Friends Old and New…

Our site here at Lake Pleasant is turning out to be one of my favorites on our adventure thus far.  You can’t get much closer to the lake without being on the lake.  Yesterday was a perfect day.  We settled into this new location by enjoying the warm sun and the light lake breezes.  The evening was spent around a campfire and stargazing while enjoying a glass of red wine.There’s only three other RV’s parked near us and we make friends with the folks in the two other 5th wheels.The folks in the 5th wheel to the right are snowbirders from Washington State.  They start their three-month escape from the northwest in January at Quartzsite.  We found this couple very entertaining, warm, and engaging.  We had an immediate connection when we realized we were all involved in the aviation industry at some point in our former careers.  We spent an evening exchanging stories over a roaring campfire.

The couple in the 5th wheel on the far left have been full-timers for fourteen years and are formally from areas in Wisconsin and Minnesota that Al and I would vacation near.  Once again, we find a common thread and the conversations are so very enjoyable.During our conversation around the campfire with the folks from Washington, we get on the subject of solar power, batteries, and propane heaters.  We embarked on this trip with factory equipment in the RV and our Honda 2000 generator.  We knew from the start one battery would be a challenge but somehow we’d manage.  These new friends invite us over to their rig the next morning.  With notebook in hand, Al and I spend over two hours getting educated on solar, batteries, etc.  How very gracious of these folks and very enlightening.

We also learned a bit more about these new friends.  Not only are they world travelers, they also enjoy frequenting clothing optional locations.  I admire their confidence, adventuress, self-assured, and warm nature.  We hope to meet up with these folks again, perhaps in Quartzsite next January….. with our clothes on, of course  🙂

The couple from the midwest was equally as helpful and warm.  They also shared information on Escapees and informed us on an upcoming get together at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ.  Our last evening at Lake Pleasant is spent laughing around a campfire.  We usually avoid discussing politics or religion, especially with folks we just met.  However, our views on these matters appeared to be similar and very little was held back….very logical and opinionated exchange.  This was so much fun, stimulating, and thought producing.  Hope to run into these folks again and continue the discussion where we left off.

Mid week, we had long time friends join us for dinner and drinks around the campfire.  We’ve know this couple for close to thirty years (boy, when I

Long time friends

say that, it makes me feel old).  They’ve lived in the Phoenix area fifteen plus years, and we always make it a point to arrange at least one get together with them on our travels around Phoenix.  We try to schedule a hike at Usery Park with them, but run into conflicting schedules.

Our son also joined us twice during our stay.  We always cherish the time spent with him.

Al, Ingrid & Son

The original plan was to stay at Lake Pleasant for a couple, three nights at the most, but in the end…. turned into a nine-day wonderful stay.  Lake front property at it’s best!  Who could resist?