Ah, Colorado

Home alas.  After a very overwhelming and daunting two weeks in Northern Illinois, we have returned to colorful Colorado.  Loosing a loved one is never pleasant and the need to settle the estate was somber to say the least.  Al and his sisters are doing amazingly well….all things considered.

dad in his garden – hibiscus

On a lighter note, I was able to take the time to visit with my dad, who lives about an hour from Al’s family.  My first visit was spent in dad’s amazing garden followed by lunch at his favorite Chinese buffet.  On my second visit, I brought lunch and then we went to a couple of RV dealers to look at motorhomes.  My mom and dad preferred motorhomes and loved their RVing days.  Although Al and I enjoy the 5th wheel, we occasionally think about changing over to a motorhome.  Dad and I had a great time looking at rigs at the dealership and dad was amazed with all the changes in the RVing industry over the past years.  Oh, and I did find my ‘dream’ RV…….. first purchase when I win the lottory…lol.

I left Illinois and headed west over twenty years ago and haven’t looked back since. Although I love to go back and visit family in the Chicago burbs, with the occasional trip into downtown Chicago, I relish my returns west.  I have become rather accustomed to days and days of sunshine with the occasional overcast.  In Illinois, its days and days of overcast with the occasional day of sunshine.  We also encountered the day and a half of persistent rain and downpour.  My how we’ve forgotten midwestern weather.  Yes, memories flood back.  Yes, we’re ready to return to Colorado.

Colorado is our home, that is when we’re not out traveling in our Rig.  Then it’s “home is where you park it”.