Meet Hildi

After a wonderful fun-filled week with our children, we dropped our son off at the Denver Airport then returned to the RV and later that evening bid farewell to our daughter.  Well, a temporary farewell.  We’re off to Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days and we’ll most likely be off-line during our stay.  But before leaving town, I thought I’d share our story about “Hildi”.

Enjoy my tale and I’ll catch up with you next week 😃

sunrise at the beach

Meet Hildi …

It’s early December and we’re in the midst of the Christmas shopping season. Al and I are out and about running some weekly errands. Hubby see’s a Best Buy and recommends we step in to check out some DVD’s. Since we don’t have satellite TV, we rely on our RV antenna for television reception. Our location determines how many channels are available.

hummingbirdRidgway State Park in Colorado and Moab, Utah, presented zero reception, as in nada, zilch. We were excited when boondocking in Quartzsite, Arizona, when the scanner seemed to pick up 5 channels. That is until we realized only one was in English. No hablo español. So it’s at these times we resort to our DVD collection.

Thus, we head into the store in search of some new DVD’s to add to our library and that’s when Al sees her … just down the aisle to the left of the DVD’s. He’s drawn to her sleek hard body. He finds her irresistible. Ever so cautiously he approaches her. He finds his hand slowly gliding down her side. She doesn’t respond.

He lovingly touches a button off to the left and that’s when she responds. Al’s face glows in delight as she lights up and verbally responds to his touch. He freely fondles her with both hands and that’s when she appears to get skittish. He slows his touch, she continues to respond to his gentle caresses. The two are totally engrossed with one another.

I stand-off to the side with my arms crossed. Personally, I don’t know what he sees in her. And that voice of hers ….. monotone and annoying, but Al is enthralled. He barely notices me standing there. I wonder if I need to get a bucket of cold water to pry the two apart. Finally, the trance is broken. Al pulls himself away as we walk to the next aisle, but not without a final glance her way.

We pick up the final season of Big Love to add to our collection, but before heading to the check out aisle, we walk back down HER aisle. It is the Christmas season after all. Al’s a good husband and puts up with my shenanigans. Tis the season to give. I turn to Al and say, “Hon, if you want her, you can have her”. He responds wide-eyed, “Seriously, you’re okay with this”? “Yes, let’s take her home. Mind you, I’m not sure I trust her, but I’ll have an open mind”. Meet Hildi ….

On that note, we brought Hildi home and welcomed her to the family. Now Al has two wives telling him how to drive. Isn’t he lucky? Hildi sits between Al and me in the front seat. During our first trip together, she remained quiet for most of the drive from Phoenix, Arizona, to Canyon Lake in Texas. With the campground at Canyon Lake full, we were off to a RV Park. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory and thought we could use a little help finding the Rio Raft RV Park in New Braunfels, Texas, and turned to Hildi for assistance.

I fumble with my maps in an attempt to get my bearings while Al fondly strokes Hildi. She responds in that monotone voice of hers giving him clear directions on where to go. It’s a battle of the wenches and clearly Hildi won this first round. Feeling somewhat dejected, I accept the fact that Hildi did a great job of getting us to the RV Park.

sun burst

A week later …

It’s now New Year’s Eve and time for Al and I to head toward our next location – Rockport, Texas. I bring out the map and we review the route I’d like to take. There are two possible routes to get to our destination. Al thinks I’ve picked the slightly longer route. I disagree. We hop in the truck and Al turns Hildi on, which is easy to do, but boy don’t touch her wrong – she’s a temperamental little gal.  Thankfully she has this cute little return arrow that seems to calm her down.

Great Blue HeronsShe tells Al when and where to turn and even beeps when we approach a school zone, giving Al clear warning to slow down. Al’s beginning to wonder what he’s gotten himself into and responds, “Great, now I have two women telling me how to drive and when to slow down”. I smile and whisper to Hildi, “Nice job”.

As we approach Interstate 35 in south Texas, Hildi tells Al to make a right. I tell Al to make a right. It looks to be more of a frontage road than an on ramp and thus he does NOT make a right. The sister wives recalculate. Hubby wants to turn around. His two wives tell him to go straight and make the next right. He’s out voted and thus listens to the two women. The quick I-35 jog was circumvented and we find ourselves on the correct road in short order.

Who’s the better kisser?

Since Hildi and I are starting to get along and agreeing more and more, I inform Al to let Hildi determine the rest of our route. “I promise not to override her, but I’m still keeping a close eye on where she takes us. I still don’t trust her”. Al’s happy his two wives won’t be fighting.

That wasn’t the case earlier in the day when I clearly disagreed with Hildi and made my opinion known. Poor Al was torn between which wife to listen to. He finally came to his senses when I asked him, “Who’s the better kisser?” I thought so! Smart man … I’ll always be wife number one. He continues via my directions making Hildi recalculate.

After an eventful laughter filled three-hour drive, we arrive at our destination at Goose Island State Park near Rockport, Texas.  I’m sure the tale of two wives shall continue…..

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Isn’t romance wonderful?

romantic weddingsLove is in the air!  Did you know June is one of the most popular months to get married?  I know, I know….. it’s July 1st and I’m posting about June weddings.  What can I say – I’ve been a busy gal.  So let’s talk about June weddings and why June is such a popular month to wed.

One popular myth; most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell …….

Brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers when getting Married.romantic themed weddings

romantic themed outdoor wedding

Or perhaps a nicer reason might have to do with an ancient Roman goddess named Juno. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage. For this reason, many Romans chose to honor her by tying the knot in June. Like a lot of traditions, this one seemed to stick.

romantic outdoor weddingAnother possible reason couples often married in June; so they could time the conception of their first child. It was important that the wife wouldn’t be too far along in her pregnancy to perform the manual labor required during harvest time. Romantic, eh?

Hubby and I walked down the aisle in June over thirty years ago.  Yep, I was a June bride……. but I can assure you I bathed the day of the wedding and even bathed the day before.

Since I’m not a Roman, I didn’t feel a need to honor the Roman Goddess Juno.  AND since I was definitely a city gal at the time, agriculture and harvesting bore no scheduling in my reproductive endeavors.

MY reason for wanting to be a June bride was based strictly on weather.  Not that the weather in Chicago is ever predictable, but June seemed to put the odds in our favor for a successful outdoor wedding.  Yes sir-reeee, it was a perfect day and perfect wedding.

All of the above photos are of Al and me 31 years ago.  Where has the time gone?bride wears cowboy boots

It’s time for the next generation.  Time for the twenty something’s to plan their own perfect day.Colorado outdoor wedding

My daughter’s best friend chose to wed in June also and although I can’t attest to HER reasons for choosing to be a June bride, I’d venture a guess and say her decision was most likely based in regards to weather.  Hmm, she did carry a large, lovely bouquet of fresh flowers that smelled wonderful 😉

Even though the day proved to be overcast, it was non the less a perfect day, amongst perfect surroundings, and a perfectly beautiful wedding.Colorado outdoor weddingThe event took place in the brides parent’s backyard in Conifer, Colorado.  And in true Colorado form, the bride and her bridesmaids all wore cowboy boots.Colorado mountain themed weddingAl and I were thrilled to be included in the celebration.  It brought back such found memories.  Although we’re not ready to walk our lovely daughter down the aisle just yet, it was fun watching her in the role of bridesmaid.

We wish the happy couple many, many years of joy, love, and happiness!
romantic Colorado

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