Rain, Rain, go Away

SteamboatI was really hoping to rent a Kayak or Canoe today and get out on Steamboat Lake.  I love being out on the water.  Al’s hesitant to paddle and would rather rent a boat with a motor.  “But I want to paddle”……envision a three-year old throwing a tantrum 🙂  “But, Ingrid, we haven’t been out paddling since our Boundary Water Canoe Area days.  Don’t you think we’re a bit out of shape?  You do realize we’ll probably end up in the water?”  I’m up for the challenge!

Fortunately for Al, the weather wasn’t agreeable.  We awoke to overcast cool temperatures and a gentle steady rain fall.  Not the kind of boating weather I was hoping for.

We’re in need of a few groceries and could use some internet time as well.  Day three of no internet and Al and I are starting to feel the beginnings of withdrawal symptoms.  We grab the laptops and head into Steamboat Springs.  A little retail therapy wouldn’t hurt either.


We stop to watch this sheep herder and dogs move this flock of sheep

Hahns Peak Lake

Hahns Peak Lake

Time spent on the internet at a cute book store, check; retail therapy, T-shirt purchased, check; groceries, check; yummy lunch at a bistro, check…….time to return to camp.  Although it’s still overcast and the rain comes and goes, we’ll head back to camp slowly, exploring along the way.

Pearl Lake State Park offers a more intimate wilderness experience than Steamboat Lake.  Pearl Lake is a tranquil 190 acre lake perfect for fishing and canoeing.  The campground is rustic and not recommended for RV’s longer than 35′.  There’s only 39 sites, and in our opinion, only a hand-full would accommodate our 31′ rig….all on the upper loop.  Pearl Lake State Park is perfect for small trailers and tents.  Elevation 7800 feet.

Hahns Peak Lake

Hahns Peak Lake

SteamboatWe continue heading north on County Road 129 past Steamboat Lake to check out Hahns Peak Lake.  This small lake is a paddlers dream.  No motors allowed.  The campground sits at 8500 feet in elevation and offers 25 sites.  Hahns Peak Lake and Campground is managed by the Routt National Forest and camping fees are very reasonable.  It is definitely a little more of a challenge and effort to get to this remote Campground, nestled within a pine and aspen forest.

Al and I are both happy and satisfied with our camping experience at Steamboat Lake, Colorado, and aren’t interested in changing locations during this visit.  In the future, we would most likely choose Steamboat Lake State Park again as well.  This is truely a beautiful and serene place….a place we hope to return to again and again.

Steamboat Lake

Steamboat Lake

Steamboat LakeSteamboat Lake


15 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, go Away

  1. We could use a bit of rain. Haven’t seen a drop since June. But it’s starting to feel like it could be close.
    Lovely shots of some heavenly scenes. There’s nothing quite like the Rockies, unless it’s the Pacific Coast. 😉

    • Definitely lovely and look forward to seeing the Pacific Coast one of these days. Northern CO hasn’t had the extreme drought like southern CO. We were actually able to have a campfire, which surprised us.

      • Don’t know if I’d call ours a drought since it’s typical not to see a drop of rain for a couple of months in the summer… and everyone thinks it rains ALL the time in Oregon! 😉

  2. Isn’t it funny how we love to be “disconnected,” but now we’re so dependent on our internet connections that we go through withdrawal without it? We were in Europe for 2 weeks recently and I loved being disconnected. I did like checking in every once in a while though. Times have changed…

    • Not only Steamboat Lake but Pearl Lake and Hahns Peak Lake are all awesome for a Kayak or canoe. You guys would love this area. Hike and paddle to your hearts content ! Al promised me a paddle on a return next summer. 🙂

  3. Ah…ya changed your gravatar. Nice. Yes the water at these higher elevations don’t get a chance to warm up too much. Nights are still cool/cold.
    Probably just as well we didn’t go out for a paddle. Colorado is definitely beautiful country.

  4. I reckon I’d agree with you… your setting looks out of this world… I’m assuming the water temperature is on the cold side… and agree with Al… tip up and its going to be a cold introduction to the day… love your blog and photos…

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