Dead Horse

I’m speaking of the State Park….Dead Horse Ranch State Park located in Cottonwood, Arizona.  Quite a name, isn’t it?Dead Horse State Park

How the park got its name – The Ireys family came to Arizona from Minnesota looking to buy a ranch in the late 1940’s.  At one of the ranches they discovered a large dead horse lying by the road.  After two days of viewing ranches, Dad Ireys asked the kids which ranch they liked the best.  The kids said, “the one with the dead horse”.  The Ireys family chose the name Dead Horse Ranch and late, in 1973, when Arizona State Parks acquired the park, the Ireys made retaining the name a condition of sale.Dead Horse State Park

Dead Horse Ranch State Park covers 423 acres and sits at an elevation of 3,300 feet.  The park is located within the Coconino National Forest and provides ample trails for hiking or biking, as well as water for canoeing or fishing.Dead Horse State Park

The spiritual town of Sedona is an easy 20 minute drive from Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  LuAnn over at Paint Your Landscape graciously sent me information and recommendations on the area.  Thank you, LuAnn.

SedonaOur first stop was Chapel of the Holy Cross.  What a fascinating structure.  The mere thought of constructing this unique building boggles my mind.Sedona


After a moment of reflection at the chapel, we stop at an architecturally pleasing shopping center called Tlaqquepaque….no, I don’t know how to pronounce it.Sedona

Followed by a great Mexican meal at Javelina Cantina.  They serve some of the best salsa Al and I have ever eaten.  With tummies full, we return to the RV at Dead Horse Ranch State Park with plans to return to Sedona in the morning for breakfast.  I’m already looking forward to it  🙂Sedona