Oh, yeah….Happy Hour!

Parker, ArizonaAfter our visit with the wild Burros, we continued our journey.  Between the towns of Parker and Lake Havasu City, highway 95 in Arizona parallels the Colorado River skirting between red rock cliffs, resorts, and shoreline.  I find this stretch of road particularly scenic.

While enjoying a lovely scenic drive, the four of us developed quite a thirst and appetite.  We had a destination in mind to satisfy our needs and the Pirate’s Den proved to be the perfect spot.  Ya-hoo…it’s happy hour between 3:00 and 6:00; drinks are $3 and taco’s are $1.25 each…..and talk about a fun atmosphere.

Yep, good food, good drink, great company………I could get used to this place!

We spend a couple of hours sitting under a yellow umbrella indulging in some tasty tacos and cool margaritas.  Hum, we wondered if staying at the adjacent Pirate’s Den RV Resort might be in our future?

Parker AZ

Pirate’s Den RV Resort

After some pondering and discussion, it became clear…… having the Pirate’s Den bar steps from our RV door may not be in our best interest.  The title ‘bar fly’ comes to mind.  Hum, would that really be so bad?  Ah, days swinging in a hammock, followed by slurping drinks while lounging under yellow umbrellas amongst blue skies and sparkling water….. 😕

With tummies full thirst quenched, we returned to camp at Cattail Cove State Park to watch the sunset over the warmth of a roaring campfire.Cattail Cove State Park

The following day, our last day in the area, was spent walking and picnicking along the shores of Lake Havasu.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed off to Rotary Park located in the heart of Lake Havasu City.

Al and I spent a couple of hours strolling the paved walkway that meanders along Lake Havasu.  We walked to the famous London Bridge and beyond taking in the sights.  This is really a beautiful park dotted with playgrounds, picnic tables, a huge skate park, sandy shores, marinas, and a wide concrete sidewalk for all to enjoy.

London Bridge

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Lake HavasuShortly after strolling under London Bridge the sidewalk ended but we continued to the little lighthouse in the distance.  The lighthouse sits within Lake Havasu State Park boundaries.  Al and I walked further into the State Park checking out the campsites.  The campsites looked nice with a few even backing up to the water.

During our visit, they were completing various updates; adding water and sewer hook-ups to some of the campsites.  Full hook-ups at a State Park?  Location and scenery to boot? We’ll need to add this to our list of potential spots to call home during a future visit!

This State Park is not only located at the shores of Lake Havasu but is conveniently located within city limits and thus is a short distance to nearby stores, restaurant’s, and bars.  Yep, I’d say Lake Havasu State Park is worthy of a visit.  But unless you’re in your twenties, you may want to shy away from this area during Spring Break.  Lake Havasu is now one of the top places in the country for Breakers to party.Lake Havasu

Another popular time, not so much for the twenty something’s, but more for their parents, is President’s Day Weekend in February.  Reservations for this three-day weekend are a must.  Lake Havasu City puts on a huge and popular fireworks display in Sara Park.  There are live concerts, a hot rod show, and much more happenings throughout the town.  It actually gets quite crowded.  A couple of years ago, we just so happened to visit Lake Havasu during this popular time.  And although fun, it did get very congested.Blue Heron

In our opinion, no trip to Lake Havasu City would be complete without a visit to Rotary Park, as well as a walk over and under the famous London Bridge.

We loved our five-day visit to Lake Havasu, Arizona.  It was also great visiting with friends.  Although we may not have the opportunity to revisit Lake Havasu this year, we hope to make it a lengthy pit stop some time in 2014.



51 thoughts on “Oh, yeah….Happy Hour!

  1. Thanks for giving us such a great tour of Lake Havasu since I have not been in years. Anything with palm trees and lots of sun, not to mention hammocks, sounds really good right now. 🙂

  2. Ingrid, beautiful shots! I especially love the heron photos! Sure looks like a great time can be had there! We will have to investigate going there!

    A lot of the State Parks are putting in sewer. Tyler State Park has full hookups for $18.00 a night.

    • Photographing the heron was the highlight of my day. Hookups for $18? Wow! Now that’s worth checking out. I’m looking forward to our Texas trek 🙂

  3. Lake Havasu is such a beautiful area and I love the photo you took of London Bridge – much nicer than what I came up with. I also like the way you framed and tilted one of the photos – I can see I need to kick things up a notch now. Yes, staying a distance away from Pirates Den is probably a good idea!

    • Aw, thanks. I thought before I step up to Photoshop, I should play around with Picasa. Of course, it’s very limiting but gets me comfortable playing around. I’m longing to return to the Pirates Den 😉

  4. Now this sounds my kind of place… at spring break… thinking of all the bikinis… not the crow though… it sounds like a good place to visit with friends.. specially between 3 and 6…

    • Ah yes, you and the hubby are in agreement. He’s asked several times about checking out spring break in Havasu. I know exactly what you boys want to check out 😆 We Americans sure know how to have a good time….sure you and Linda don’t want to join us???

  5. Jackpot….ok who wouldn’t want to be there! Happy hour and bike trail! With a view! I can see why you want to put that on your list…it’s on mine now too! Thanks for the tour! And so happy you found a happy spot….

    • You would love the state parks along the water….especially Buckskin State Park and Cattail Cove State Park. Hiking, biking, and happy hour…. ka-ching!

  6. We’ve never been to Lake Havasu area. I love it from your photos:) You certainly did the area justice. We need to visit!!! I love Pirate’s Den RV Resort…my kind of place!

    Sounds like a wonderful Happy Hour with friends. Tacos and margaritas…yum!! Quite the Lady Pirate statue there!! You didn’t model for it did you by any chance!?

    • I was thinking of you when I posted the photo of the MH’s at Pirates Den. Since you liked Portal in Moab (although much bigger sites) so much I know you would enjoy this place. However the rigs are parked really, really close. Of course I modeled for it….tata’s and all….lol. Now you know why I can’t hike as far as you guys!!!

  7. Great photos Ingrid! It looks like you’ve popped over to Key West. I am partial to the sunset, sky and heron pictures, especially Mr. Heron’s portrait! But London Bridge? Are you sure? I thought it fell down.

  8. Lake Havasu is certainly a neat place…I would rather camp right next to the Pirate place, where we could walk home..no chance of a DUI….We need to get back out West again, but not in our near future!

    • Oh yes. staying there definitely has it’s advantages. I would enjoy staying there too if I were a sardine….if ya catch my drift. I can see why you go to TX cause AZ is a long drive from IL. Hoping you get on the road soon!

  9. Wow…y’all hit the jackpot with happy hour.

    That area offers so much. No wonder so many snowbirds stay there.

    Safe travels.

  10. Wow a great watering hole and the London Bridge in the same place. Since I don’t worry about being called a barfly, I’m off to research the Pirate’s Den RV Resort

    • I do believe this a spot you might really enjoy. So much to see and do in the area, but plenty of possibilities for eating, drinking and relaxing 🙂

    • Do let us know when your trek sends you westward. With the exception of our Jan/Feb visit to Texas we pretty much stay in the “four corner” states…..CO, NM, UT, AZ.

  11. We won’t get that far west this year but it sure seems like a place to add to our ever growing list of places to go. Not looking forward to the weather predicted later this week either, but since we haven’t seen rain since leaving VT we’re not going to complain.

    • Yep, even AZ weather is getting a little up and down. Guess it’s that time of year. If you haven’t made it out west yet, I would highly recommend. It’s so very different than the east….it’s like two separate countries 🙂

  12. What a Beautiful Area to Explore – Loving Your Captures – Who Doesn’t Like a Good Pirate Theme with Drinking involved – ha! I have been to Lake Havasu and pretty much seen the London Bridge and left – love to go back and check more of it out. Happy Tuesday:)

    • Ah, so much more to see and do than the London Bridge. Perhaps a repeat is in your future. Lots of great places to stay from basic to luxury…tent, RV, hotel, condo to luxury furnished houses. You name it, they got it!

  13. We found ourselves there, during a daytrip from Vegas, on what happened to be Spring Break. OMG…I’ve never seen so many nipple pasties in one place. And I honestly didn’t know boats could be outfitted with stripper poles. It was amazing to see this quaint little “British”-toned town transformed into a total party zone. Let’s just say the next time we went (non-Spring Break), things were a little quieter. 🙂

    • Talk about party central!!! I’m know you saw much more than you anticipated …lol. I’m sure it was difficult seeing Lake Havasu City with all the action. Glad you made it back for a ‘normal’ visit.

  14. Love Lake Havasu, glad you guys had a great time. We are headed to Cave Creek this weekend, sounds like it is going to be cold and rainy just like the time we met you guys there!

    • Let’s hope it’s not THAT cold. We really love and miss Cave Creek Reg Park. It just didn’t work in the plans this year. Have a great weekend and hope you get in some of that awesome hiking 🙂

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