But I don’t wanna go!!!

RVingWe ended up staying at our little slice of paradise at the shore of Lake Powell for four nights.  The snow lasted all of about five minutes and felt like crumbles of styrofoam.  There was almost no moisture to the flakes.  It didn’t even make the ground wet….very strange.

The inclement weather kept us from exploring some of the truly unique sites in the area such as Antelope Canyon.  Rick over at The Great American Landscape highly recommended Antelope Canyon as well as Mesa Verde NP in Colorado.  I sincerely appreciate the time Rick took to send me an email highlighting these special places.  Al and I will need to return when the weather is more amenable.  Thank you, Rick.Lake Powell

If the weather had been warmer…..and less windy, I could have stayed here a month and been a very happy camper.  There is quite a bit to see and explore.  Unfortunately reality sets in – winter is coming and we need to keep moving.  So move we must…..but I don’t want to!Lake PowellRVing

We make the scenic drive from Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon.  We are so thankful we did not attempt this drive during questionable weather.  There is a section of road south of Page with a 7% grade, super tight curves, and built against a canyon wall.  The sun is virtually blocked by the cliffs.  Definitely a road to be traveled in nice weather.

Grand CanyonWe enter Grand Canyon National Park via the east entrance, not the main entrance.  I’ve only been to the Grand Canyon once before and that was three years ago.  It was our son’s first Thanksgiving living in Phoenix.  We drove down from Colorado to Phoenix for a visit and then went to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving Day.  I packed us a picnic of turkey sandwiches with all the fixings.  We hung around the canyon for a couple of hours before taking the three-hour plus drive back to Phoenix.  It was a long day, but a memorable one.

This visit, I really want to savor the National Park and learn my way around.  Unfortunately it’s cold and windy.  Night time lows dip to a balmy 17 degrees farhenheit….burrrr.  Daytime highs are in the upper 40’s.  I was really hoping for warmer weather.  Guess we’ll just need to bundle up.Grand Canyon

Rocking and Rolling

It’s three o’clock in the morning and although the RV blinds have been left up, it’s as pitch black as our friend’s Labrador Retriever.  I’m feeling a bit disoriented.  Am I sleeping on a sailboat in Clearwater Beach, Florida?  No, that was many, many years ago.  Was it the margarita (or two) I drank last night?  No, perhaps I was a little buzzed but not bed spinning worthy.  The RV is definitely rocking and it’s not because we’re having “fun”.RVing

Lake Powell
Bear may take flight at any moment !

Lake PowellI sure feel like I’m on a boat.  It appears the weather bug alerts on my phone were correct.  We are experiencing some pretty mighty winds.  Somehow I manage to fall back to sleep and don’t wake until the smell of coffee waifs the air.  Apparently, the winds woke hubby early.

Although the day was cold and blustery, we remain mesmerized by the scenery.  We stay hunkered down in the RV and venture out as little as is required….. Bear’s business.  Al and I are grateful we chose to change our plans and stay put.  The day brought steady winds of speeds ranging from 30 to 60 miles per hour.  Those kinds of winds have been known to flip an eighteen wheeler.Lake Powell

Today high winds, tomorrow snow.  Oh, that four letter word.  We tried so hard to outrun this storm.  AND it’s cold.  No wonder this beautiful beach is empty.  But, come on, you have to admit the view is phenomenal.  We’ll stay until the front passes.  We have plenty of food and propane to hunker down here for a while!RVing

Lake Powell
Sand blowing, and blowing, and blowing!
Lake Powell
 Calm after the storm