Irresistible cuteness!


wine tastingAfter the four of us enjoyed a day filled with fun, treats, and wine tasting, we headed off into Palisades’ countryside for a self-guided tour of the orchard’s and vineyards before the sun goes down.

The previous month, Al and I drove this ‘Fruit & Wine Byway” in western Colorado and therefore I knew exactly where to go.  The area is small and there’s only one main road, thus it’s not difficult to get around.  However, I do have a good old-fashioned map along, just in case.

This map also highlights the ‘scenic byway’ and makes notes of interests along the way.  I believe I found this particular Palisade, Colorado map at the visitor center in Fruita just off Interstate 70.

Palisade Colorado is loaded with unique produce stands selling locally grown products

We do a quick drive through downtown Palisade and then proceed in the direction of the East Orchard Mesa Loop.  This scenic loop takes us past orchards, vineyards, and quaint produce stands.  It’s September 21st and the trees no longer bear the sweet, delicious peaches that were abundant in August, instead we find apples not quite ripe for the picking.


We drive past produce stands, orchards growing apples, and then vineyards.  I knew just the spot to pull over so Ashton and Tasha could see grapes still growing on the vine.  Their interest and knowledge in wine still amazes me.  Tasha even plans to get married in a vineyard someday…..once she finds the right man, that is.  I’m not sure how or when Tasha developed her interest in wine, but I do know how daughter, Ashton developed hers……Sydney, Australia.

When Ashton studied abroad, she engaged in several wine tours in Australia and developed a taste and curiosity.  I’m sure it started out as an excuse to drink alcohol before turning into a genuine interest in wine.  Since she wasn’t 21 years old yet, the U.S. drinking age, she found herself in a country where she was of age….well, need I say more?  We won’t even mention the term “pub crawling”.  Thus, the story of how my little girl turned into a wine connoisseur.

Palisade wine
The girls are excited to be in a vineyard and snap away with their iPhones

Ah, back to the vineyards and orchards……. I stop for the gals to walk among the rows of grapevines.  They are giddy with delight and snapping away with their iPhones.  There’s still plenty of grapes on the vines for the gals to observe and gently touch.

AlpacasWe hop back in the car and continue our journey.  I turn down a side road then into what appears is someone’s driveway / home.  The girls are perplexed.  Now I am giddy with delight; I have an impending surprise for the ladies.

Just as we were exiting our parked car, the owner of Suncrest Orchard Alpacas steps out of the barn to greet us.  He’s carrying something?

Suncrest Orchard Alpacas provides informative tours year ’round on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays from 9-5 or by appointment.  Whew…’s Saturday.  This time, my spontaneity worked well.  The guy is obviously carrying a bundle of joy as evidenced by his huge smile.

Suncrest Orchard Alpacas
The owner carrying a bundle of irresistible cuteness!  One week old little boy.

The four of us approach the fence and in unison respond,  “Aaawwww….hoowww….. cuutte”!  Ashton, Tasha, sister-in-law, and myself are enamored with this one week old baby Alpaca.  It’s obvious the owner is passionate about is brood of Alpacas.  He graciously spent an hour sharing his vast knowledge of these interesting animals.AlpacaAlpacas

Suncrest Orchard AlpacaWe were enthralled.  We all asked lots of questions.  As long as we asked questions, the owner eagerly and passionately shared.

The month prior when Al and I visited, the owners mother was on site to give us the tour including a tour of the building where they spin the Alpaca yarn.  This was probably the first time I had wished I was into knitting.  I so would buy some of this Alpaca yarn.  Soft is an understatement.

With the setting of the sun, we reluctantly tore ourselves away thanking the owner profusely for his time.  We were all truly fascinated and entertained by this impromptu stop.  Another huge thank you to Suncrest Orchard Alpaca Farm for an irresistibly good time.

Time to return to camp.  We have dinner waiting for us on the picnic table …….

a mother-daughter moment. This little girl was 4 weeks old….aaawww!

45 thoughts on “Irresistible cuteness!

    1. I guess they can occasionally spit but nothing like llamas or camels. Oh, and they do NOT like to be touched. The owner was the only one they are ok with.


  1. Great pics of th alpacas…and they didn’t spit? They must be very well behaved. 🙂

    And I think it is better that daughter chose to be a wine connoisseur over being a shot queen. 🙂 🙂


    1. No, they didn’t spit but they also didn’t get too close to us. Oh my gosh….’shot queen’, no that would not do….LOL… connoisseur is fine!


  2. Those things are adorable…
    No daughter of yours was ever on a “Pub Crawl”, it was a “learning curve”, you said it yourself, she was studying abroad….


  3. Nothing beats Alpaca wool for keeping warm in winter! There’s a store in Boston’s Quincy Market that sells sweaters made exclusively from Alpaca yarns. I used to treat myself every year on my birthday with a new alpaca sweater; pricey but very definitely worth it!
    I love the pics you posted, but was very surprised to see mesas in the same shot as vineyards and orchards! I never realized mesas existed outside of the desert! Interesting how blogging teaches something new every day!!


    1. Colorado has mesas of all kinds; some forested, some rock like the one in Palisade. After seeing how labor intensive processing the wool is, it’s no wonder Alpaca products are pricey. I’m sure they last a very long time though. Quincy Market? It’s been almost thirty years since I was last there!


  4. You have a lot of adventures stored up in your head (and your computer). The alpacas are so cute. I’ve never seen one up close. Can’t help you with the knitting. Perhaps you should learn! It would be a good activity while living in a small box!


  5. They look so adorable! I think it’s the huge liquidy eyes that get to me, maybe the softness, maybe those long lanky legs. Oh heck…the whole package is just so sweet.


  6. What a great surprise for the girls:) The Alpaca are so cute, especially those little ones. Super photo to end your mother daughter day!

    Glad you had such a wonderful ladies time!


  7. The Alpaca reminds me of a furry camel..and I think they are just so ugly that they’re cute!! Especially the one who says, “Mike, Mike…Guess what day it is?”


  8. Your Ashton and our Carrie sound like they could be sisters. Carrie loves to drink “good” wine. And for a while I thought she changed her middle name to “pub crawl.”

    Yes, Alpacas are adorable. Your last photo is absolutely precious!


    1. Exactly, a wine tour is just a posh persons pub crawl 🙂

      When I go to restock up on wine from our local winery, Marco always takes me into the cantina to taste his ‘latest’ wine or he will open a bottle for a quick wine tasting.


    2. It was really sweet to see that precious Alpaca mother/daughter moment and I was happy to have captured it. Oh, how funny about our daughters. Did she study abroad?


    1. All the fresh produce stands were unique in design and the fruits were delicious. Yes, Alpacas do have a cuddly cuteness about them. 🙂


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