Living in a Fog

Ever have one of those days where you can’t think clearly, your mind can’t focus, you’re living in a fog?  I had one of those days this past Friday.  Thursday night the nasty weather started rolling in with high winds and rain.  The temperature quickly dropped from a calm 70 degrees to a blustering 35 degrees. foggy morning Our 5th wheel is nestled amongst a mature grove of oak trees which under a warm sunny day offers some much appreciated shade.  Add wind and swaying branches and the oak trees cease to be desirable.dreamy landscape

Al awoke at 5:15 a.m. Friday morning.  Having a fear of overnight freezing temperatures, he gently and quietly gets out of bed to check our atomic clock – thermometer for the outside temperature (La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature)   Let’s face it, freezing temps and RV’s do not mesh well a dream

Not wanting to wake me by turning on any lights, he grabs a flash light and swings it up toward the wall clock…… and that’s when the coffee maker went flying and the whispered expletives started.  I bolt out of a toasty warm bed and fly down the steps to see what happened.

Yep, coffee grounds and water all over the carpet and down the side of the chair.  I immediately stop Al from attempting to clean up the mess with the thought of letting things air dry, then vacuum, then access.  Most importantly, I clean up the coffee maker and set it up once again.  Gotta have my morning joe.foggy morningHubby finally manages to check the outside air temperature; 32 degrees, we’re fine.  Not cold enough to cause the water hose to freeze.  With that realization and coffeemaker ready, we jump back into bed with the intent of catching a few more winks of shut-eye.  Yeah, who are we kidding.  Thank goodness hubby and I are both morning people.

We have a good chuckle and I come up with a plan.  I say,  “Let’s get dressed.  I have an idea, but it’s a surprise”.  We hop in the truck with me driving of course.  Come on, after living in the area for 30 days I know my way around Rockport – Fulton, Texas, like a local.  With a little detour here and there for photo-ops (the real reason Al doesn’t want to drive) we head off to the local donut store.  Rockport Donuts has some of the best donuts ever….fluffy, soft, and fresh.  We make our selections and hop back in the truck.

Next we need to find a latte for Al.  I already have my portable coffee mug filled with steaming hot black java.  Al is not a coffee drinker but does enjoy the occasional ‘designer’ coffee especially on a cold, blustery day.  We stop at McDonald’s for a mocha latte and drive across the street to a little scenic pull-out.  I position the truck toward the water for an optimum the dreamThe sun is barely up.  The bevy of birds are busy fishing for food.  The fog is lifting.  The truck is warm and the seat heaters have our bums toasty as well.  Donuts and coffee with a view.  Yep, pretty awesome way to start the day.brain fogWe return to the RV and tackle the spilled coffee grounds.  With the use of a little carpet cleaner in a small spot, one would never know the mess that occurred in the wee morning hours.  The fog outside may have lifted……..

brain fog

the beginning of a new day….sunrise

But the fog in my head is another story.  As the day progressed: I made garlic bread and forgot the garlic…. nice buttered bread.  We ran out of propane…duh, it’s cold outside.  Ran to the grocery store and forgot the very thing I went there for.  The day was filled with additional faux pas but with a foggy brain, who can remember?  This too shall pass….
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68 thoughts on “Living in a Fog

  1. Thanks for sharing your foggy day! I’m loving your photography! It just gets better and better! And the stories are fun too!

  2. Ingrid, this sounds similar to my daily routine, minus the beautiful photo ops! 🙂 You really have captured a side of Texas I have not seen before. Great Job and Great Writing as well!

    • Yep, have to look on the bright side. If it hadn’t been for the flying coffee pot I would have missed a beautiful foggy sunrise. Stay warm!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos—there is beauty and mystery in the fog, and you captured it well. I love your ability to embrace whatever happens and to make the best of it! Stay cozy. 😉

    • Thank you….. the fog was the right balance of solace and mystery adding to a beautiful sunrise. Hope you’re staying warm as well. 🙂

  4. That sounds like something my Jerry would do…he’s lost with out his nightly trusty flashlight! FOG sure has it’s special beauty…bet that was a fun photo opt!

  5. So glad I got to enjoy the foggy morning sunrise through your beautiful photography…. Because I will never get up that early, especially when it’s that cold! I admire your sense of adventure!

    • Thanks Linda. Sounds like you and Mike are enjoying some adventure yourselves there in Q. Look forward to your post. Oh, and feel free to email me for the ‘real’ truth LOL.

  6. I think you’ve already guessed how much I love fog. These are some spectacular shots. Our fog generally comes rolling at night this time of year. Then again it’s around a lot more in the summer.

    • I’m with you….love that fog. We had more fog this morning but by the time I got me rear in gear the sun was higher up and didn’t produce the colors like shown in these shots. I guess I should thank hubby for getting me out of bed so early that morning 🙂

    • Yep, RV’s and freezing temps aren’t a good combination and should be avoided at all costs….my 2 cents anyway. Look forward to hearing all about the partying in Q 🙂

  7. I find that the fog reveals so much more than the sunlight…the spiderwebs, for instance…and the beautiful droplets on the leaves…The only thing that upsets me is the streaks running down my back Hiker window that I just washed….We are in for some fog here Tuesday and Wednesday..Sure hope the wind isn’t whipping..That ferry ride with the Hiker behind us could make me very nervous if there are waves!!

    • Streaks down the back of the Hiker? That’s your que to get dressed and take a walk LOL. I hear ya on that ferry ride. Early in January I planned a scenic loop; from Rockport into Corpus then Mustang Island – catch the ferry to Aransas Pass and back. Al did not want to take the ferry because of the high winds and white caps but he was getting tired and after realizing it would take an extra 30 plus minutes to go back the way we came he changed his mind. Ferry wasn’t bad at all but when you add the fiver???
      Rode my bike through Goose Island SP…..the wind is whipping today and only getting worse!

    • I really should thank hubby for getting us out of bed so early or I would never have gotten these shots. It was so pretty despite being cold. More cold tomorrow 😦

    • Ha ha, brain fog happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Thanks for the congrats… should be on that list too. Looks like you’re enjoying FL 🙂

  8. I happen to love foggy days myself and you have captured the reason why in your fabulous photos. A foggy brain…that is a whole other story. 😉

  9. The sunrise photos are outstanding.

    So glad you two didn’t sit around crying over spilled milk…I mean coffee…lol

  10. I’m sorry you had so much fog but boy, it sure did make for very cool photos! I love the sunrise!

    Glad the coffee maker is all right!! You can’t fault a guy who is trying to be helpfully quiet:)

    MonaLiza and I saw a Spoonbill today on our way to our canoe trip. Of course, we didn’t turn around for a picture and it was gone on our return:( Two flew over during our paddle but too far for good pictures. We were both excited after both reading your blog.

    • Isn’t that pink body gorgeous on the roseate spoonbill? So glad you gals saw some. And looks like you two are having way too much fun. Hope it continues and wish I was there to share in the fun 🙂

  11. I’m in love with your poetic foggy photos. The sunrising is an amazing capture. Glad to hear the temperature didn’t go below 32 f degrees…

  12. Ingrid,
    I love your photos, it brings back memories of warmer days of old and warmer days to come…. still frozen up north! with more cold weather coming our way… yikes. Keep me warm with your photos and your adventures…Clay

    • Thanks Clay. Yep, that cold is expected to head all the way down here as well. Not looking forward to it. Stay warm and I’ll keep sunny photos coming 🙂

  13. This is a very sweet post Ingrid. Your easy temperament and Al’s gentility make for a soft and funny story.
    We got to know that doughnut shop, which was close to our campground. And the spot behind the McDonald’s was reputed to be a good place to fish, although it brought me no luck. Have you wasted your time at the free aquarium yet? It is good for a chuckle.
    Hey, I have a photo that Al would appreciate. Tell me how I might get it to him.

    • Thanks Mike. We actually haven’t visited any of the museums etc….. sticking to walking, biking, and birding. Al and his buddy are out doing manly things most mornings while I’m off to my own devises. The weather has been a rollercoaster and will continue to be one this week. The desert is much more consistent that’s for sure. Oh well, at least it’s not snowing and freezing 🙂

    • Donuts, coffee and a foggy sunrise….pretty cool eh! I may just have to do that again this week as some nasty weather rolls in. Although I might have trouble crawling out of a warm bed without incentive 😉

  14. You have turned what could have been a grumpy day into a lovely one. Thanks for sharing the ‘moment’ and the fact we all have those forgetful times. Beautiful foggy shots.

    • Thank you. Sometimes it’s just best to laugh about a situation and move on. The foggy morning sure was pretty. I was glad to be able to capture the feel.

    • Thanks….I had a hard time picking a favorite. The photos actually turned out better than I thought they would. The fog was very thick 🙂

  15. These foggy photos are just fantastic… and as for the last one… absolute beauty personified…. foggy brains can be expected every now and then… (now I’ve forgotten what wonderful words of wisdom I was about to impart..) must be a foogy brain moment ,,,damn, and I thought they would be so good too….no gone, if I remember I will comment again….

    • LOL…..You’re too funny. You always have words of wisdom to share….focus 😆 That fog sure made for some interesting photos and interesting morning!

      • I remember now… they say it can be a nutrient deficiency… so eat more chocolate… also it can be stress… if you are under stress with your life style, then I have no hope… so sit back more, drink hot chocolate and pay more attention to Al, he can relieve your stress with (now I’ve forgotten what you call that machine that can’t kiss as well as you can)…

  16. Another wonderful post. Those gentle moments are the things a happy life is made of. We can’t forget to recognize and then fully savor them. Thanks for sharing your fog.

    • You welcome. If it hadn’t been for the flying coffee pot, I wouldn’t have seen the spectacular foggy sunrise. So I guess something good came of it 🙂

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