It’s been a tough month here in Colorado.  Our normally vivid blue sky is covered in an obscure haze.  The haze is caused from smoke from the numerous wildfires.  Sometimes the haze and smoke are so severe the mountains can’t be seen.

Colorado Springs – fire still a concern

The devastation in Colorado Springs is particularly difficult for me to absorb.  Entire neighborhoods have been wiped out.  Although our temperatures are still extremely hot, in the upper 90’s, the winds are thankfully calm.  Thus, firefighters have been successful in obtaining over 70% containment.

The Waldo Canyon Fire has destroyed over 345 homes, 2 lives lost, and thousands evacuated.  The fire is no longer an immediate threat in highly populated areas and is, for the most part, in the back country.  However, winds could pick up and once again pose a serious threat.

Folks are starting to return to their homes, providing they still have a home and the community is coming together to help one another.  Our prayers go out to those that have lost so much.  Our thanks go to all the courageous men and women who are still working so hard to keep us all safe.  Let’s pray for rain, but no lightning, please!!!!    FYI…unfortunately due to poor air quality, it was impossible for me to get clear photos through the lingering haze and smoke.

water being dropped on hot spots