Struggling with Motivation

Struggling with Motivation

Another week, another day! It’s Saturday as I sit in front of my computer staring at a blank screen. I usually put out a blog post every Sunday morning, and at four o’clock Saturday afternoon, I still didn’t have anything ready to post. Oh, I have lots of ideas floating around in my head and even have some blog post drafts with paragraphs already started, but I can’t seem to find the motivation to complete any of them.

Why I’m not motivated

I don’t know about you, but I’m about over it … over this new normal, new reality, new whatever we want to call it. I’m tired of cooking. I want to go out to a restaurant (carry-outs don’t count). I want to be able to go shopping and not just for groceries. I need a new purse. I’d like to visit friends face to face and not just via computer or Facetime. I think we’re all ready for this pandemic to be over especially our heroes on the frontline who are surely exhausted.

Last week my spell check and Grammarly crapped out on my computer and I put out a blog post with a typo in the title. Yep, a typo in the title! ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Thank goodness for loyal readers/friends who aren’t afraid to DM me and point out my faux pas. Oh, how embarrassing. I reelly am edumicated.ūü•ī

One way shopping aisle – who would’ve imagined?

This whole new world order has me oscillating from being an efficient, organized, productive human being to a total blob on the couch who can’t remember when she last showered. Thank goodness Al’s allergies are bad and he can’t smell a thing ūüėÜ. However, I am living in a desert (Phoenix, Arizona) where water is a precious commodity and should be conserved for the greater good of mankind. Therefore, I’m doing my part to conserve water. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Skylight finally getting replaced. The white duct tape worked wonders on the cracked skylight. Me removing screws.

What I have accomplished

In reality, the past couple of weeks, I’ve cranked out a few projects. So my time hasn’t been totally wasted binging things on TV or the computer. Al and I tackled some RV repairs on the roof. We replaced a skylight and two vents. Those projects were long overdue, but hey, that duct tape worked great until we could get around to replacing the broken items.¬† Next week, we’ll replace the final vent and get the RV closer to being ready for our summer journey to Wisconsin. That stay at home order better be lifted by June 1st or my RV and I may melt. This week temps in Phoenix will be in the 90’s (Fahrenheit) and by June they’ll be hitting the 100’s. But it’s a dry heat!

I also helped my sister-in-law paint two accent walls in her home. I can’t believe she’s never painted before, but after my excellent tutelage (LOL), she’s ready to tackle her next project; a bedroom. And since she and her husband just moved to Phoenix from Denver and were still waiting on the moving truck to arrive, I fixed them a couple of meals that they could just heat up … pulled pork and a lasagna.

Photo prompt – Mother Nature Earth

So, since my brain can’t seem to focus on writing, I thought I’d join a photo challenge. My friend, Terri, posts a “Sunday Still’s” photo prompt every weekend and this Sunday the theme is Mother Nature. Okay, I even read Terri’s prompt incorrectly. It should be Mother Earth and not Mother Nature. Yeah, my mind is total moosh lately. With that said, My first thoughts for the prompt were images of weather. As a full-time RVer and traveler, I’m well acquainted with Mother Nature’s diverse personality when it comes to weather, but lately, certain parts of the U.S. have experienced her wrath. Thus, I’ll turn my focus elsewhere.

desert image

Mother Nature can be defined as caring, nurturing, and life-giving and with that in mind, I’ve decided to share images of flowers which is perfect for the Mother Earth theme. After all, flowers need care, nurturing, and grow in the earth. Besides, they make me smile and we could all use a few extra smiles these days.

And be sure and check out my partner in crime, Teri over at Images by T. Dashfield. She takes amazing floral images and I’m counting on her to provide me with a tulip fix. Oh, how I adore tulips! Keep those photos coming, Teri aka Macro Queen ūüėÄ

How did your week go? (Grrr, my spell check still won’t work right. All I get is a red line indicating it’s wrong and no help to correct it. And trust me, I need all the help I can get.)

Every day you have a decision to make …Will you give up, give in, or give it your all?

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Must be Tuesday

BrowniesAs I sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee, I stare out the window….. all I can say is, “really?”.¬† Yep, it must be Tuesday and time for another snowstorm.¬† Right on schedule.

I’ve lived in southern Colorado for eighteen years and I don’t recall an April with this much inclement weather.¬† Usually April is filled with the anticipation of new growth, the budding of trees, and flowers.¬† Sure, winter always has its last¬†hurrah¬†in April with a final dumping of white powder, but this has been happening once a week for the past six to eight weeks.¬† I mean….really?¬† Enough already!

Even Bear hasn’t started shedding his winter coat, not that I’m complaining about the lack of dog hair around here.

I’m sure the avid skiers in the high country are tickled pink.¬† This flatlander¬†and snowbirder, not.¬† The only thing pink around here are my frozen cheeks.

So have I been in a bad mood?¬† Yep!¬† No happy camper here, thus nothing to blog about.¬† You know the saying, “if you can’t say something nice……”

So for now,¬† I’ll wait patiently for Mother Nature to decide when it’s time for some of Colorado’s beautiful weather and amazing blue skies to return.¬† Until then, happy trails!Headache

Green with Envy…

Oh, Mother Nature!¬† Today we awake to four inches of snow cover. Wednesday we¬†had a beautiful, sunny day in the mid sixties here in southern Colorado.¬† We were able to enjoy a nice¬†hike in¬†Lake Pueblo State Park¬†and get some much-needed¬†fresh air.¬†¬†We also spent time cleaning and reorganizing the Rig for our trip to AZ next week.¬† We’ll leave it winterized for now.

cove, Pueblo Reservoir

Yesterday¬†around noon the weather front started rolling in and by late afternoon the ground was white.¬† Why, oh why aren’t we in AZ already?

It continues to snow lightly and temps are around 25 degrees.¬† The satellite¬†dish¬†did not work last night due to¬†freezing rain and snow blocking the¬†transmission.¬† ¬†As I check my emails this morning and look for updates from fellow bloggers, I become green with envy at all the lovely photos posted……desert sunsets, desert sunrises, desert hikes, desert cactus, desert mountains, AND desert warmth.¬† Oh,¬†how I need to¬†remind myself just a few more days and we’ll be on our way.

I’m also very inspired by the personal stories I read on blogs and thankful for the inspiration.¬† Perhaps today I can muster up some ambition to go through¬†a few¬†boxes in the garage.¬† The purging must start……again.¬† I did a great job last year unloading lots of “stuff”, but find myself left with still plenty.¬† The problem is, I like my “stuff”.¬† Al and I are thinking,¬†once we return from this road trip, he and I will be more ready to unload more things.¬† AND next winter, we’ll be enjoying a glass of wine around a campfire in the southwest and I too will be posting desert photos on my blog.¬† Until then, I remain green with envy!

P.S. South Texas and Florida are on the short list as well.  I continue to take notes from fellow bloggers and already have plans for winter 2012.

Green Desert Sunset
Green Desert Sunset (Photo credit: nebarnix)