep, staying put until the end of the month allowing me lots of down time to recover plus visits with our son always make me smile.
      That traffic in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is just about as bad as Chicago. I too could only take so much before high tailing it outta there. Safe travels 🙂

  21. Texas is truly a magical place….at least parts of it are :). The SKP park in Benson is one of my favorites and there are so many fun things to do in the area. If you are near Tucson sometime be sure to check out Old Tucson where so many westerns were made. We just saw the movie previews for one shot there when we went to see ‘Nonstop’. It was cool to be able to identify the places we’d been. Bisbee is a cute little town as well. We’re currently at a park that offers 50% off for Escapees here in Old Town Florida – brought the price to about $16 a day…gotta love that.

    • $16??? Score. Love it when a plan comes together. Because of my health, we skipped Tucson this year and went straight to Phoenix from Benson. We wanted to go back to the Desert Sonoran Museum as well as Old Tucson. Guess it’ll just have to wait until next season. The warm sunny weather with a view of Lake Pleasant is the perfect spot to focus on recovering 🙂

  22. Ingrid, I’m so happy to see that you’re feeling up to posting again—hoping that you’ll soon be completely recovered from that terrible flu. Can’t believe you drove a 600 mile day!! Although I do understand the temptation to put west Texas in the rearview mirror. 🙂 That said, we’ve actually found some wonderful places to explore in west Texas, including San Angelo (nice State Park and lovely town) and Hueco Tanks SP near El Paso. Love the rock arch and the lavender sunset.

    • I will definitely make note of those two locations especially Hueco Tanks SP as I’m sure we’ll be traveling to the Gulf again next winter. Even with the inclement weather this winter, we loved it and I wouldn’t mind getting into the FL panhandle.
      I’m hoping to be fully recovered by the end of the month so when we hit the road I have my energy back for exploring. However, there probably won’t be any long hikes in my immediate future as I think it’ll be awhile for me to work back up.
      Rock Arch and lavender sunset? Interest piqued….hope you blogged about it as I’ll check into your archives 🙂

  23. Looks wonderful, I’m coming out in June/July with my family for a road trip from Phoenix to San Fran via lots of fabulous Arizona, Utah scenery – any good tips gratefully appreciated. I’m envious of your nomadic lifestyle 🙂

    • Lots of fabulous sites in AZ and UT. You can check my past posts under the categories Arizona or Utah or feel free to email me at livelaughrv@hotmail.com and I may be able to offer up some suggestions. Want adventure? Hwy 50 thru Nevada is know as the loneliest highway. Pay attention to temps in AZ, UT, NV….July can be brutal as you travel the various elevations.

      • Thanks so much for your kind advice Ingrid, I am a bit worried about July temperatures but hopefully if we camp at the higher elevations that will help. I’ll certainly check out your posts on AZ and UT with great interest, thanks again!

  24. Yuck! Hate that flu…it’s a nasty one. Took three weeks to finally feel a wee bit normal. The thing that helped me most, lots of rest and ibuprofen as recommended on the bottle….and lots of water.

    We miss you…but want you to take as much time as you need to get better.

    • Thank you Mrs. P…..yes, tons of fluids. I’m not sure which is more frustrating; the lack of energy or the persistent cough. I sure hope to be feeling more like myself by the time we hit the road again April 1st. I have too many sites to explore to keep me down much longer 🙂

    • Aww….thank you. My energy has been so zapped I’ve barely had interest in picking up my camera. Thank goodness its sunny and warm here unlike MI. I sure hope your snow melts soon!

  25. Hope you recover quicker than I have. I got hit with that cold/flu in December. They cough is mostly gone, but I’m still running on empty.

    • I’m so sorry to hear because this is the pits. The muscles around my ribs are super sore from all the coughing. Hope you and I both regain our energy sooner than later!

  26. We must have just missed you. We are currently at the SKP park in Benson along with Nina and Paul. Get well!

    • We left Benson for Phoenix on February 18th. We were at the SKP Park for Valentines Day and loved it. Will you be heading back to CO via Phx? We’ll be in Westminster mid June…perhaps we can meet for lunch at Flat Irons.

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