Bear Gets a Wagon

“You’re not leaving me behind”

The last couple of days have been a bit of a challenge for Al and me.  Our little guy and partner in crime had to visit the Vet.  Al and I know Bear is getting up in age and that dreaded day is on the horizon.  So whenever he shows signs of illness, we immediately think the worst and break down with emotion.

Fortunately it turned out to be a minor ear infection.  After a complete exam, medicine for his ear infection, refills for his heart condition, we get the awesome news, “He’s in great shape for a dog turning 14”.

Our recent camping trip to Crested Butte reminded us Bear is getting older and has physical limitations.  Our hiking is curtailed due to his limitations, but we wouldn’t dream of leaving him behind.  Thus, we arrange the plans of the day just as we did when the kids were young.  As Al and I were sitting around the fire ring (devoid of fire due to fire ban/drought), we discuss the scenario.  Al asks, “Um, what did we do when the youngens were 3 or 4 years of age?”  I remind Al of strollers.  No, no, oh no….I won’t be one of those crazy lady’s pushing their dog in a stroller.  “Hey, how about a wagon?”  I’ll only look “a little” crazy.  I can deal with that!

Let the shopping begin…..Radio Flyer?  Little Tykes?  Oh, what kind of wagon would Bear like?  Ya know, it’s his birthday present after all!  We find the perfect garden wagon that collapses just like a stroller….great for traveling.

“Where’s my wagon?”

So how does Bear like his new wagon?  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  The way it works is identical to a young child.  You let’m walk/run until they get too tired to go much further.  In Bear’s case, a leg will usually start to give out.  It’s not too bad when it’s a rear leg, but when it’s a front one, he biffs the pavement – face first into the ground.  Poor guy.  That’s when we know he’s getting tired and we put him in the wagon.   If we don’t intervene, he’ll go until he drops, as well as the next day he is so sore he will have trouble getting up, moving, and doing his “business”.  We don’t want that.  So Bear, our royal highness, gets chauffeured around once he’s pooped out. (figuratively and literally)

Happy 14th Birthday, Bear.  We love you!

Hey guys, I’m getting tired!  11,250 ft. in elevation is exhausting.