Continuing with the Theme

RV Park near Phoenix

Pool side cabana at the RV Resort

It seems I have a theme carrying on here with the last couple of posts regarding RVing in the Phoenix Metro area.  Perhaps I should have titled these posts Part 1, 2 and now 3.  Oh well, twenty, twenty hind sight!!!

So let’s continue with the theme…….what makes the Phoenix Metropolitan area so RV friendly?

  1. Maricopa County Regional Parks
  2. Lost Dutchman State Park
  3. The multitude of Private RV Parks

Rumor has it there are more than 600 RV Parks in Phoenix and Maricopa County.  Although I don’t find that hard to believe, what I will dispute is the title “RV Park”.  I personally feel there is a definite distinction between a “mobile home park” and a “RV Park” (recreational vehicle).  That said, the majority of the private parks have mobile homes on site, quite often referred to as “Park Models”……kind of a fancy term for a mobile home, single or double wide.

RV Park

Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort –  there is an on site 18 hole golf course

Ah, but these parks aren’t your average run of the mill trailer park.  Nope, most are geared toward retirees and intended as second homes with a Resort style atmosphere.  When a lot is vacant, the site is offered to those of us in RV’s.  We are able to rent nightly, weekly, monthly, or extended.  Gosh, one could live in a spot year round if they wanted to.

It is in one of these RV Resorts, the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort, that I find myself parked for the months of October, November, and December.  I’m amazed with the amount of amenities and social functions available.  One can choose to be as social or anti-social as one cares to be. The east valley in the towns of Mesa and Apache Junction have more of these RV Resorts than I can count.  Just be prepared to have a Park Model as your neighbor and most have an age restriction of 55 plus.

Park Models

Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort

There are always pluses and minuses in every situation and what works for one person may not work for another.  My personal experience is the atmosphere is very different at a resort with Park Models than one without.  Since Park Models are not easily moved, the resort feels more residential with guests well established.  With a 2 week maximum stay in a state park, folks are more transient and all passing through within days.  Short term verses long-term!

There are very few Private RV Parks in the Phoenix area that do not have Park Models.  They do exist with a little research and one we’ve enjoyed staying at in the past is Deserts Edge RV Park .  The big plus for us is its close proximity to our son’s home.

the purple park

We have a nice pull-thru site at Deserts Edge RV Park

Deserts Edge RV Park located on the north side of Phoenix off Interstate 17 and Deer Valley Road is referred to as the Purple Park.  We love the location plus it’s a super dog friendly place.  So friendly, they have 3 dog runs and a dog washing station.

the purple park

Bear was not happy about the dog washing station. However, after weeks of boondocking last winter, I sure was!   Deserts Edge RV Park, Phoenix AZ…..the purple park

This is a small RV park.  They have a bunch of pull-thru sites perfect for a short stay and back-in sites for longer stays.  Spacing is typical.  They have a swimming pool, very small workout room, and a onsite laundry facility.  As I said, it’s a small park but with no age restrictions and no Park Models.

Other pluses; there’s great shopping nearby, RV Dealer Little Dealer Little Prices is located just down the street, and great hiking within a short drive at Thunderbird Conservation Park.

RV Parks in Phoenix

We’re on the left…..Destiny RV Resort

Another RV Park we’ve stayed at is the Destiny RV Resort located in Goodyear, south-west of Phoenix.  We attended a Good Sam Rally last year and this RV Park was conveniently located to the event.  Our stay was short and we spent most of our time at the Rally and not at the park.  So I can’t offer any further info on this place other than we prefer staying in other parts of the valley.  However, the park is conveniently located off Interstate 10 and for those heading toward California this could be the perfect stop.

With all the variety and options of places to park your RV in Maricopa County, it’s no wonder this is such a popular winter destination.  But the fun doesn’t end with the parking of the RV….it’s just the beginning…….


42 thoughts on “Continuing with the Theme

  1. It is amazing how many places advertise RV Resort and all it is park models. Every park is so different. Can’t say we have found that perfect place with everything we want. Something always has to give. Thanks for the info:)


    • You are so right about that. I used to be much more picky and get upset about things and now I realize each place is temporary. I can move anytime I want 🙂


  2. That pool side cabana is like a dream come true…what a gorgeous place! You scored such a great deal….I’d be eating it all up! No pools open here…60s, maybe 70s but looking at the pool I rethink some dry warm heat! Can’t have it all I suppose…glad you are in such a sweet spot!


    • It is a lovely resort. I haven’t taken advantage of the pool since the temps dropped into the low 70’s. Next couple of days only 60’s with a chance of rain. I sure am thankful I’m not in Illinois right now 🙂


    • They always look so dejected, don’t they? That dog washing station was super convenient especially since we had just come from spending over two weeks in Quartzsite… about dirt and dust!


  3. Not having any RV experience whatsoever, I never thought about the differences between parks that have more permanent sites and those that are more transient. I guess each would have a different feel based upon their “set up”. Interesting. With a little research and word-of-mouth, Ingrid, one could find a place close to their preferences — on paper, anyway. 🙂


    • There’s a little of something to please just about everyone. Like most things in life, not all RVer’s like to travel the same way. I grew up in the Chicago burbs and my dad worked in the city, vacations were spent camping in Wisconsin or Minnesota so dad could go fishing. Thus I was exposed to extremes. So although I’m a city gal at heart, I do like exploring the remote back country….. which is not for everyone.


  4. We’re thinking of Desert’s Edge next time though Destiny was so close to our son in Surprise. Our neighbors here are headed to Desert’s Edge in March. Where are you headed to in TX, don’t know if you know about their Park Pass, worth getting if going to a few of them, park entrance fees waived and 4 half price nights ( second night) at 4 different campgrounds.


    • Thanks for the TX park info. We did plan on staying at several of the state parks. Jan 5 till Feb 4 we’ll be at Hidden Oaks RV Park near Rockport then the rest of February we’ll be meandering around and between Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Then it’s back to Phoenix for a while. Safe travels!


    • Some of these private parks are nicer than others. I guess it just depends on what’s important. I prefer the regional and state parks for the views but they lack the full hook-ups. It’s a trade off 🙂


  5. Alas, we would probably never stay in any of those..We like our “rough and tumble” Army Corps and State and National Parks..Could it also be that we are too cheap?? They do look lovely, though. There was a time long ago, when we were hoteling it that we wanted fancy,a pool, bar, poolbar too!!…Not any more. Enjoy those amenities, they sure look wonderful!!!


  6. Great job! Thanks for going us a great heads up on the RV parks in that area. We have relatives in Mesa. We didn’t even know most of these parks were there.


    • Mesa has a ton of RV Parks. The hardest part would be to pick one. Some are obviously nicer than others it just depends on the amenities you’re looking for. Hope you’re staying warm in OH 🙂


  7. I like the review of the RV parks, Arizona is becoming one of my favorite places to stay. I like the wilderness, but give me good restaurants and easy shopping and that’s okay too.


  8. Hi Ingrid….My husband & I follow your blog but don’t know how to get in contact with you….no email….WE are in one of those MIXED parks in Mesa. We are from PA. Would like to get together with you and your husband… of your posts was about not ready yet to retire and needing to work….so do we….and we too closed a business back in PA…we are full-timers. If you would like to contact us….please do so at email I submitted


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