Life is Short

Just as I was ready to walk out the door to go on I hike, I received a text with some devastating news.  I’ll share more on this in a minute.  When Al and I returned home

scrapbook/photo album

from our six-week adventure, we started notifying friends….”we’re back in town”.  We were like a couple of little kids with a new toy (our adventure) who couldn’t wait to show all our friends.  We were on an adrenaline rush and felt so alive.  We wanted to share this new-found excitement with anyone who would listen.

For five days I scrapped from morning till evening.  The table was covered with photos, stickers, notes, brochures, etc.  Fortunately, Al has never complained about eating meals on the coach.  I love his easy-going nature. I compiled info, reviewed, corrected and printed photos.  And sixty-four pages later, a scrapbook/photo album was born.  Each blog posting was printed and placed in the album with corresponding photos. We now have a hard copy documenting our adventure…..our own book so to speak.


With the exuberance of children,  Al and I made calls to invite friends over.  Oh my, one friend just got out of the hospital after a twenty-four day stay.  Obviously this was a life threatening experience.  Another friend had lost her seven-year old chihuahua to cancer….unexpected.  Another friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  And today, the worst news yet….one of the couples we got together with in Mesquite, the wife passed from an aneurism.  This was the message I received just as I was getting ready to walk out the door for a hike.

This couple were friends of my folks.  They all met during their RVing days.  The couple had recently purchased a small travel trailer specifically for an Alaskan trip this July.  Al and I socialized with them several times during our stay in Mesquite and both of them were very active and healthy.  So too say the least, this is a shock.

Life is short.  All the more reason to live it to its fullest each day.  This weekend we will share our travel tales with the friend who had the long hospital stay.  This was a wake-up call for he and his wife, and they now think they’d like to join us next winter on an excursion.

live, laugh, love……… travels!