Remembering Mom

Remembering Mom

Staring at the pink diamond earrings laying in the palm of my hand seemed to open a flood gate of memories. I remember the day as if it were yesterday when I became the proud owner of these pretty little gems.

I was seven years old and our family of five had taken a trip to Germany. My parents hadn’t been back to their homeland in several years and this was a trip to help alleviate mom’s homesickness and/or to see if they wanted to move back to Germany.

As children, we were oblivious to any ulterior motives our parents may have had and simply embraced the adventure of travel.

I thought the gems were pink tourmaline, but when I had the level clasps replaced, the jeweler said they were rare pink diamonds.

Part of that adventure for me personally was getting my ears pierced. Back in the ’60s, it was rare to see little girls with their ears pierced in America but rather common in Germany.

Being a girly-girl (no Tomboy here), I was already into fashion, dresses, and jewelry at a young age and when I noticed young girls sporting beautiful dangly earrings, I wanted in … I wanted pierced ears and hanging earrings.

Ah, my poor mother! Off we headed to the local jewelry store to pick out a pair of earrings. I was given a few choices, but immediately knew which pair I wanted.

Easy peasy, so far! I sat in a tall chair while the jeweler, an old intimidating type of man, marked my earlobes with a pen for mom’s approval. Mom held my hand while the jeweler held a strange device up to my ear. A second later a hole was punched in my earlobe. It hurt much more than I was told it would, and then it began bleeding. Blood started running down my neck and I burst out hysterically crying.

It took what seemed like an hour before I calmed down. Everyone kept trying to convince me to have the other ear pierced. Yep, dad, big brother, and three-year-old little sister were all there dealing with my antics. My mother was exhausted, exasperated, and out of patience, and clearly, the jeweler couldn’t wait for us to leave. Mom had had enough of my drama and with a firm stern voice, she ordered me to get back up on that chair, stop crying, and sit still and then ordered the jeweler, “Do it, NOW”.

Five minutes later, I was skipping down the sidewalk tilting my head from side to side to feel the hanging earrings swing. I loved those earrings (and still do) and wore them every day for years. Today I retrieved them from my jewelry case and am proudly wearing them. Somehow, it makes mom feel just a little closer.

“For everything I am today, my mother’s love showed me the way”

Happy Mother’s Day

It has been several years since my mom’s passing and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. But I feel blessed that she lived 83 years providing my children with lovely memories of their Oma. Our family is truly fortunate to have had such an amazing woman in our lives.

I can only hope that my own children think of me and my mothering skills with equal fondness.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I’m spending the day with my two children, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my day. Being a mother is my greatest joy in life, and I can’t image my world without my two wonderful kids … I’m very lucky.

With that said, Al and I are taking the hour plus drive down to Phoenix from Prescott, and allowing the children to pamper me. Actually, a big hug and kiss on the cheek is all I require to be one happy mama.

Here’s to all the mother’s out there … wishing you a love filled, wonderful day. I leave you with images of desert wildflowers.

Happy Mother’s Day 🌼🥂

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special day for me.  Being a mom remains my greatest joy and accomplishment in life.  I adore my 2 children and am very proud of them.mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.mother's dayI’m spending the weekend in Denver with my daughter.  It’s been seven months since I last saw her so we have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

Mother's Day
my son, Logan and my daughter, Ashton

A little of this, a little of that

bluebells are popping in Colorado (photo courtesy of tumblr)

Mother’s Day weekend was a whirlwind of work and fun.  Our daughter drove down from Denver to spend the weekend with us in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Colorado weather has finally put winter in the rear view mirror and we enjoyed warm temps and sunny skies…..bring out the flip-flops and shorts….yeah!

Al and I held a garage sale on Friday and Saturday morning.  We had spent the previous two weeks cleaning every nook and cranny in this house.  It’s been exhausting, consuming, but liberating.

The purging started off slow.  We’re not hoarders or packrats to begin with.   So we kept saying, “Yah, but what if we need that or I really like that?”  However, as the tables in the garage started filling with items to sell, we found ourselves backtracking and pulling more items from closets, the basement, etc.  It got easier with each arm load.  I even started pulling items out of the cupboards in the kitchen.  If I haven’t used something in the past year, I probably don’t need it, thus sell.

daughter makes mimosas and takes the photo

By Saturday afternoon, we were tired but happily counting our money.  Whatever didn’t sell, was dropped off at Goodwill.  We feel like we’ve lost weight…..well at least weight we won’t have to move to another location.  The house will go on the market soon.  That’s the biggest bulk of weight we need to unload 😕

Sunday, Mother’s Day, started off with coffee in bed followed by breakfast and mimosas.  It was indeed a lovely and relaxing day.  A much needed day off.

With all our focus on getting the house ready to put on the market, travel has unfortunately eluded us.  Thus, no new travel tales to share.  I haven’t even picked up my camera in a while.  Hopefully we’ll remedy that soon.   In closing , I thought I’d share this precious photo and prayer……

A Prayer for Grandad……..

prayerDear God,

Please send clothes for all those poor ladies on granddad’s computer


Bison – part two

I am fascinated by buffalo and was super excited to see wild herds at Custer State Park while on a trip there a couple of years ago.  I had the opportunity to observe and photograph these interesting animals.

Tomorrow we will take the RV on a three-hour drive north to Fort Collins.  Our destination….Horsetooth Reservoir.  We have family from out of state joining us to celebrate the Mother’s Day weekend.  We will be hosting and entertaining at our campsite.  As I put together a tentative meal plan, I consult with husband and daughter.  The general consensus is to do something “Coloradoie”.

I’m not a fan of wild game.  The thought of eating Bambi just doesn’t sit well with me.  My daughter recommends Bison.  Hmmm……not sure how I feel about eating these guys.  I remember watching the Cooking Channel featuring a Bison Ranch in Black Forest, Colorado.  Time to Google!

I decide to at least visit the store and see how I feel….  Black Forest Bison.   As I enter the quaint shop, I’m drawn to a magnificent and huge photo hanging behind the counter.  I comment on the lovely photograph.  The gals’ response is, ” Yes, they live a wonderful life”.  The photo is of the Black Forest Bison Ranch herd with a snow-capped Pikes Peak in the background.  They are free ranging and grass-fed.  Does this make me feel better about eating them?

The gal offers me samples of their specially seasoned jerky.  I hesitate but try the samples….delicious.  After a few more samples, little more chatting, and wandering around the store, I leave with a shopping bag filled with Bison.  Yes, I will be serving Bison for Mother’s Day.  I’ll let ya know what everyone thinks……..

Spring has Sprung

Ah…Spring, my favorite time of year.  As a former flat lander, I love seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance while hiking in seventy plus degree temperatures.  I never get tired of the view.

New life and growth are in abundance.  The birds are chirping and busy trying to find that perfect spot to build a nest.  The Quail and the Bunnies chase each other.  We encounter deer while on a bike ride along the Arkansas River.  Yes, Spring has sprung.

However, I won’t be fooled by Mother Nature and plant annuals prior to Mother’s Day.  Whether living in Illinois or Colorado, Mother’s Day seems to be the safest time to start planting.  You never know when that last freeze will occur and damage all those precious baby plants.  Having been lulled into a false sense of security in the past, I will be patient and wait for the date on the calendar to start the yard beautification process.

Pueblo West, CO - prairie dog colony in foreground, Pikes Peak in background

Several of my potted plants have remained in bloom through the winter.  Hum, how do I manage that?  I’ve been known to purchase most of my flowers for the decorative pots from the Hobby Lobby “nursery”.  I can count on plastic to remain in bloom without water.  Keeping plants alive in the high desert has its challenges, and I’ve found my answer at Hobby Lobby.

With my ever-growing interest to travel more, my interest in gardening has waned.  Thus the yard work this year will be minimal at best.  After all, I have that “travel” bucket list to work on……  Happy Travels!