Sedona, Arizona

SedonaWe awake to a beautiful Arizona sunrise, and quickly ready ourselves for the day.  We’re off to try another Sedona recommendation from LuAnn….the Coffee Pot Restaurant.

The Coffee Pot Restaurant is home to 101 Omelets and got its name from the famous Coffee Pot Rock. Coffee Pot Rock is actually the highest point in Sedona at about 5,600 feet in elevation.  The town sits at 4,350 feet in elevation.SedonaSedona2 071

Ummm, the coffee was divine and the food was excellent. We even purchase some coffee to brew back at the RV.Sedona

Next we head into the quaint older shopping district for a little retail therapy.  I can’t help but feel a sense of history.  I image the pioneers on horseback discovering this majestic land.  The history of this land goes way back to various Indian civilizations.  The first Europeans (Spanish) explored the Verde Valley in the mid 1500’s and the first Anglo settled in the area in 1876. Sedona

Sedona2 052

Sedona is a small town of about 10,000 residents and consists of 19 square miles, 49% of which belong to the Coconino National Forest.  With such an abundance of public access, the availability of hiking is endless. Sedona

SedonaRed Rock Country is stunning in all directions.  There’s a sense of spirituality.  A majestic beauty.  It’s no wonder this unique beauty attracts 2 to 4 million tourists a year.

Al and I finally feel rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to hit the road again.  Although I must admit, I could stay for quite awhile and never tire of the view.




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  2. How funny :)!! You guys are in Phoenix and we are spending in Colorado Springs! We awoke to a couple of inches of snow this morning. Having not seen snow in a lot of years, this was a beautiful treat. We can see Pikes Peak out our window and there is a running/biking trail right outside the park entrance. Aaaahhh…it is so good to be back in the western part of the U.S. again :).


    • Pikes Peak is always pretty topped with snow. Hiking in Garden of the Gods after a light snow fall is beautiful. Enjoy the area. Do you have a blog?


  3. Glad to hear the Coffee Pot is still yummy. We love that place. While you’re in the area be sure to visit Jerome. Very cool town, it’s worth the drive. Just don’t go there in the rig! Merry Christmas!


    • We’re already in Phx….cold weather pushed us south. We look forward to returning to the area for further explorations….with warmer temps! Have a great holiday and thank you for the recommendation.


    • I loved Sedona. Hey I was just writing a post on us meeting for coffee. Not sure when it’ll go live just yet. How are you doing? I hope things are settling down for you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas all things considered 🙂


      • Doing well! This year I’m bringing Christmas to my Dad’s. Cooking, gifts, and everything will be at his house. So as you can imagine I’m keeping pretty busy. ha ha


  4. I HAVE to get to Sedona some day. Your pictures are gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at them. Those rock formations are stunning. What a fun place to live.


    • Fun indeed. I wish we would have gotten in some hiking. If you go during the summer, slide rock is a blast with the kids. Water is cold but tubing and playing in the rapids is a boat load of fun!


  5. Your photos make me want to get back..There use to be a restaurant in town that was down some steps and you ate outside overlooking the valley..Don’t remember the name, but we had some great sausage soup…You are sooo right..That place is oozing history, and a peacefulness you can get nowhere else..Thanks for taking us back…


    • What’s stopping you? We definitely want to go back and spend more time in the area. I bet most of the restaurants are pretty yummy. Have a great Christmas!


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