Exfoliation, natures way!

Al and I are off to a slow start this morning. Last night’s rain and wind made for a rather restless night. Although neither one of us slept well, I’m on a mission today. I pack us a picnic lunch, don the hiking boots and it’s off to Arches National Park for a day of hiking and sightseeing.

Delicate Arch

Hum….where have I seen Delicate Arch before? Looks so familiar.  Oh yah, Utah license plate!

I have a hike to a famous, well-known Arch all picked out for today’s adventure. It’s a three-mile round trip hike. Not too difficult but we’re told to plan 2 hours. I can’t wait. Arches National Park is truly unique and a one of a kind place.

Moab Utah

Delicate Arch as seen from the scenic overlook – opposite direction as featured on the Utah license plates.  So I guess you could say, my photo is backwards 😉

Last night’s winds have not let up, but I refuse to allow the wind to curtail my plans. Hubby, the practical one among us, recommends a few scenic stops before setting out on that hike. You know, to test out the weather first. Well, he didn’t have to recommend we stop along the way more than once, as I was eager to snap away at this amazing scenery.Moab Utah

Moab UtahAfter a couple of stops and battles with the wind, we arrive at the “Delicate Arch” scenic overlook. From this vantage point we see the famous Arch in the distance perched on a large sandstone rock other wise known as slick rock. We can’t hike to the Arch from this point as a rather huge canyon separates the overlook from the Arch.  The trailhead leading to this iconic Arch is up the road a short distance, allowing hikers to wander near and under this towering Arch.

Delicate Arch

Al, seen in the center with the burgundy colored shirt, waits patiently for me at the scenic overlook, while I hike around on slick rock photographing Delicate Arch

It’s a half a mile uphill to the top of this scenic overlook. The wind is whipping. I continue past the end of the trail hiking out on the slick rock in pursuit of the perfect shot of Delicate Arch. I’m being sandblasted by the ever-present red sand while hiking on sandstone. This isn’t the kind of skin exfoliation method one hopes for. This is anything but Spa like.  The sand whipping around is almost uncomfortable on my bare legs.  I should have worn pants.  Thank goodness I just so happen to have a pair in the vehicle.

Delicate Arch

Me climbing around in search of the best shot of Delicate Arch seen in the distance

Moab Utah

Scenic point – Delicate Arch in background

Al and I quickly return to the vehicle. We are duly impressed with our speed and agility as we traverse the trail downhill all in an attempt to seek shelter from the driving winds. I work to remove grit from my eyes before driving off.   As we sit in the vehicle enjoying a short reprieve from the blasting winds, Al in a rather chiding tone of voice asks, “So are we still going on that 2 hour hike?” Head slung and in a defeated tone, I respond, “No. Not today”. The wind wins!Moab UtahBut just because we don’t do the hike to Delicate Arch does not mean the day is ruined. Plan B; take in some other sites. We opt for short hikes with breaks from the wind back in the vehicle.

Moab Utah

Dramatic skies as weather rolls in


Arches National Park, Utah

The La Sal Mountains in the distance are getting hit with weather ….probably snow. The weather front adds drama to an already dramatic landscape.

La Sal Mountains

The La Sal Mountains in the distance receive a fresh dusting of snow

The winds do settle as the day progresses, but not without leaving in its wake some cool temperatures and a fresh coating of snow on the La Sal Mountains. Snow? Yikes! The thought of snow has us in the mood to move south. Arizona here we come!Moab Utah

Moab Utah

I may not have made it to Delicate Arch but I did make it to Windows. That’s lil’ole me standing under North Window Arch

The above event took place last week.  We are currently in transit on our way to Phoenix, Arizona.  Our short visit to the Moab area was indeed too short.  That said, I do believe a revisit is in order next Spring.  I know…. it’s a tough job, but I’m up for the challenge!


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  2. Oooooh so envious. Your pictures are great. I hope I can remember all these places. They are so beautiful and I want to be there with you. Please keep a journal so I can get a copy of all these places you have been so lucky to visit. Headin for Arizona huh. More adventures ahead. Enjoy keep the pictures coming. “Love um” Miss you
    Merry sue

  3. Ah, the battles with the wind…I remember those. I’m thinking of taking up kiting as a hobby. Nick Russell (Gypsy Journal) has just started this and it looks like a lot of fun. Hey…if life gives you wind…go fly a kite!

  4. It’s so hard to look at your awesome blog. This really is something to put on my list of places to go to. So much majesty and spectacle! You give me more and more places to wish to achieve. Thanks for showing it us.

    • Thank you. You would love it and for those tenting it, there are tons of places to camp. I may have to pull out the tent just so I can sleep among some of this amazing scenery 🙂

  5. Glad you made it to Arches. Wonderful photos. Great cloud pics again. We didn’t make it to Delicate Arch either as himself was walking with a stick at the time. The great thing about the National Parks is that they are so accessible to everyone and provide fantastic photo ops at every stop on the road. You certainly made the best of your time there judging from your photographs.

  6. Thanks for refreshing many fond memories of Arches. We visited there quite a bit in the 80s. It’s so hard to choose, but I do believe it’s my all time favorite of all the Parks I’ve visited. Though I think Zion is a very close second. Bryce… not so much.

    • My pleasure. I think next fall I’d like to include a trip to Zion…..hopefully no government shut down. It’s been years since we’ve last visited and the kids were little. Utah is an incredible state…..love it 🙂

  7. Ingrid, it sure looks like you had a great time in Moab! Love the shots of you! Beautiful photos of a most stunning place! Enjoy your time in AZ! I don’t know if you saw my comment to you about Usery and Cave Creek. I think I saw a comment in which you mentioned Cave Creek so you must have been there.

    • We spent almost two months on and off at Cave Creek last winter. One of our faves. We couldn’t get into Usery because we didn’t make a reservation soon enough. Thanks for the heads up. Always interested in recommendations on great places to stay. Safe travels to you 🙂

  8. Beautiful pics. The wind you are talking about WAS BRUTAL. I spent the day as tour guide at the Grotto site at Palatki and by the end of the day I was feeling like I had been caged and tortured. Whew good thing it only lasted a day.
    Now we are in NM and arrive at the destination tomorow. Passed a few things we really should have allowed time to see, so like you said, next time through…
    Safe travels.

    • I’m looking forward to hearing about your next workkamp position and even more on your boost. We are in a full fledged RV Park in Phoenix with the worst internet connection to date 😉

  9. Every time I’ve been to Moab it’s been hotter than heck. I’ve hiked to Delicate Arch more than once, and I’m sure it was no picnic on the traverse of exposed slick rock with the wind blasting you. I was in Tucson a week or so ago and it was still really hot. I hope the weather has cooled off and you’re having a great time in Arizona!

    • Thank you. The temps in Moab were perfect…. perhaps even a tad too cold at night. Once the wind settled it was even better. Just arrived in Phoenix yesterday and it is still on the warm side. Thank goodness for A/C during the day 🙂

    • You are so right. I think that’s why hubby and I have decided to slow down the travel. You never know when weather will put a damper on the plans but if we stay long enough, the weather clears and its all fun and games 🙂

  10. You really have travelled through some beautiful spots in our Country. I regret never having returned to see Utah. These photos are spectacular. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  11. I’m already in love with Utah and I haven’t even been there yet! All thanks to the beautiful photography and prose of bloggers like you. My great westward adventure is coming, maybe not next summer but soooon.

    • I know you’ll love it. There’s so much to see and do it’ll be difficult to find time for work. Let’s hope the Park’s open back up soon!

  12. Stunning pictures, as usual. I am glad that you are throwing in some with you guys in it. Having lots of scinic pctures is nice but the best ones have people it, IMO.

  13. Darned wind. Last time we camped at Arches at spring break, we almost froze to death. It was below freezing part of each day and way below freezing each night and the wind was like a hurricane. We huddled around our cookstove to cook and then took our food into our tent to eat because it was miserable. Still, I love Arches. That was just a bummer trip with the wind and cold. Your pictures are stunning. Enjoy Phoenix.

    • Thanks Char. I can relate. We awoke to forty degree temps in the RV almost every morning. Because we were out running around all day, our generator wasn’t able to recharge our battery fully. Thus it wasn’t far off from a little tent camping except we did have nice protection from the winds. We’re looking into solar. Solar = heat 🙂

    • Thanks. Just settled into Pueblo El Mirage RV Park……Cave Creek it ain’t. Oh well, couldn’t beat the special deal. I’ll adjust 😦 Hey at least we don’t have to worry about snow 🙂

  14. Beautiful Captures:) I know the wind here can be downright nasty and do not even want to go out in it at times too. It is hard on the skin, but you get a salon quality blowout though – ha!Happy Hump Day!

    • LOL…..yep those winds can perform all kinds of salon treatments. We spent twelve years living in a very windy part of Colorado so you’d think we’d be used to the winds. Used to – yes…..like -no 😉

      • I have been here almost 10 years and still not use to it. I still grip the steering wheel too tight because I do not want to run into another car or be blown off the road when windy – SCARY!!!

  15. Seeing your blog reminds me that there are more seasons to RV than just the Winter…I think you will like the hiking opportunities in Arizona too. Dennis wears gas perm contact lenses and the wind is NOT his friend. Driving out to Arizona on I-10, we always seem to run into a sandstorm..it’s a killer for him!!

    • I-10 can be quite the adventure. Around the first of the year we’ll be traveling I-10 from Phoenix to Rockport. West Texas is about as exciting as Nebraska. Fall and Spring are great times to travel. The month of Sept is the perfect time for a Colorado-Utah road trip.
      We’re settling into the RV Park in Phx…..not sure how I feel about it….stay tuned!

  16. Life for you two is really hard and you are rubbing that in quite well… beautiful photos of a beautiful area… and I do think we need to revisit this next spring… we are prepared to wait…

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed. Warning….the next couple of months might be a tad boring. Sometimes life and responsibilities get in the way of our fun. Guess it can’t be all rainbows and unicorns 😆

  17. What a drag the sand was so relentless! I think that is an area we will try to spend an entire month in at some point. It seems winter is arriving early this year with the crazy storms hitting the West at the end of Sept!

    • Definitely…. the area warrants a months stay. Does seem OR is getting hit pretty hard with the weather. Seems like it might be time to head south after the visit with daughter 🙂

  18. Your photos are spectacular! Given all the great photos and hikes we have learned about this part of Utah, it has definitely moved up higher on the list of places to be.

    • I think you and Terry would really enjoy. We’re hoping the bike trail bridge work along the Colorado River is complete by spring so we can ride our bikes. I think we need to spend a month because 5 days was nothing.

  19. What a trooper! Glad you hung in there for a few beautiful pictures. That sand blasting is not fun. We got caught in it, also. It was amazing how many places that sand settles on your body.

    Aren’t the La Sal’s magnificent with that snow cover! You should have the same look in April if you get back that way then. April was a perfect time to visit Moab. Temps were great, crowds were down (somewhat), and the mountains were kissed with snow. I am glad we went when we did because May was way too hot. I am not into hiking in the 90’s.

    Enjoy AZ! Now your hikes can include the search for the crested saguaro!! Take lots of pictures if find some!

    • I was still game to hike to Delicate Arch until Al made mention of possible camera damage…..and then it was, “say what?” That’s when I said its probably best to forgo. But as Arnold would say, “I’ll be back”. Trust me, regarding your posts…I read every word and took in every photo during your time in the Moab area and I couldn’t wait to explore myself. We wanted to hit Moab earlier but had a Winefest with daughter to attend in Palisades CO. Eventually I’ll post about that 🙂

  20. Love your photos! I was at Arches over 30 years ago. Your photos bring back wonderful memories. It is a very special place. Your posts are always fun to read!

    • Thank you. I appreciate the kind comment. The last time (my first time) I saw Arches was over twenty years ago and it was just a quick drive through. I always vowed to return for a lengthier stay.

    • Never….but a broken record comment is always welcome. I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record myself with repeated adjectives like stunning, amazing, unique. Sometimes I think I’m better off to let the photos speak for themselves.

    • Thanks. I think it would be more surprising to visit this amazing place for a week and NOT experience wind….after all, it is the wind that creates all these unique rock sculptures. I think we’ll head back in the spring so I’ll check your blog for ideas…..safe travels 🙂

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