A Solo Stroll

The monsoon season has officially arrived here in Prescott, Arizona. It’s curtailed my hiking and explorations somewhat, especially when there’s lightening present. But the drama in the sky is luring. The other afternoon I ventured out with no real plan in mind. With camera in hand, I thought I’d swing by one of my favorite spots in Prescott, Arizona … Watson Lake.

Watson Lake Prescott Arizona

It was late in the afternoon with ominous clouds looming. The park was relatively empty. I began aimlessly strolling down one trail and then down another. I was alone, but I was never really alone.

The quiet solitude allowed me to take in the sights and sounds around me. I was in my element, and if it hadn’t been for the severe storm, I could have stayed until nightfall. The highlight of my day was coming across a bobcat in the middle of the trail. She was on the hunt and very focused. She knew I was there, but could’ve cared less. She glanced at me once and immediately returned to focusing on her prey.

108 mm – What a rare treat to come across this beautiful bobcat. She was in the middle of the trail and wasn’t about to move. She was intent on her hunt and very focused.

I waited and watched this elegant cat for awhile. However, she obviously exuded more patience than moi, and I soon found myself walking in another direction. I hadn’t ventured far when I heard her success. Tweetie bird’s beautiful chirping was halted in mid chirp along with some serious rustling of the bushes. I quickly swung back to the previous trail where I had spotted her, but saw no signs of the majestic cat. Although, I knew to keep a very safe distance, and didn’t walk past my original spot where I photographed her.¬† Ah, the circle of life!

A collage of what I saw along the trail that fine day illustrating I was never alone ……

Fingers crossed the storms aren’t too severe this afternoon and I can head back over to Watson Lake and visit with the locals while getting in some trail hiking. In lieu of exercise, I’ll settle for more shutter clicks ūüėĀ

Update – Oops in my exuberance to share these photos, I failed to do my homework on the cat I encountered along the trail. Because of the ears, I assumed it was a Lynx when in reality I believe it’s a bobcat. Thanks Laurel for pointing that out¬†ūüėŹ

This post was written in response to the WordPress photo challenge = collage

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A Calm Morning

I had one of the most amazing mornings yesterday.  For some reason, I woke up earlier than normal. I jumped out of bed energetic, and was ready to tackle a new day.  By 6:30 a.m. I was already on my second cup of coffee.calm

Sunrise wouldn’t be for another¬†forty-five minutes and I contemplated hopping in the truck to capture a few sunrise photos along the Texas Gulf Coast.¬† The RV was dripping with dew and the windows were coated with moisture rich humidity¬†blocking any potential¬†view.¬† I needed to open the RV door to check the sky for cloud coverage.black and white photography

The past couple of weeks¬†have been¬†a total bust for sunrise photography.¬† The sky was either totally cloudless (boring)¬†or covered in a thick layer …¬†blocking any notice of a sunrise.¬† The mornings when the skies did cooperate, my body didn’t, and my sluggish exit out of bed¬†found me missing the opportunity to capture those perfect skies.foggy morning

Yesterday morning when I stuck my head out the RV door, I was greeted with nothingness.¬† I could barely make out the shape of the tree just five feet away.¬† Fog … a thick layer of fog engulfed the landscape.¬† The assault of humidity¬†had its way with my natural curly hair.¬† Nothing a baseball cap couldn’t fix.¬† The moist sea air upon my face made my skin feel ten years younger.¬† Frizzy hair and dewy skin …¬†oh well¬†ūüėŹ¬† Texas Gulf Coast

Wow …. I had to get out there, even if the lighting wasn’t good for photography.¬† The atmosphere was amazing.¬† I threw on some clothes.¬† Topped off my coffee and jumped in the truck.¬† I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything worth photographing, but I didn’t care.¬† I reveled in the quiet.¬† In the solitude.¬†¬†In the peacefulness.¬† Aaah, how wonderfully¬†calming, yet eerie and mysterious!calm

By 7:30¬†the sun had¬†been up fifteen minutes, yet I saw no signs of her presence.¬† I didn’t mind.¬† I was enjoying a glorious morning by myself.¬† And although I may have been alone, I was not alone.

I was bushwhacking strolling through damp grasses and weeds amongst a grove of oak trees that serve as the roosting grounds for Great Blue Herons and Egrets.¬† I could hear their rustling, grunts, and squawks in the trees above me.¬† When one of the birds would take flight, I could even hear their wing movement.¬† I know …. how cool was that!peace, calmAnd then there were the ducks and Coot swimming in the pond.¬† Rumor has it, there’s even an alligator that calls this place home.¬† Such company, I can do without.¬† Birds yes, gators no!

What a¬†wonderful morning it was, and although I didn’t¬†photograph the kind of images I originally set out to capture, I was pleased with the photographs I did make.¬† By 10:00 a.m. the fog had burned off, my stomach was growling, and it was time to return to the RV …¬†feeling refreshed, renewed, and happy.solitude

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