Denver Art Museum

This week’s WordPress Photo challenge is Zigzag and it just so happened to coincide with my trip to the Denver Art Museum. This is one unique structure that captivated my attention.  Check out the zigzag angles!WordPress photo challenge Zigzag

My cultural experience started before I even entered the doors to the museum. Beautiful architectural buildings new and old surround the area with grounds dotted with interesting sculptures.Denver Art MuseumDenver Colorado

Art in DenverI’m not sure why, but I was so intrigued by the big red chair with the horse on top.

I found it very humorous and somewhat perplexing. Perhaps those were the exact emotions the artist wanted to evoke.

Although the Denver Art Museum building alone is worth a visit, it is only appropriate to step inside and have a look around…. especially since this was the first Saturday of August – free day. Yep, the first Saturday of every month admittance to the museum is free. Gosh, we couldn’t say no to that.

interior stairway in the Denver Art Museum

I had a tremendous curiosity about how the Denver Art Museum might compare to my favorite art museum; the Chicago Art Institute.  Actually, it would be quite silly of me to compare these two museums to one another, each is unique in its own right offering a very different museum experience.Denver Art Museum

Where as the Chicago Art Institute has a serious, historical, and intellectual feel the Denver Art Museum has a quirky, modern, and fun feel.  Although the Denver Museum has a beautiful collection of art, it doesn’t come close to rivaling the collection in Chicago.  The Chicago Art Institute has a stunning display of ‘impressionist’ art by such famed artists as Monet, Renoir, and Seurat…. my faves!Norman Rockwell

Norman RockwellHowever, the Denver Museum had this Norman Rockwell painting that had me doing a double take…. definitely not the typical Norman Rockwell painting we have come to know and love.

The textile room was unique with a beautiful display of quilts as well as a specialty room filled with sewing tools, threads, scissors …. anything to do with the art of sewing over the centuries.

This flag quilt was fascinating.textile arttextile art

The painting by Albert Bierstadt caught my attention.  First it’s a painting of Rocky Mountain National Park with Longs Peak in the distance and second I’ve been to this spot.  I believe the lake in the painting is called Bierstadt Lake.  Is it possible the lake was named after the painter?Art

After touring the museum for a little over two hours, our stomachs let us know it was time for lunch.  We saw about half of the Denver Art Museum with plans to return another time to take in the other half.

As for lunch, we found a cute burger place that had just opened the day before called Burger Fi.  located at the corner of 12th and Broadway.  We thought the food was good and reasonably priced.Denver Art Museum

All in all, it was a good day and we loved all the zigzag lines 🙂
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