Gloomy skies…

It’s Sunday and we’ve said our good-byes to the “Superstition Square Wheelers”.  What great folks!  It’s cold, at least for Phoenix.  In the 50’s.  It’s raining and the Superstition Mountain is taking on yet another look.  We sit by ourselves in the Group Camp Area at Lost Dutchman State Park waiting for our group to arrive.

Lost Dutchman State Park

It’s actually starting to snow at the higher elevation on Superstition Mountain.  According to the locals, this is a treat to behold and many are extremely excited.  Snow?  Snow?  Really, people?  I left Colorado to get away from the snow.  However, I must admit the transition that occurred through-out the course of the day was breathtaking.  We sat in the RV with the most spectacular view out our back window.

View out of our rear window -

The rain, hail, and snow continues most of the day.  I call my dad, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, and let him know where we’re camped and tell him about the weather.  My dad can barely contain his laughter as he briefs me on the sunny blue sky and 80 degree temperature he is enjoying.  Wait, how can that be.  It’s mid March.  I’m sitting in the Phoenix area bundled up and he’s in the Chicago area in shorts.  We have a good chuckle and I promise to email some photos.

Bears’ walks are quick today.  He misses being able to lay outside.  We stay inside most of the day reading and catching up with paperwork.  Watching the weather and the mountain change has also been entertaining.  Shortly after noon, the first of our group starts to arrive.  This is our first event we’ve attended with any Escapees group.  We brave the elements with each RV arrival to introduce ourselves.  We keep it short and sweet and rapidly return to the dry and warmth of our Rig.

By late afternoon, our formerly empty Group Camping Area is nearly full.  In the evening we have get togethers in a few of the RV’s to get to know one another.  The plans for the up coming days are discussed and posted.  Should be a fun few days!

We have neighbors!