Quaking Aspen

As Al and I explore Colorado’s back country, we take in the sights and sounds of the stunning terrain.  We travel from open mountain meadows, through scented pine forests, and past densely populated aspen groves.

The unique sound of the quaking aspen leaves lures us in…..we wonder, is there a gentle waterfall in the distance or merely the fluttering of aspen leaves?

This particular grove/colony is derived from a single seedling and spread by means of root suckers.  New stems in a colony may grow as far away as 130 feet from the parent tree.

An individual tree can live  40-150 years above ground, but the root system of the colony can live for hundreds of years.

Legend has it the aspen tree can drive off evil spirits.  An aspen stake was believed to be one of the few weapons suitable to kill a vampire.  “Watch out Edward!”  (However, I personally am a True Blood fan and thus…”Watch out Eric”)

Colorado is synonymous with this famous white-barked tree, adorning golden leaves in the fall.  And ah yes, that peaceful sound of the quaking leaves…..just another reason to love Colorado!

14 thoughts on “Quaking Aspen

  1. There was a stretch on the Alaska Highway in BC where the Milepost mentioned to see quaking Aspens along the highway. I did not know what an Aspen is so I did not know what to look for but surely there were trees lining on the highway. Reading your blog and seeing a picture of a quaking Aspen did i realize so that was it, those trees on the highway were the Aspens not a bird. Ha Ha Ha, There were no Aspens where I used to live in CA 😦


    1. When I first moved to CO I didn’t know what folks meant by “quaking Aspen”. Ah, it’s the fluttering of the leaves….they make a sound like no other. See just goes to show we are never too old to learn new things….lol


      1. I have to add …while hiking here, Steve now proudly points to me the quaking Aspens! Your blog made us aware of the surrounding trees. And there were more on the Richardson Highway!


  2. We have a few Aspens in our yard and all summer we’re mowing away little sprouting Aspen trees from all over our yard. If we let it, it could easily turn into an Aspen forest. I’m with you… obsessed with True Blood.


    1. When we were in home building, I would warn folks about using Aspen in their landscaping. They can multiply like weeds. Best to admire from afar. Ah, True Blood….never enough episodes!


  3. a few years ago, I discovered they grew in our area… I love how they look, and sound, in the wind as their leaves rustle in the breeze. A beautiful tree. Great pictures!


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