Washington Gulch Road

After a much-needed break near Mt. Baldy, we start the second half of our scenic loop drive.  We return to Crested Butte via Washington Gulch Road.  This part of our loop offers its own challenges.  The road is equally as narrow as Slate River Road but drop offs are fortunately not as severe.  However….

Washington Gulch Road

we did need to cross two small streams.  With the aid of 4 wheel drive, we cross with ease, although my knockles turned white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly.  Really, like that somehow would help!  We also encounter more wildflowers along this stretch.  The waitress this morning, at McGills, said this isn’t a very good wildflower season.  It’s been way too hot and dry.  She was practically apologetic and encouraged us to return another year.

Al and I don’t feel badly about the “poor” display of wildflowers.  The gorgeous scenery, perfect weather, and great coffee have put Al and me in a wonderful mood.  How could it not?  Yes, life is good!

We return to the town of Crested Butte at about  1:30 in the afternoon.  We check the gas gauge on the truck…nearly full.  Hmmm, we just drove about three hours and barely burned any fuel?  Ahhhh, 10-20 miles per hour with more stops than one can count sums it up pretty well.  Mileage wise, we figure we traveled less than 50 miles.

We have a cooler with food but decide to try out another restaurant.  We so enjoyed breakfast this morning that we’re eager to try out a new place for a late lunch.