Japanese Gardens

Ah, what to do when you’re stuck in a place not of your choosing.  If it weren’t for family, I would not visit Rockford, Illinois.  So as the saying goes, when life hands ya lemons, make lemonade.  Thus goes the quest for worthwhile reasons to visit Rockford.

Although Rock Cut State Park is enjoyable, Rockford’s hidden gem is the Anderson Japanese Gardens.  For the past several years, the Japanese Garden has been a regular stop for Al and me during these family visits.  Unfortunately, time did not allow us the luxury of a visit during this particular trip.  However, last fall we did make the time.  We started with breakfast in their restaurant followed by a self-guided tour of the gardens.  And no trip would be complete without time spent in the gift shop.

The Anderson Japanese Gardens is an authentic and award-winning Japanese Garden maintained by the highest of standards.  It is a place of peace and tranquility….an environment of healing, renewal, and inspiration.  It evokes calm.  This is a place for a slow stroll through the beautiful gardens, not to be rushed.  So if I have to be in Rockford, Illinois, I’ll be sure to make time for this hidden gem.