Son returns to Phoenix

road tripSo after our enlightening, whirlwind trip to New Orleans, son and I enjoy some much-needed downtime home in Colorado.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a road trip without the RV and although we lucked out and had some great hotel experiences……well except for one night, I really missed my RV.

There’s a sense of freedom hauling ones home around.  A sense of independence.  A sense of self-sustainability.  But that sense of freedom is amazing.  It’s so liberating.

I won’t complain about the low cost of travel with sons vehicle versus the fuel cost of RV travel.  Son’s Hyundai Elantra got on average 35 miles per gallon.  The F-250 gets 10-13 mpg while pulling the rig… today’s lovely Diesel prices…ouch.  However, traveling by car requires the added expense of lodging.  At an additional charge of $75-100 per night (those taxes added to the room charge are always a shocker)  I’m not sure if there’s a clear winner on cost savings.  It would depend on RV Park fees.  There’s always a cost to traveling, always pros and cons, and above all personal preference.

Fashion Square Mall Scottsdale
Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale

After a few days of relaxation and recovery from the arduous drive between Colorado and Louisiana, son needs to return home to Arizona and guess who decides to keep him company on his drive home?  None other than moi.  Turns out a dear friend of my had some surgery.  She lives about 35 minutes south of my son in the Phoenix area.  She would love some company.

Son and I left Colorado the day before a cold front rolled in.  While Logan and I enjoy 90 plus degree temperatures and sunshine in Phoenix, hubby and daughter enjoy Denver’s first flakes of the season.  This is a reminder, Al and I will need to get organized quickly and get the RV out of Colorado in the very near future…..preferably earlier rather than later.

San DiegoAs part of girlfriends recovery from hip surgery, regular walking is a must and since the outside temps are in the upper 90’s, we head off to a local mall; Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale.  This allows an abundance of level walking surface in air conditioning, as well as plenty of spots for breaks (i.e. coffee break).  We had a great visit and accomplished physical therapy as mall walkers.  We discuss plans for hiking this winter as her recovery continues.  No shortage of great hiking opportunities in the Phoenix area.

As if Logan and I have not spent enough time on the road, tomorrow we’re off to San Diego, California…….

Alas, it’s time to move…

It’s six thirty in the morning and Bear is ready to go out.  The sun is still tucked behind the mountains to the east, but will soon rise.  The winds have kicked up.  The waves roll in crashing a shore and reaching our fire ring.  Each morning we notice the water encroaching, swallowing up a bit more shoreline.  At this time of year, the lake is allowed to fill and soon our lake front property will be under water.

Knowing we will soon need to move due to the rising water, I glance up and down the shoreline taking in my tranquil surroundings.  This has been a week full of socializing, relaxing, exploring and discovery.  As much as I’ve loved staying here, it’s time to move on.  Time to explore and discover new surroundings.  I find so much joy and peace being near the water.  Perhaps it’s due to fond childhood memories spent near lakes.  I wonder, can I experience these same emotions without water?   I guess we’ll find out.

This little slice of panacea does have its pitfall.  It’s called the weekend.  Starting Friday afternoon the locals come to play at Lake Pleasant.  Most folks are nice and considerate but some are down right rude and ignorant.  There appears to be some unwritten rules or etiquette to boondocking.  First and foremost, space….space between rigs.  We boondock because we like our space.  We observed a motorhome pull in mid Saturday and shimmy his way between to vehicles, leaving approximately six inches on either side.  He had backed in between these vehicles, onto a bit of shoreline that jetted out a little more than other areas, and backed to the water’s edge blocking the view of the rig he had just squirmed by.   Oh, then started his generator a meer ten feet from a couple sitting at the shores edge.  Sunday morning the place starts to empty, and by Monday it’s a return to my little panacea.

With an itch to move on, Al and I discuss our options.  We’ve heard great things about McDowell Regional Park and Usery Regional Park, both located to the east of Phoenix.  Both Parks are booked leaving overflow parking as our only option.  Al would like to check out the Rio Salado Gun Club at Usery Park and I have an interest in the Cave Wind hike.  It’s unanimous….Usery Regional Park it is.