Golden, Colorado

Prairie Dog

Hey, where do you think you’re going?

It’s yet another hundred degree day in southern Colorado.  This summer has been extremely hot and dry.  Al and I haven’t been hiking since our trip to Crested Butte.  Even then, our hiking was minimal due to Bear’s limitations.

Last summer we enjoyed a hike or bike ride along the Arkansas River almost every morning.  Al and I were feeling pretty good and even lost a few pounds (needed and planned).  We’re fortunate to live next door to a State Park, as well as able to travel.  Thus, no excuses for our lack of activity or weight gain  😦    Ah, well sh*t happens!

We decide it’s time to escape, or at least try to escape this summer heat and in the process visit with daughter.  Our destination Golden, Colorado.  Daughter lives about 20 minutes away allowing us to visit as much as her schedule will allow.  We stay at the Dakota Ridge RV Park.  It’s a bit on the pricey side but offers all hook-ups and plenty of amenities, but most importantly a fabulous location.  And very dog friendly.

Golden Colorado

Dakota Ridge RV Park – spaced a bit closer than we like – hill in background provided some great exercise for Al, me, and Bear

Golden Colorado

the trail around the “mountain”

We get settled in.  Not as much real estate as we like – a little more room between rigs would have been nice, but we’ve got exploring to do so we won’t be spending that much time hanging around.  The hill in the background provided some great exercise opportunity for the three of us.  Bear surprised us with his ability to climb and walk around the “mountain”.  Yes, it’s merely a hill, but to fourteen year old Bear, it’s a “fourteener” and he was eager to rise to the challenge each morning.Golden Colorado

Not only is it normally 5 to 10 degrees cooler in the Denver area than the Pueblo area, a mild cold front has come through bringing in some lovely 78 degree temperatures….just what Al and I were searching for.  Now that we’re all set up at the RV Park, it’s time to take a drive and get a quick overview of the town of Golden.  Since this trip was done on a whim without much planning, we’ll assess the area and gather info and then we can plan our stay and activities for the next few days……….

Golden Colorado

Dakota Ridge RV Park, Golden, Colorado – can you spot my rig?


12 thoughts on “Golden, Colorado

  1. The location was so ideal we handed over the credit card. I really wanted to stay at the Clear Creek RV Park but that was much tighter and Al wasn’t ready to give it a try. The more we move around, the better and more confident he gets.

    • What is the trick to back in a fifth wheel. We had one for 5 year and it was always a challeng. Now we have a 38′ motorhome with a back up camera and 55 degree wheel cut, I can park anywhere. Leveling is another story.

      Nice blog!
      Steve and Jean

      • Pull-thru sites….lol. We’ve been lucky thus far to have PLENTY of room when we have had to back up. We’re a work in process, but we’ve gotten real good with the leveling. When we go full-time I’d really prefer to have a motorhome. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. That’s a tight campground ? Hmm wait till you get to Alaska, then you know what is tight. We are learning fast here how to maneuver tight, narrow and seemingly impassable driveway and site. That indeed is a pricey campground but the view looks fabulous.

    • Oh, we’re back in Pueblo West. We were gone about 8 days without regular internet service. So I’m back to posting after the fact. Hope all is going well for you guys!

    • I’m in love with Golden. There’s an RV park along Clear Creek, but Al and I don’t like tight places / roads. Still working on the backing up….getting better each time…lol.

  3. Pricey?? They wanted my wife as collateral. But, you can be the gouging campground when there is no competition around. We opted for the Jeffco Fairgrounds, cramma-a-jamma, too, but about $20 a nite. Enjoy a Coors for us.

    • I’ll check into that Jeffco Fairgrounds since we’ll be going back up there. We won’t usually spend that much but the cheaper one across the street left me wondering if I needed “to carry” while walking the dog. 😉

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