Chicago – day two

English: A Lake Shore Limited train backing in...
English: A Lake Shore Limited train backing into Chicago Union Station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re heading back into the city this morning.  Dad drops us off at the train station since we’re running a bit behind.  We don’t want to miss the express train which will only stop 2 more times between our station and Union Station.  If we miss this train and catch the next, we’ll be stopping at EVERY stop along the route, adding almost 25 extra minutes to the commute.

We’re on a mission today.  We’re off to spend the majority of the day at the Field Museum of Natural History.  This is a great place for people of any age…..young, old, or in between.

As an elementary school child growing up in a Chicago suburb, field trips into the city were always exciting and the Field Museum was a favorite.  The Field Museum has so much to offer and see, I’ll just highlight some of our favorites.  When you first enter the Field Museum, you’re graced with the presence of Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Sue was discovered in 1990 in South Dakota and later purchased by Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History in 1997 for 8.36 million dollars.  Sue is just one of many amazing dinosaurs at the Field Museum.

Son in front of ‘Sue’
Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History

I’m not sure when the museum upgraded their “Evolving Planet” area, but I’m sure glad they did.  Do any of you remember the show “Friends“, when Ross and Rachel first “hooked up”?  Ross was a paleontologist and their ‘first time’ was in the museum among a caveman display.  They ended up falling asleep and awoke to a group of school children observing them.  Oh how I laughed watching this episode.  Even as a child I thought these caveman displays were lame.  Well folks, no more cavemen.  The cavemen have been replaced with the grandest dinosaur room.  My son and I spent over an hour checking out these bones, and I’m not all that interested in dinosaurs and still found it extremely engaging.  A definite must see.

Our second favorite room is the Hall of Gems.  The gorgeous, huge, and amazing gems on display make the Kardashian’s diamond rings look like trinkets.  Depending on your interests, the Field Museum will have something for you to explore.; Plants of the World, DNA Discovery, Inside Ancient Egypt, Science Labs, all kinds of birds, mammals and reptiles, just to name a few departments.  Their website has the very latest exhibits, as well as a downloadable map of this three-story Museum…click here for more info.

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illi...
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)